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Peter stood facing the bathroom mirror trying desperately to get his hair to go the way he wanted it to. After another 10 minutes had past, Peter gave up knowing; if he ever to battle his hair, it would always win.

Peter had set his alarm last night, so he would wake up early, so he could get ready for Claire. Ever since Zach had said he would be getting a lift, Peter's stomach had been in knots; at the thought of being alone with Claire for 5 minutes (truly alone not with a high school of students in the background) and let alone the entire walk to school, was enough to make Peter's butterflies go into a panic.

What Peter didn't know; was that over in the Bennet household, Claire was also running around trying to get ready for her walk with Peter.

Claire had been in the bathroom for over 2 hours now and Lyle was beginning to get frustrated. "Claire!! Get out of the bathroom, I have to get ready for school", Claire finally deciding on letting her hair stay out yelled back.

"Lyle, you're a guy, what could you possibly need to get ready for school".

"MUM!!!, Claire is still in the bathroom".

Claire taking another look at herself in the mirror making sure everything was in order. I have to look perfect...for him, Claire thought to herself, before opening the bathroom door and nearly crashing into a rather angry looking Lyle.

"There, I'm finished", Lyle pushed past her not saying a word and slamming the bathroom door behind him.

'Boys' Claire sighed; Claire then began giggling to herself 'she certainly was in a good mood today'. Claire's giggling however was put to a stop; upon seeing her alarm clock 'I can't believe it, I'm going to be late'.

Claire bounded down the stairs, rushing into the kitchen where her mother and father, were eating breakfast silently. Claire quickly grabbed a slice of toast and shoved it down rather quickly, while also swallowing a whole glass of orange juice at the same time. Noah noticing this, "Claire, woh slow down I'll give you a lift if you're going to be late". Claire swallowed what was left of the piece of toast.

"No I'll be fine, I want to walk anyway".

Noah exchange a confused look at his wife, only to get a knowing smile back. "Noah, don't worry you will understand someday", Noah still confused went back to eating his breakfast, while pondering what his wife could of meant by that. (Noah Bennet was a smart guy, however when it came to teenage girls, lets just say he was no Einstein). Claire kissed both of them goodbye and ran quickly towards her front door, quickly pulling it open Claire rushed outside towards the direction of the Petrelli house.

Peter meanwhile, came bounding down the stairs; he had just finished his breakfast when he had realised how late he was. Opening the door to his house Peter ran out, and not paying much attention at all to his surroundings, Peter crashed right into Claire.

Peter slowly opened his eyes and he couldn't help but be captivated by Claire beautiful green ones. He could of stayed like this forever; staring into straight into her eyes, which seemed to have a life of there own. Peter without fully realising let a small smirk spread across the corners of his mouth. Peter was completely in a trance.

"Umm Peter...I can't breath", Claire managed to cough out.

Peter upon hearing Claire's voice was awoken from his trance, and was able to come to the full realisation that he was lying on top of Claire!!!. Peter jumped up from Claire like he had just been electrocuted, breathing deeply Peter turned away from Claire; not wanting her to see that he was blushing.

"Peter can you give me a hand?", Peter was once again shaken into reality by Claire's voice. Peter moved quickly over to help her up and once again he had to ignore the spark, which ran up his arm, when his hand connected with Claire's.

"So sorry, I wasn't looking where I was going, are you ok, I'm so sorry", Peter choked out rather quickly.

Claire started to giggle at Peter's unnecessary apology, "Peter", Claire yelled to stop the still apologising Petrelli. "Peter, look I'm ok, your ok, we are both ok, there's no need to apologise".

Peter let a nervous smile spread across his mouth, and upon realising his hand was still clutching Claire's; he let it go immediately. "Come on we're going to be late", Peter nodded. The two then began the long walk to school, neither looking the other in the eye.

The two were nearly at school, and neither of them had the confidence to strike up conversation, both had either said umm or so and then had disguised it as a cough or just thinking at loud. Peter finally couldn't take the silence any longer and accidentally blurted out what he had been thinking over and over since he had saw Claire today, "you look beautiful with you hair down, it brings our your eyes", Peter mentally slapped himself for sounding so corny. 'Way to go idiot now she is going to think your gay'

Claire smiled at Peter's comment about her hair and picked up a strand of her hair twirling it in her fingers, "thanks".

