Here with my second House fan fiction!! This is a HousexChase slash, so be forewarned.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the ingenious House characters.


Chapter One: Whiskey

House held his gaze down as he heard the door to his office open without a knock. He knew it was Chase.

The boy had been standing outside his door for a full five minutes, muttering to himself, apparently oblivious to the fact that he was doing so. House figured the duckling needed the time.

He was indeed very curious by the time Chase entered, but he acted surprised all the same.

"Ah, have you come to tell me Wilson died? Because, as you must know, I held a very important spot in my heart for him." House leaned forwards at this hand over his heart. "A bit of a forbidden love, you might say." His eyebrows arched after this, daring Chase to say something.

"No," said Chase in an even, yet strained voice. House steepled his fingers over his desk.

"Not even chronically ill?" he asked, sounding disappointed. Chase's eyebrows drew down in response to this, a hurt glare.

"You are so full of crap, you know that House? You can't even wait to see what someone has to say before going on with some raving mad comment. Christ!" He slammed his hand against a coat rack. It toppled noisily to the ground.

House noted Chase's hand shaking with emotion. He was surprised for real now, his curiosity unbearable.

The room fell silent as Chase regained some of his composure.

"Have you ever stopped to think that maybe, just maybe, the person you feed some smart ass phrase to might have something they think is really important to say? Something that maybe," Chase said, voice quivering, "took them all night to work up their nerves to say?"

House opened his mouth slowly to respond when a brisk knock at the door interrupted them both. Wilson walked in with two coffees in hand.

"Did I come at a bad time?" he asked when he saw Chase standing off to the side. The blonde's lips tightened.

"Not at all," he responded in a clipped voice, before leaving the office.

Wilson turned back to House, eyebrows raised. "What was that all about?"

House frowned and pursed his lips together. "Couldn't tell you," he responded, puzzled. He cocked his head to one side and peered slyly up at Wilson. "He was mad though."

Wilson let out an exasperated sigh. "Obviously. What did you do to him?"

House picked up his coffee nonchalantly and took a sip, smacking his lips at the end before answering. "I told him about our secret love affair."

Wilson rolled his eyes. "Honestly, House, can't you act normal for once in your life?"

"But normal's so boooooring," the scruffy haired doctor whined.

Wilson rubbed his head in a 'grant me patience' gesture. "Of course it is." He sat down and stared at his coffee, not drinking it.

House noted this, and pulled a bottle of whiskey from his bottom drawer.

"I bet you want this!" he said in a sing song vice, waggling the glass container so that the amber liquid inside sloshed. He knew Wilson wouldn't take the alcohol during work.

"Yeah, give it here." He snatched the bottle from House's surprised hand and uncapped it.

House watched as Wilson slugged back a good sized gulp straight from the bottle.

"So…" House said through a perfect O shaped mouth. Wilson was nodding his head as he poured a quarter of his coffee into House's before filling it up with whiskey. "What's up?"

Wilson shook up the cup, took a long swallow from it, and brought his lips away from it with a satisfied look.

"Oh, you know, work," he replied. As an afterthought he added, "You." He left the room before House could respond.

He looked thoughtfully out the door the two men had exited before recapping the whiskey. He almost put it back in its place when he stopped. Setting it back down, he took his own gulp from it.

After all, it seemed like it was going to be a long day.