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Chapter Eight: Acceptance

House felt Chase carefully slide onto the couch beside him. The TV was on, but all of House's attention was on Chase. He pretended to watch the blinking screen, keeping his eyes vigilantly off Chase.

He then detected Chase inch over uncertainly until their thighs were touching. House could practically feel him shaking with nervousness and delight.

"I'm not gay, and I never will be," he growled, but to no avail.

"Hold me," Chase whispered. "And then, if you really-if you really don't want me, I'll leave you alone." Now his voice was shaking, and when House looked over, he saw big, expectant eyes.

House awkwardly placed an arm around Chase, and the blonde sighed in relief and happiness. He nuzzled into House's rumpled blue shirt, felt him stiffen, but then slowly, ever so slowly, relax.

House gazed down at the younger man, felt his warmth ooze across him pleasantly, and felt disgusted with himself. Why had he even let him in? This was a bad idea.

They watched TV like this for a long time, and House could hear Chase's breathing slow.

He carefully shifted so that Chase's head fell onto a pillow. He uncurled Chase's legs so they wouldn't cramp, and then went to find him a blanket.

House was rummaging around in a closet when a hand hesitantly touched his shoulder, making him jump.

"House?" He turned to see Chase half asleep, blinking at him.

"You need some rest," he replied gruffly, shoving a blanket into Chase's chest.

"But…" whimpered Chase. House rolled his eyes, knowing exactly what he wanted.

He was about to tell him to scram already, when Wilson's voice floated unexpectedly through his head. Do what your heart tells you to do.

House closed his eyes and took a deep breath. "Fine we'll date." Chase gasped.

"You mean, like a couple?" He sounded so excited, it was cute.

"Yes," House said before stripping off his shirt and jeans. He sat down on his bed and lifted his lame leg up with his hands.

Chase couldn't help but let his eyes wander over House's body.

"Stop looking, you pervert, and get into bed. It's late." House's words startled Chase. He had thought House would have made him sleep on the couch anyways.

Shivering with joy, Chase undressed down to his underwear, and slipped under the covers. He felt so ecstatic, he doubted sleep would come.

Then House pulled him close, and Chase could feel a fuzzy warmth envelope him. Chase curled himself inward to match House's curves perfectly.

The man's bare skin gave Chase a thrill, which turned into satisfaction that rendered his body limp.

The last words he heard before he drifted off were, "Damn queer." But light fingers stroked his hair, and Chase knew otherwise.


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