Peter thought they were going to go into another awkward silence, however Claire stoped walking and turned to face Peter, Peter seeing Claire stop look down uneasy at her sudden change. "I like your aftershave...musk is it?", Claire then did something that Peter was sure if he was in a chick flick, he would of gone weak in the knees over. Claire leant into Peter smelling along his neck, Peter who was distracted by Claire's hair which was in dangerous proximity to his face; and while finding it hard to fight the urge to put a strand of her hair behind her ear, was awoken from his current trance like state by Claire's voice, "Musk", Claire repeated huskily. Peter swallowed hard, and was relieved and disappointed at the sometime that they had arrived at school.

"Hey guys", both were torn from each other's glances by a familiar voice.

"Hey Zach", they both said in unison.

Zach looked between the two, his analysing glances made both Peter and Claire nervous and uneasy. "Zach what is it?", Claire finally said, stunned by Zach's odd behaviour. Zach continued to look at the two like they had just sprouted another head.

"Has something happened between you two?", Zach questioned; more in Claire's direction.

Claire nervously laughed, "Don't be stupid Zach", Peter look on confused.

Zach let a small smile spread across his face, finally letting his interrogation go. "So Claire, how come your not wearing your cheerleading outfit? If I am not mistaken, cheerleading is on today, first day back is it not". Zach said

"You're a cheerleader", Peter choked out and it wasn't until he had said it, that he realised how awestruck he had sounded. Strike two, One more and she never speak to you again, SHUTUP!!. ooooooooo some has a temper, that's sure to turn her on. Peter while battling the futile battle, which was going on in his head, was stirred from the battle; once again by Claire's voice. Peter was beginning to think if he was ever in a Coma, Claire would be the one able to wake him up. "Yeh, hey maybe you can come to practise after lunch?" Claire asked excitedly.

"Yeh I think I will", Peter grinned. See I got her to ask me to come to her practise, I'm not completely hopeless. You keep telling yourself that, and maybe one day it will set in. Oh shut up.

"Well Peter, I might see you there. Come on Zach we have History".

Peter watch the two walk away, and after seeing them both disappeared behind the side of the building, started to walking into the school, himself.

He had just grabbed his art supplies from his locker when he realised, he didn't even know where his art class was. Peter began looking around for anyone; who might be some help to him, after seeing no one he started to head in the direction of the office to ask; shamefully for directions. Peter was nearly there when he notice, Isaak; a guy he had made friends with yesterday, sitting down on a school bench sketching madly.

"Isaak...Isaak!!", after getting no response from Isaak, Peter started to shake his shoulder. Isaak snapped out of his trance; staring up at Peter, who was looking at him with concern in his eyes. "Are you ok...you seemed to be out of it for...", Peter stopped talking his eyes were drawn to Isaak's sketch, Peter's eyes then connected with Isaak's worried ones.

"Is that supposed to be me?"

Isaak looked down at his drawing; there drawn rather professionally was Peter who was supporting a paintbrush in his hand. What made the drawing odd was the fact that Peter's eyes were completely white.

"Umm no. it's just a drawing...for one of my comics", Isaak said. Isaak couldn't even believe what he had just said he doubted Peter would either. It had been 3 weeks since Isaak had found out he could paint the future, at first his new found ability had shocked and scared him, however now he believed he had received his 'gift' for a bigger purpose and that was to help people. Isaak can remember vividly the day he saved a young girl; at his school, from being hit by a car, he had painted it a day before. That day was the day that Isaak's power had become his 'gift'. Isaak immediately scolded himself for letting his power take over him; and in such a public place, the only to places where Isaak ever let his power take over was at home and in Art class; where it was never really noticed.

"Hey I was just wandering if you could show me where art is?", Isaak was shaken from is thoughts by Peter; who had obviously believed his horrible lie. Isaak look down at his watch, shock immediately spread across his face.

"What it's nine already? Come on I'll show you, I have art to", Peter quickly followed Isaak to where their class was.

