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Okay, there are a few fanfics about new girls of the Hitomobore lineage finding Mosquiton, waking him up, and having new adventures with him. I love these stories dearly, but I decided I'd pay homage to my favorite anime in a different way. Let' suppose that Mosquiton returns to Inaho, they produce a son. For one reason or another, they discover the O-Part did not affect Inaho and she dies. Let's also suppose vampires age slower than humans as they grow from children, and stop once they hit a certain equivalent age. By my logic Mosquiton and Inaho's son is about the human age of 12 at the start of this story before he has his 70th birthday and becomes the equivalent of the big, scary 13. Mosquiton, Yuki, Honoo and the kid have moved to an apartment in New York in the year 2001. Anyway, all else will be revealed. Here is part one of "Son of Mosquiton"! Yeah, I followed the great old scary movie tradition of having a "Son of.." title. Ya know like "Son of Frankenstein"? Anyway here goes something. This is partially dedicated to my friend Steph-chan, fellow Mo-chan enthusiast, and partly to Vega for writing the first Mosquiton fic on FF.net!

~ signifies a dream~

A hospital in Shanghai… 1931

"Push!" yelled the sweaty doctor at the foot of the bed.

"I'll push alright.. I'll push my foot up your frickin' a-AHHHHH!" the redhaired woman's threat was cut off by a scream as pain ripped through her body.

"Inaho he's only trying to help." an exhausted looking lanky and pale man calmly said to the redhead.

"Fuck him!" Inaho roared "He doesn't know how it feels!"

"Just one more push should do it." The doctor informed the couple.

"I've changed my mind! I don't want to have a baby anymore." Inaho cried "Can't we just… let it live in there until it's thirty?"

"Don't be silly Inaho. You're doing great, just one more push and.." the pale man quietly suggested.

"You did this to me!" Inaho fumed "Just wait until I've recovered you giant bug! I'll make you wish you COULD die..AHHHHH!"

With a final shot of pain and one grand push the child of a mortal woman and a vampire came into being.

"Congratulations Mrs. Mosquiton, it's a healthy boy… wait second… are those fangs?" the Doctor inspected the newborn.

"My name is Inaho HITOMOBORE.. I'm not married to this jerk!" Inaho growled.

"A son." Alucard whispered as the baby was put into his arms "My son.."

"YOUR SON?!" Inaho screeched "I do all the work and it's YOUR son?"
An apartment in New York… 2001

The blue haired teenager made his way nervously up the stairs that led to the apartment he, his father, and his father's two guardians shared. The gold earring he just got still felt cold against his lobe, a reminder of what he was so nervous about. Alaho prayed his father wouldn't be really angry. Not that his dad was all that intimidating, but deep inside it really mattered to him what his father thought. Once he reached the apartment he inhaled deeply. Here goes nothing. Three light knocks. Pause. The sounds of his father's footsteps lightly making their way through the house and the squeaking of the old door opening.
"Alaho! You were supposed to be home 20 minutes ag-oh my lord! What is THAT?" Alucard squealed gesturing toward the shiny object dangling from his son's left earlobe.
"It's an earring dad. I bought it with my own money!" Alaho defensivley stated.
"I don't care if you won it on Wheel of Fortune, vampires don't wear EARRINGS!" Alucard gasped, pulling his son inside the apartment so none of the neighbors could see and than quickly closing the door behind them.
"Well, maybe I could be a trendsetter. Besides.. I'm barely a vampire. I can't even fly!"
"That is NOT the point!" Alucard scowled
"Then what is the point?"
As Alucard struggled to think up an answer to that question, Yuki and Honoo entered the apartment, each carrying a grocery bag full of food.
"Oh no, they're arguing again." Yuki sighed, walking past father and son, setting her bag down on the kitchen counter.
"What about this time?" Honoo questioned his boss.
"I'll bet it's about Little Brother Alaho's earring." Yuki responded, taking an apple from the bag and munching on it hungrily.
"It's about more than the earring!" Mosquiton mumbled "He's been like this for months. Doing things he knows I won't approve of."
"So it's a crime to have free choice now?" Alaho's voice grew frustrated "Me getting an earring isn't hurting anyone-I paid for it with my OWN money!"
"I am your FATHER!" Alucard became louder, much louder than he normally spoke "Everyday Yuki, Honoo and I work to keep a roof over your head and food in your stomach!"
With his last ounce of anger Alaho yelled "You're IMPOSSIBLE!" before storming to his room and shutting the door with a slam.
"Uggh.. teenagers." Alucard gritted his teeth "It's just my luck that vampires age slower than humans. I still have a couple decades of this to look forward to."
"Little Brother Alaho is a lot like Momma Inaho was when she was a teenager." Yuki observed, putting the bread into the bread box.
At the sound of that name Mosquiton's face turned dark and sad. It had been so long. Her death almost 15 years ago was the reason he could no longer stay in Shangai. Everything there reminded him of his lost love. He'd sold the 'TIME' shop to a man who wanted to start one of those trendy coffee places and rented this apartment. If only he'd been able to figure out why the O-Part hadn't worked…
"Master!" the 1/4 vampire's memories were interuppted by Honoo "Where should we put the fresh fruit? In the fridge or out in a bowl?"
"In the fridge Honoo." Alucard sighed deeply "It'll live longer that way."
"Live? Technically it's already dead isn't it?" Yuki tilted her head to the side.
Mosquiton didn't answer but instead one could see a single tear forming a path down his cheek. Without a word he departed to his room, leaving a confused Yuki and Honoo to unpack the rest of the groceries.
"I think Master is missing Momma Inaho." Yuki said


