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Chapter 40


Orion flailed around madly, became entangled in the bed covers and fell out of his bed. His heart was pumping desperately fast, his senses seemed to be numbed, and his mind was wrecked by a frantic fear, a hopeless despair... The only thing that flashed in his eyes was the snake-like face, with cold, unfeeling red eyes… And his heart clenched painfully in his chest… Knowing, but not wanting to believe, praying that it wasn't true… that it hadn't happened…

As despair and deep-rooted sorrow gripped his heart, Orion jumped to his feet, pocketed his Death and Life wand, and he careened through the door, as he bellowed frantically, "SEVERUS! SEVERUS!"

He rushed along the small, narrowed corridor, and bowled through the door at the end, stumbling as he entered the sitting room, where Snape had jumped to his feet aiming his wand forwards.

Orion threw himself at Snape, and tightly grabbing the older wizard by the collar, he demanded desperately, "Severus, you have seen the Dark Lord… Tell me, tell me now… Have you seen his face?!"

Trying to pry Orion's hands from him, Snape angrily snarled, "Get your claws off me, boy. What is this madness?"

Orion roughly shook the older wizard, as he bellowed mindlessly, "HAVE YOU SEEN HIS FACE?!"

Snape stilled, and looking down at Orion with a dark scowl on his face, he harshly said, "No. He's been using a hood that covers his face."

Orion's blood froze in his veins, he had difficulty to breathe, he felt his heart stop. He choked out, "For how long?"

Snape narrowed his eyes at him, and snapped, "A day or two after I brought you here. And the reasons for these inane questions are?"

Orion brusquely released him, and whipped out his wand, as he shakily whispered, "I have to go to him… I must see him…"

As Orion pointed his wand's tip to his ring, Snape tightly clutched Orion's arm, and fiercely said, "You can't go to the Dark Lord now. It's almost midnight and he's in a meeting-"

"LET GO OFF ME!" yelled Orion frantically, as he ripped his arm away from Snape.

Without a second hitch of breath, he activated the portkey and disappeared in a blur of motion.

His feet landed on the hard stone floor of the Summoning Chamber, and through the darkness of the vast room he saw a group of five Death Eaters in front of Voldemort, who was seated on his throne, his face shrouded in shadows under a hood.

The Death Eaters instantly swirled around, with wands aimed.

"YOU!" shrieked Bellatrix enraged, as she broke from the group and flew towards Orion. "You filthy half-blood! How dare you show your face here!"

"You weren't summoned, Orion," snarled Voldemort in a high, cold voice, as he rose from the throne. "LEAVE!"

"CRUCIO!" bellowed Bellatrix.

Orion swiftly jumped to a side, and said furiously, "I don't have time for you, Bella!" He looked at the rest of the Death Eaters, and harshly commanded, "LEAVE! ALL OF YOU LEAVE! OR I'LL MAKE YOU!"

"Cruor hervire!" yelled Bellatrix furiously, with an insane and hateful glint in her eyes, as she speedily approached Orion.

"Protectum atrum!" bellowed Orion, his desperation increasing.

Bellatrix swiftly yelled, "Cruenta dollum!"

Orion jumped to a side, and bellowed, "Sssserpentia incarcerrata!"

Thick snakes instantly bound Bellatrix's wrists and ankles, and her wand slipped from her hand as she toppled to the floor, screaming insanely as the snakes hissed and bared their fangs at her, but without attacking.

"I SAID LEAVE!" fiercely yelled Orion at the Death Eaters who were still standing with wands aimed but who seemed uncertain as to what to do.

His blood was madly rushing through his veins, his dark magic frantic and furious, swirling powerfully inside of him, feeling his urgency and desperation, and demanding to be used.

Orion didn't think about it twice, and with a furious snarl, he pushed his left palm up, and released his magic… a roaring, angrily swirling, black wind picked the Death Eaters from the ground, as they shrieked in surprise and fear, Bellatrix included, as they madly spun in their tornado-like prison...

"WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING?" bellowed Voldemort furiously, as he approached Orion. "PUT THEM DOWN THIS INSTANT!"