Both Isaak and Peter arrived surprising on time, and were only shocked by Hiro; who ran past their class shouting "I DID IT, I DID IT'. Isaak and Peter both brushed it off and went and stood next to two easels that were next to each other. Isaak walked over to the other side of the classroom and picked up to canvases, he then returned shortly and put one onto Peter's easel.

"Here you go Peter, paint us a picture", Peter looked on uneasy at the blank canvas that was set in front of him.

"What do I paint?", Isaak looked over at the board, written in small print was 'original painting'.

"There you go something original, anything you like Pete, just look closer Pete the painting's already been painted", Peter eyebrows tightened at his nickname, Isaak just laughed shrugging it off walked over to his canvas and began to paint immediately. Peter stared down at the blank canvas, 'what did Isaak mean, that it was already painted there, Wait was that just a hand', Peter watched in amazement as the canvas in front of him slowly revealed itself, Peter was just about to tell Isaak when he felt something fall over him; something he can't really describe, and from that moment on Peter lost control.

Peter awoke to find himself bearing a paintbrush and matching paint stains along with it. His eyes then connected with his canvas; which only moments ago was blank, now supported a work of art. "How did you do that?, I thought I was the only one who can do that", Peter was shaken from his current state by Isaaks voice.

"What do you mean?", Peter said acting dumb.

"How long have you known you can paint the future?", Isaak continued.

Peter stared confusedly at Isaak, "Paint the future, what are you talking about, it's just a painting", Peter said pointing in the direction of his canvas. Isaak walked slowly up to Peter.

"Look more closely Peter, doesn't that figure look a lot like Claire and doesn't that figure look a lot...", Isaak's voice slowly drifted off as Peter went into his own world; where he studied his painting more closely. Across the canvas stood two people; one looked oddly like Claire dressed in a cheerleading outfit and the other showed similarities of...him. What stunned Peter the most, was the fact that both figures were wrapped in each others arms, sharing what looked to be a rather passionate kiss. Peter let his body come back to reality and turned to Isaak, who was also now staring at the painting.

"So you can do this to?", Isaak shocked that Peter was talking to him, turned his face to face Peter's

"Yes, but I thought I was the only one who can do it", Peter nodded, 'I may as well tell him...everything, it be good to have someone to talk to it about, other then Hiro; who I can barely understand and Nathan; who refuses to talk anyway.' Peter thought to himself.

"Yeh, I'm not like you though", upon seeing Isaak's confused look Peter continued, "I think I have the power to mimic other peoples abilities, I can do it when I'm near them or like last night I found out, when I think of them"

Isaak's face still showed that he was confused, Peter pulled Isaak into the paint supply room and looked around making sure they were alone continued. "My brother is like us too; sort of, he can fly and was thinking about how frustrated sometimes he makes me feel last night and I felt my body lift of the ground for a minute or two before falling back down, but Isaak it was like I was flying in mid air".

Isaak felt himself let out a breath he hadn't realised he had been holding, "wow, this morning I woke up thinking that I was alone in this world, now I finally feel like I have someone to talk to...I mean really talk to", Peter smiled at his now close friend.

"You know what, I feel the same", Isaak smiled at Peter, who he now also considered to be a close friend.

The both then continued to talk about their abilities and stuff they found out they had in common, until the bell interrupted them, signalising lunchtime.

"So Pete, you sitting with us again?", Peter was about to answer yes when he realised; he had promised Claire he would go to her practise.

"Sorry, but I can't I promised Claire I would go to her cheer practise", Isaak's head snapped around to face Peter with a smile so big, Peter was afraid what he had said to get this reaction from him.

"Claire... aye is someone curious to find out if their painting will come true", Isaak said while continuing to smile like a idiot.

Peter, couldn't suppress the blush; which had erupted over his face, "what no I just promised her I would come that's all", Peter managed to stutter out.

"No need to lie to me Pete", Isaak laughed as he chucked his painting supplies into his bag, "If you don't mind, I might tag along too, they are after all cheerleaders", Peter was happy that Isaak wanted to come, he wouldn't be as nervous now.