Sitting on the edge of his coffin, Mosquiton looked at the sepia-toned pictures that adorned his dresser. With a weak smile he picked up one of the oldest ones. It was of he and Inaho, she had one arm possessively around him while the other made a victory sign. It was taken shortly after he'd returned from the moon….

(Flashback, 1930)

A shadowy figure made its way through the rainy night streets of Shanghai, moving towards a certain clock shop. It soon found itself on the doorstep of the place, and used the knocker to inform whomever was within that they had company. Slowly the door opened to reveal a sleepy young redhead
"What is your problem? Why would a clock shop be open at 12 AM--- MO-CHAN!" a pair of sapphire eyes opened wide once they realized whom exactly was behind the door.
It took about two seconds for Inaho to wrap herself around the vampire, tears spilling from her eyes as she refused to let him go.
"Oh… oh Mo-chan, I started to think you'd never come back…." she sniffled "It's been almost ten years."
"I told you I'd come back." Mosquiton smiled wryly "Have I ever lied to you?"
Straightening up and looking ticked, Inaho pouted "What took you so long?"
"Gah!" Mosquiton facefaulted "What doya mean what took me so long? It's the MOON! Do you have any idea how long it took me to fly from there to here… not to mention I ended up in this place called New York and had to get a job to earn enough money for a trip to Shanghai-"
The voice of Honoo chimed in from behind Mosquiton"Typical Momma."
"Can't she just be happy he's home?" Yuki's joined in.
"Yuki! Honoo!" Inaho laughed happily, scooping the two elementals into her arms and hugging them tightly.
"Urgh… let go of me!" Honoo growled, unable to flame her good since he knew the master probably wouldn't approve.
"This can't…urg… be… momma Inaho misses us?" Yuki looks towards the redhead in disbelief.
"Inaho, maybe you should let them get some air and come inside, in case you haven't noticed it's raining." Mosquiton laughed nervously.
Mosquiton was brought out of his memory by a loud knock at his door.
"Hmm… who is it?" he gruffly asked.

"It's Yuki, Mosquiton. Dinner is ready!" the shy voice of the ice elemental came from behind the door.

"Be there in a minute." Mosquiton replied dryly, placing the faded photograph back on the dresser drawer and whispering "I'll never love another, Inaho…"
Meanwhile at Alaho's bedroom door, Honoo was trying to get him to come out and eat.

"Brother Alaho, dinner is ready!" he loudly announced.

"I don't care. I'll starve. I wouldn't want to upset his royal highness with my presence." Alaho's tone was spiked with anger.

"Listen, normally I wouldn't care if you starved to death." Honoo grumbled "But I don't think master would like it if his only son perished, so come out or I'll force you out!"

"Oh yeah, what're you gonna do, burn my door down?" the teenage part vampire sarcastically retorted.

Before he could even finish his door burst into flames, which all too quickly turned into nothing more than a pile of ashes. There stood adult Honoo looking peeved. Yuki walked by and examined the remains of the door in shock.

"Oh no, not another door! You really must find other ways of getting brother Alaho out of his room, Honoo!" she scolded.

"Oh for the love of-fine I'm coming." Alaho grunted, walking past the two guardians "Idiots."

"Idiots?! Why I ought to.." Honoo screeched and was about to burn Alaho to a crisp when Yuki grabbed hold of him.

"Nooooo! Remember what Mosquiton said, no killing little brother Alaho!"

"It'd be considered a public service." Honoo grouchily replied, returning to his child form to go to dinner.

All was quiet at the dinner table. Alaho seemed more into moving his food about on his plate with his fork than consuming it. It was Mosquiton who broke the silence.
"So… how was your day at school, Alaho?"

"It's Saturday." came the emotionless reply.

"Oh! Right!" the older vampire laughed in embarrassment, putting a hand behind his head "I'd forgotten."

"Typical. I'll bet you don't even know what tommorow is." Alaho retorted, never looking up from his un-eaten dinner.

"Why Sunday of course!" Mosquiton beamed "I know that one! Heheheh."

Looking incredibly hurt, Alaho got up and with a quiet "I'm not hungry" and departed back to his room, not caring if it was still doorless.

"Pssssst… Mosquiton!" Yuki whispered into Alucard's ear "Tommorow is little brother's 70th birthday."

"Oh no… how could I have forgotten?" Mosquiton's face was overcome by a sullen expression "The day he was born was the happiest day of my life."

