Summary: Peter and his brother Nathan, move to Odessa Texas; after the death of thier father. Peter Immediately falls for the girl next door, Claire, While Claire struggles with a Disastrous relationship, and her feelings for a certain new student. The Heroes are at highschool, and learning that their new found abilities are the least of their problems; because when it comes to dealing with the woes of falling in love and highschool, how is the ability to fly going to help you.

Disclaimer: I don't own Heroes, if i did Nathan would not be Claire's father; Claude possibly.

Chapter 1: The girl next door

Peter found himself again standing on the roof of a building he was sure he had never seen before. Another thing that disturbed the young Petrelli was the fact, that every time he stood on this very roof he felt the urge; the urge to jump. However not in the belief that he would fall to his splatted end; no every time Peter stood on this roof he had the desire to jump, in the belief he would fly. It was hard to picture any person; even the one known as Peter Petrelli the 'dreamer' to jump off a building that is 20 stories high. And with only Peter's gut feeling telling him he will fly, Peter did what he had done so many times before; he jumped.

Peter awoke to find himself and the box of his belongings; he had yet to unpack, spread across the floor. Peter groaned he must of falling asleep while unpacking the last of his possessions. Peter slowly began to pick up his belongings that were spread across the floor. Peter then stood up; box in hands and after very little thought decided he would unpack the rest later. Peter opened the door to his closet, reaching up he put the box on the top shelf. Before closing the closet door Peter manage to get a glimpse of his reflection in the closet mirror; Peter's bangs hung loosely covering more of his then he would of liked, but he refused to listen to his mums requests for a haircut.

After his moms decision to move them to Odessa Texas, with very little reason why. Peter told his older brother Nathan; who wasn't so happy about the idea of starting a new life in the small town of Odessa, that it was just another way that their mother was trying to cope with the sudden lost of their father.

Peter's mom and even turned to gardening, if Peter had been asked to take a bet; that his mom would never touch a gardening tool in her life and if she did, Peter would have to run naked around his school; Peter was pretty sure he would of taken the bet.

The sudden thought of his brother reminded Peter that he had yet to tell him; that he had another dream, that he could fly.

Closing the door to his room behind him Peter bounded downstairs. Peter then, paying no attend at all to who was in the room, spoke quickly and quite loudly to his brother Nathan.

"Nathan, Nathan!!!!, I had that dream again you know the dream where I fl...", Peter found himself being interrupted by his older brother's voice.

"Peter I don't think now is the right time to talk about this", Peter still unclear about what Nathan was talking about continued.

"Nathan I don't...", however was silence when his brother stepped to his side to reveal a rather beautiful blonde.

"Peter", Nathan said; clapping the younger Petrelli on the shoulder, "This is our neighbour Claire Bennet", Peter still rather stunned noticed the young teenager smile when Nathan mentioned her name.

"Nathan!!!, I need you to help me move this pot outside for me", the voice of Angela Petrelli echoed off the houses walls. Nathan excuse himself telling Claire he would see her around and before leaving whispered to Peter, "you better pick up your jaw, she might become uncomfortable with you staring at her like that", Peter turned around to argue with his older brother; however his brother was already half-way up the stairs. Peter turned back around so that he was facing Claire; who looked rather uncomfortable standing there.

"Umm my mom sent me over to give these to you", Claire held out a basket to Peter; which he took. "their cupcakes that we made yesterday". Peter realised she was trying her best to break the awkward silence which had slowly began to hang over the two teenagers. Peter opened his mouth to say something but was interrupted by Nathan's yell, "Mom why couldn't you have gotten Peter to do this", Nathan was walking in the direction of the upstairs balconing holding a rather large potted palm tree.

"Don't be silly Nathan, Peter could never lift that, I need you with your football muscles", Peter who was now blushing at the idea that he had basically been called a weakling in front of Claire, tried to desperately start conversation between him and Claire. "Umm...well...uh..thank-you for the cupcakes", Peter could of slapped himself for sounding so retarded, however immediately took that though back when he heard Claire laugh at his compliment, She was beautiful; but when she laughed she was stunning. Soon Peter found himself laughing too.

"So what school will you be going to now that your here", after the laughing has sustained Peter felt more comfortable around Claire and without any hesitation invited her in for a drink. "Umm some school called Union wells high", Peter felt his stomach give a flip flop as she smiled; it had been doing that quite a bit since he had met Claire. "Really that's great; I go there, and from what I gather from what your brother said about your age we will be in the same grade", Peter couldn't help but let a smile spread across his face; just the thought of seeing Claire everyday made him feel happy. "I guess I'll be seeing you around then", Claire nodded and noticing something behind Peter her smile fell, "what's wrong Claire?"

"Nothing...I just should be going home it's getting late and I got school tomorrow", Peter turned around; to look at the clock which had caught Claire's eye, and realising it was after 9; had the time really gone that fast. "yeh so should I...I mean I got school tomorrow too", Peter let out a small laugh, Claire smiled and stoop up next to Peter. Peter was unsure how he was going to say goodbye, However was relieved when Claire made the decision for them; pulling him into a hug, which made young Petrelli go weak in the knees.