"Yeah sure, I don't mind", Peter took another look at his painting, thinking to himself 'so what if Isaak's right and I am exited about this possibley even happening, by the looks of the painting Claire wants it too. Hahahahha, whatever you say Petey. Ahhh what did I ever do to deserve this', And with one more glance at the painting Peter picked up his art supplies, and caught up to Isaak. The both of them slowly began to make their way down to the school football field, while Isaak continued to tease Peter about his feelings for Claire.

Claire had been held back, for talking in history and was running late for cheer practise. After quickly changing into her cheerleading outfit, Claire began to quickly make her way to practise. Claire saw Niki stretching with the others and ran over to where she was.

"Hey Niki"

"Hey Claire, Claire I want to introduce you to one of a newest members to the squad, Claire this is Lucy", A girl with strawberry blonde hair, and who was properly only a few inches taller then Claire was, walked shyly from behind Niki and smiled at Claire.

"Hi", she said rather shyly, Claire seeing how nervous the girl was immediately wanted to make her feel comfortable.

"Hey, so where you from?" Claire said smiling.

"New York", Lucy replied smiling back.

"Oh I hear it's really nice there what...", Claire was interrupted from a sharp intake of breath behind her, Claire spun around to see Jackie standing behind her. Jackie cleared her voice and began to shout so her voice culd be heard over the noise that the football team were making.

"Now that Claire has finally decided to bless us with her presence, we can now began practise"

"I'm sorry Jackie but I had to get changed into my uniform", Niki and Lucy could tell by the way Claire said it; that she didn't really mean it.

"Can anyone please tell me what are the rules for practise and game days are?", everyone stood quite; all of them preferred Claire to Jackie.

"That all cheerleaders must be in their cheerleading outfits", From behind Jackie a voice was heard, the girl then walked around from behind Jackie, so that she was standing next to her on her left. Even from behind Jackie Claire knew who had said it, her frizzy, afro like hair was hard to hide. Simone was Jackie's best friend, and both were the school's biggest bitches.

"Exactly", Jackie said smiling in Simone's direction. "So that means you shouldn't be late, because you should already be in your uniform". Claire who hadn't really been paying much attention, nodded in Jackie's direction. Jackie took this as getting her way and went on with beginning practise.

Practise had only been going on for a few minutes, when Claire felt Niki tap her shoulder. Claire spun around to see that Niki was indicating her to look up at the stands. "Looks like Claire has a admirer", Niki giggled. Claire looked up to see that Peter was staring down at her smiling, sitting next to him; also smiling, was Isaak.

Lucy spun around too, "ooooo who?", Niki pointed in the direction the boys were sitting.

Peter waved in their direction, only making Niki laugh more. Claire without even thinking waved back.

"Wait, you like Peter?", Lucy questioned Claire.

"Umm...uhhh", Claire was unsure what to really say, Say no, you have a boyfriend remember him BRODY.

Niki not waiting for Claire to answer, answered for her, "Yeah she so does, and he seems to like her back, a lot", Niki, continued to giggle. "Why do you like him too?", Niki said while still laughing. Claire upon hearing what Niki just said, spun around like Niki had just said 'she didn't like DL anymore'. Lucy now broke into laughter.

"What no, his my cousin, I'm supposed to be living with them, after my mum leaves to go back to New York tomorrow", Claire let out a breath of relief, 'well at least she doesn't like him, like that'.

"Oh", Niki breathed out, "Well there you go Claire his all yours", Claire began to stutter out a excuse; which only caused both Niki and Lucy to laugh more.

The rest of practise went rather quickly, both Niki and Lucy continued to tease Claire about Peter.

Once practised had ended, Jackie kept the squad back to tell them about their first away game that was on next week and she expected all of them to be here 2 hours early for the bus. Lucy, Niki and Claire all let at a groan, which was awarded with a death stare from Jackie. The three of them laughed it off and started to walk in the direction of the stands.

Peter grabbed Isaak by the arm; dragging him towards the three cheerleaders. It wasn't until they were close enough to see that noticed that one of them looked alot like Lucy, his best friend and cousin. As they got closer Peter realised that it wasn't someone who look like Lucy, that it was indeed Lucy. Peter ran over to them pulling her into a hug.

"Oh my god Lucy, what are you doing here?", Claire upon seeing that Peter was completely ignoring her found it hard to hide her annoyance.