"Don't feel too bad master." Honoo comforted as best he was able "When you live forever days, months and years have little meaning. Little Brother will get over it."

"All the same, let's make tommorow special for him." Mosquiton instructed.

That night Mosquiton stirred uncomfortably in his sleep. However it was not a nightmare which made his sleep unpleasant, it was a memory…

~"Mo-chan… I've done so much thinking and dreaming over these years. I've made a decision." Inaho spoke softly, a hand running down Alucard's cheek.

It was the same night he'd come back to her, and they were alone in the living room. Yuki and Honoo had long since gone to bed, and it was just the two of them awake in the house.

"What decision is that?"

Before he could stop her Inaho's lips pressed heavily against his, silencing a surprised scream from the vampire. As she parted from his lips her eyes smiled mischievously at him, the way they once had when she wanted him to take her to London all those years ago. Her hands were at his side and she was leading him in the direction of her bedroom.

"I-Inaho! This is a VERY important decision you're making! It takes lots of thought and maybe you'd better just sleep on it!" Mosquiton nervously stuttered.

"I've slept on it for ten years. I've waited for you Mo-chan. Please… for me?" her sapphire eyes twinkling at him and her tone sweeter than she had ever used on him.

"I… I…" Mosquiton fumbled with that word, only to be met by Inaho's lips again and dragged fully into her room, the door being shut tight behind them.~

Ah, ironic that their first time produced their only child. The painful memory subsided into the memory of the day he learned Inaho was expecting.

~She's stormed through the front door, fit to be tied, and had found him dusting of the largest grandfather clock they had. He remembered her pulling him up from his feet and giving him a cold glare.

"Do you KNOW what you did to me you vampire?" she'd hissed.

"Uh… made you very happy? Heheheh." he had laughed in the same nervous tone he always used when Inaho was pissed at him.

"No! You got me pregnant!" she growled, throwing him to the floor.

"You're…we're…. I'm?" he'd blinked in both confusion and happiness before finally making some sense "We're going to be parents?"

"I'm going to get faaaaaaaaat!" Inaho bawled, falling to her knees and sobbing "All because of you and your stupid SPERM!"

"Now as I recall, it was your idea…" Mosquiton observed astutely, raising a finger to accentuate his point and gesturing towards Inaho's room.

He hadn't anytime to think before the hand whipped across his face and left a painful red mark.

"I was lonely and I had MISSED you!" she cried "You took advantage of my emotions!"

"Took advan-that's ridiculous! Do you honestly believe what you're saying?"

"What am I going to do with all my pretty dresses? I'm too young to have a baby!"

"Well to be honest Inaho, 27 isn't really THAT young to have a child." Mosquiton calmly said.

"You stupid blood sucking twit!" Inaho sneered "I don't want to see you for 9 months!"

With that she got up, and left for her room, a loud SLAM followed a few moments later. Alucard just sat there on the floor, staring in bewilderment into space. Him, a father to Inaho's child? A huge smile crossed his face, and throwing his dust rag up into the air he shouted a triumphant "WOOHOO!"~

Even in his sleep now, Mosquiton grinned widely. He still felt the same way about Alaho to this day.

Morning light seeped through the Venetian blinds and was like acid poured onto Alaho's eyes. Cursed morning. Cursed birthday. Stupid father with no brain. He was about to get up and stomp off to breakfast when he heard a voice he couldn't place.

"He's waking up!" came a jovial girl's voice with almost painful perkiness.

"Maybe it's just gas." replied a deadpan young male's voice.

Lifting one eyelid Alaho spotted sitting at the foot of his bed two figures. One was a little girl with long, flowing honey golden hair filled with various wildflowers and wearing a long white flowing dress. The other was a brown haired boy wearing glasses, a labcoat, and most oddly had a chicken perched in his hair.

"AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!" screamed the teenaged vampire, running from his room and into the living room "ROBBERS! BURGLARS! YUKI…. HONOO…. DAAAAAAAAAD!"

Yuki and Honoo were in the kitchen making a special birthday breakfast for Alaho per Master's instructions. It was his favorite, chocolate chip pancakes. Alaho came running into the kitchen, and hid behind the two elementals and shivered.

"What are you screeching about, do you want to wake the neighbors?" Honoo snorted.

"R-r-robbers! On my bed!" Alaho yipped, pointing towards his room.

"Maybe it was just a bad dream!" Yuki suggested with an unusually warm smile towards Alaho.

"Yuki … look." Honoo whispered, causing the ice girl's head to turn in the same direction as his.

There before them stood the two children Alaho had seen upon his bed.

"Who are you? What do you mean by scaring little brother Alaho?" Honoo asked angrily, ready to turn the two figures into charcoal.

"He is our master!" the male of the two strangers replied "We have come to serve him!"

"M-master?" Yuki, Honoo and Alaho yelped in unison.

Dunnnnnn dun dun dun dun da da dunnnnnnnnn!

End Part 1!