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Teddy looked sideways at Rose and Scorpius. "I wouldn't do that if I were you," he said calmly. The two thirteen-year-olds smiled sheepishly. Teddy shook his head and walked over to the shelf, putting back the book he was reading. "If Ron found out that you've stepped foot in this room, I bet Rose will be grounded for a month. You wouldn't have any adventures for the summer with Rose grounded, Scorpius, and that would be close enough to being grounded as well."

Rose sighed. "But we wanted to find out. I mean, if you don't tell Dad he won't ever know we're here, right?" she said hopefully, battling her long eyelashes at Teddy, a stunt she did when she wanted to get something done her way. It works every time.

Teddy shook his head. "No I won't, but it'll be in your conscience," he warned. He glanced at the clock that hung on the wall. "I better go. Harry and Ron would be waiting for me to join the meeting," he muttered. He was about to head out of the door when he looked back at the suspicious looking pair. "I won't tell Ron as long as the both of you stay away from the pensive. You know how touchy Ron gets when someone looks into it." He Apparated away after warning them.

Rose pulled Scorpius's hand. "Come on," she hissed as she neared the pensive, "we're going to check this out." She licked her upper lip. "If Dad doesn't want to tell me about his childhood days, which Harry does tell to my cousins, I will find out for myself." An impish twinkle came to her eyes, much to Scorpius's dismay.

"But Teddy said not to go near it," Scorpius protested. "I don't want your father hating me more than he already does. He might kick me out of your house forever." He looked at Rose who hadn't taken her eyes off of the pensive. "Rose, I do hate those dangerous seeking for adventure eyes of yours. There is no way we are diving into that pensive. No way, Rose Weasley, no way," he said firmly, but somewhat unsure of his conviction.

Rose spun and looked at him. "Don't you want to know why our dads hate each other so much?" she asked. Scorpius could never resist this and Rose knew it. "It's not an unworthy adventure. This time, we'll get to know why your dad and my dad don't get along. It's interesting and maybe we'll understand more." She gave Scorpius a pull. "It's an educational trip," she said playfully. "Dad would understand it. Come on, Malfoy. You aren't afraid, are you?"

Scorpius looked at her uncertainly. "Actually, I kind of am." Rose scowled. Scorpius shook his head. "No Rose, I am not going to fall for that look again this time. It isn't detention we're facing, it's your father." He didn't want to get in Ron's bad side, not now that Ron's very strict with him being around in the first place. "Come on, Rose, let's get out of here. If your dad finds us here, he'll kill us for it," he reminded her. "It's your dad we're talking about. He loses his temper easily."

"As if yours don't," countered Rose. "Don't be a coward, Scorpius. It's just one peak. Will it hurt?" she asked.

"It will," muttered Scorpius. Rose shook her head and pulled Scorpius harder. "Let's just get into it. It will be fun knowing about Dad. Like I said, you'll know a little about your father too since they did cross paths once in a while. Come on, Scorpius!" Scorpius tried to resist, but Rose was pulling him with all her might. "Don't…be…a…bloody…coward!"

Before she knew it, Rose looked behind her and stumbled backwards, pulling Scorpius along with her into the pensive.

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