"Ok Peter, can't breath", Lucy managed to choke out as she pulled herself out of Peter's arms.

"Sorry", Peter said continuing to smile down at her.

"Peter my mum finally, got tired of me pressuring her to move to Odessa and she said if it's ok with Angela I can live with you", Peter smile only got bigger.

"What, that's great so when you moving in?"

"Tomorrow, Angela said it was ok", Isaak began to clear his voice loudly, Peter suddenly realised that he wasn't alone and immediately felt bad for ignoring everyone else.

"Oh, I'm sorry Isaak, this is my cousin Lucy and this is Niki", Peters smile them moved to Claire and if possible grew bigger then it already was, "And this is Claire", Peter said while staring Claire straight into the eyes.

Peter seemed to go into his own world again, this time only Claire was in it, "You were really good out their today", Peter continued to smile sheepishly.

Claire giggled, "I didn't think you were actually going to come"

"I wouldn't have missed it", groans and sighs, irrupted from the others, Peter and Claire entranced by each other didn't hear them.

"Come on, you guys want to come to the mall and hang for a while", Isaak said "And leave these two love birds alone". Lucy and Niki both nodded and headed off in the direction where the car park was. All of them relieved that school ended early today.

"See you later tonight Peter", Peter nodded still looking Claire in the eye smile down at her. Lucy sighed and caught up with Niki and Isaak, DL was now with them and had also decided to come to the mall.

"So Peter", Claire said breaking the silence "What are you doing now, after school?"

Peter ran a hand through his hair, "my mum wants me to get a haircut, she says it's getting to long for her liking", Peter rolled his eyes at the last comment.

Claire's smile dropped, "What you can't get it cut", Peter was surprised how serious she sounded.


Claire blushed and then turned to face Peter, and feeling bold stood on her tiptoes to place a stray hair; that had fallen in front of Peter's eyes back behind his ear, "I like it long".

Ok this is now all never, and with that last thought Peter closed the small space between them and put his lips lightly on Claire's.

Claire, who at first was shocked by Peter's bold move, soon began to lose herself and her morals along with it as the kiss began to become more passionate, neither wanting it to end. Claire let her hand fall from the side of his head to Peter's cheek. Peter let both his arms circle around Claire's waist pulling her tighter against his body. Both parted, smiles still planted on their faces.

Both were interrupted; by someone clearing their throat, someone being Simone. Their faces now mirrored shock.

"Claire what do you think your doing, what do you think Brody would say if he found out?", Peter's eyes fell onto Claire's.

"Brody, Claire who is Brody?", Claire stumble with what to say.

"Peter...he...is", Simone smiled walking over to the two.

"His, her boyfriend", Peter turned sharply back to Claire.

"What you have a boyfriend, you never told me you had a boyfriend?", Peter's eyes now showed nothing but hurt.

"Peter… you don't understand..", Claire didn't get to finish watch she was going to say, Peter had already started to walk away in a hurry. 'Don't let her see your tears. She doesn't deserve that'. Claire continued to shout his name even though by now he was long gone and she continued to shout; tears pouring down her face until she could no longer scream any longer.

Peter walked into his house and ignoring, his mother's, Lucy and Nathan's voices, he walked up to his room slamming the door behind him. Peter started kicking angrily at all his stuff and eventually kicked his bedpost; falling back in pain, Peter let out a low groan. After awhile Peter decided on doing his homework to get his mind off Claire. Getting up off his bed he went to sit over at his desk and picked up to book he was meant to read for English, Romeo and Juliet, great just what I need a love tragedy, sounds a bit like your life at the moment aye Petey, SHUTUP.

Peter finished the novel putting it down his desk and began writing the essay to go along with it. One thing was for sure; Shakespeare got it right, 'Thus with a kiss you do die'. Peter sighed turning off the lamp on the table and slowly making his way to his bed, he lied down slowly and without caring what his stupid conscious thought of him at the moment, quietly cried himself to sleep.

If only Peter was to know that over in the Bennet home, the culprit for Peter's pain was also crying herself to sleep, because Claire was not just a culprit but a victim, dealing with the same agony Peter was in.

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