"Goodbye", Claire then stood there for a while; Peter thought she looked like she was thinking of asking him something. "If you like..", Peter was pulled out of his thoughts by Claire's voice "we could walk together to school tomorrow"

"Yeah I would like that", Peter added with a grin. Claire gave one more of her dazzling smile's and the closed the front door to the Petrelli house behind her and walked towards her house; which was across the street to Peter's.

After closing the door to her house behind her, Claire finally let out a breath she hadn't realised she had been holding. She was in such a daze that she didn't notice her brother, Lyle come down the stairs with his sleepover bag.

"Bye mom, me and dad are leaving now. Claire's home", and not giving his sister much attention at all, Lyle push quickly past passed her and ran outside to where their father was sitting in the family's car waiting patiently for Lyle to climb in.

Claire who was still in her daze, waved goodbye to her father and Lyle; when they yelled out goodbye to her, and not really caring that she was more waving in the direction of Mrs Underwood's house; who gave a loud snort of disproval at the hour Claire was arriving home.

"Claire!!!", Claire suddenly waking up from her stunned state, when she heard the voice of her mother calling from the kitchen. Claire closed the door behind her and started heading in the direction of the kitchen. "Coming mom", Claire entered the very messy kitchen where just moments ago her mom had been baking more cupcakes. "Mom I don't think grandma is going to be needing anymore cupcakes, the last time we saw her she wasn't even half-way through the first basket we gave her", Claire was even pretty sure her grandma was allergic to cupcakes, however Claire also notice how happy baking made her mom so she didn't say anything. "Nonsense Claire, now can you please make yourself useful and pour us a glass of your mom's freshly squeezed orange juice, so we can gossip about the new neighbours".

Claire simply smiled at her mom, her mom was one of the nicest women she knew, However she also loved her gossip and Claire knew baking a new batch of cupcakes to give to the neighbours; wasn't her moms idea of a 'welcome to the neighbourhood' thing, it was more like 'welcome to the neighbourhood are you a axe murderer or drug dealer', and sending Claire in as the cute little innocent neighbour; was just another tied into her mum's well designed plan.

Claire stood up on her tiptoes trying to reach 2 glasses in the cupboard. She had just managed to grab one when her mom asked her another question "so did they have any hot sons", Claire immediately squeezed the glass so hard it broke. "Claire!!, are you ok, hang on let me get the dust pan so we can sweep up this mess up before Mr Muggle's accidentally gets hurt". Claire watched her mom leave and could of slapped herself on the head for being so stupid 'could I have been any more obvious' . It wasn't until she saw the deep red gash; which had formed across her hand that she realised, she must of cut herself when she broke the glass, slowly pulling the glass out of her hand; wincing slightly at the pain. Claire then began to watch her hand heal itself right in front of her eyes; not matter how many times Claire healed her self, it still slightly disturbed her. Just as the final bits of skin had formed over the gash, her mom walked in holding a dustpan and broom. "Claire are you ok?, let me see you hand"

"Mom I am fine", Claire's mum ignoring Claire grabbed at Claire's hand. Her mom was relieved to see no cuts or gashes were on Claire's hand. "See mum, I am fine".

"Claire it's my job as your mother to worry about you, now go on go to bed; you have to be up early for school tomorrow, I clean this mess up", Claire let out a small yawn and nodding headed out of the kitchen and climbing up the stairs in the direction of her room. Claire was halfway up, when her mom said her name; Claire stopped and turned to face her mom. "you never answered my question about the new neighbours, having any hot sons", Claire unsure how she was going to answer, 'I was so close to being off the hook'. Her mom however answered for her, "however I think the broken glass and your late arrival back home sort of answers that, don't you think?". Claire didn't know how to reply and after a few 'umms' and 'uhhs', simply blushed and ran up the stairs in the direction of her room, closing the door behind her.

Peter let out a low sigh; as he fell onto his bed, 'How could someone be that beautiful', his thoughts however ruined by his brother's voice.

"Oh Petey"

'great just what I need', "what do you want Nathan", Peter hated it when Nathan addressed him as 'Petey' .

"Oh nothing...much.. just came here to ask you how are things with you and Claire", Nathan made sure he empathized on the last name.

"Shut up Nathan, we just moved here, i don't have time to..."

"And already in love with the girl next door", Nathan continued interrupting Peter.

"I am not", Peter said feeling his cheeks turn red as he did.

"Oooooooo Peter's in Love, Petey's in love", Nathan began to dance around, singing in a very out of tuned voice.

"Nathan look, I don't have time for this, any of this, Nathan I had another dream you know where I fly", Nathan immediately stoped dancing.

"Peter how many times do I have to tell you, you cannot fly. I cannot FLY!!!"

"Nathan, but you can I have seen you and I am sure I can too", Nathan walked back towards the door.

"NO we CAN'T, and I suggest you drop this subject or the students at Odessa high are going to think my brother's a Freak"

"But Nathan.."

"No buts Peter, now I let you have this Claire girl; if you promise to give this 'we can fly' a rest", Peter looked like he wanted to say more but Nathan continued, "and she does seem to like you", Peter's face lit up

"You reckon she likes me", Nathan let out a laugh and before closing the door "I can't see why, but trust me Peter she does". If it was possible Peter's face lit up more his smile reaching his ears. Peter then climbed into bed ready to go to sleep exited that tomorrow he would be seeing Claire again, and with one last sigh, Peter reach over and turned off the light.

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