Orion paid him no mind, and he immediately slammed the Death Eater against the great wooden doors, banging them through… As soon as the Death Eaters crossed the doors, Orion stopped his magic, the Death Eaters groaning in pain when they hit the hard stone floor, in a jumble of limbs.

"Colloportus!" spat Orion immediately. The doors closed with a bang, leaving the Death Eaters on the other side.

Suddenly, Orion was brutally slammed against a wall. Voldemort was tightly grabbing him by the throat, towering over him, the red eyes glinting with rage through the darkness of his face.

"What's all this about?" furiously hissed Voldemort.

Orion gasped for air as he snapped his eyes to Voldemort's face, trying to see through the darkness, his heart pounding fast in his chest.

"Had – to see you," gasped out Orion, tears brimming in his eyes, as he remembered, as the desperate fear clenched his heart once again.

Orion shakily stretched out a hand towards Voldemort's hood, as he whispered, "Please… let it not be true… please…."

Voldemort immediately released Orion's throat, and grabbed Orion's wrist in a punishing grip, halting Orion's hand, as he hissed angrily, "What are you doing?"

"I need to see…" said Orion shakily. In a quick movement, he pushed his hand past Voldemort's grip, and swiftly lowered the hood.

Orion gasped, and reeled back against the wall, his chest clenching with despair and sorrow. Voldemort's face was just like the one in the vision; whiter than a skull, with wide livid scarlet eyes and a nose that was flat as a snake's with slits for nostrils.

"Is this what you wanted to see? Does it disgust you, Orion? Repel you? Your Tom is no more, is that why you pathetically cry?" cruelly hissed Voldemort, as he gripped Orion's face, forcing Orion to look at him, bringing his snake-like face inches away from Orion's.

"Why did you do it?" whispered Orion brokenly, a lone tear trailing down his cheek, as his eyes sunk into Voldemort's snake-like red eyes. "Why, Tom?"

"I'm not Tom any longer!" snarled Voldemort, tightening his punishing grip on Orion's face, as his red eyes sparkled angrily.

"You are!" cried Orion desperately. He forcefully pounded on Voldemort's chest, as he shouted mindlessly, "You made another horcrux, didn't you? WHY, TOM? YOU HAVE RID YOURSELF OF ANY HUMANITY YOU HAD LEFT! The books said- they theorized that if a wizard breaks his soul into too many pieces, that his body would change, it would lose all trace of humanity!!! You ripped the piece of soul that had merged with yours, the one of the diary, didn't you?!"

"Yesss," hissed Voldemort exultantly. "To become stronger, more powerful, indestructible… To focus in what truly matters…"

"And more unfeeling and cold as well!" said Orion desperately. He tightly grabbed Voldemort by the collar, and whispered sadly, "Why didn't you wait for me, Tom? You fool… did you do this because you believed that I didn't want you?"

Voldemort ripped Orion's hands away from him, and furiously snarled, "You have nothing to do with my decision! Don't dare presume-"

"This inhuman monster isn't you, Tom!" bellowed Orion frantically. "You have me! I'm your horcrux and no one can destroy me! You didn't need to do this!"

Voldemort grabbed Orion's face, bringing it close to his, and in a cold, cruel voice, he said, "Are you even more disgusted by me now, Orion? Does it break apart your pathetic, little, weak heart that your Tom did this to himself?"

With a painful clench in his chest, Orion gazed at Voldemort's snake-like face as he felt his breathing become more uneven and difficult. He swallowed thickly and tentatively stretched out his fingers to touch Voldemort's pale cheek.

Voldemort gripped Orion's wrist, and furiously hissed, "You won't touch me!"

"I'm not disgusted by you," whispered Orion softly, as he looked into Voldemort's crimson eyes. "I was never disgusted by you." He tightly grabbed Voldemort's robes, and bellowed harshly, "I didn't hesitate because I was thinking about Lezander. HE NEVER CROSSED MY MIND! I DOUBTED YOUR SINCERITY! Do you understand?" He roughly shook Voldemort. "IT'S YOU I WANT! NO ONE ELSE! I needed time… time to think… but I've made my choice! I WANT YOU!"

An indecipherable expression crossed over Voldemort's face, and he tightly grabbed Orion's face, and sharply demanded, "Even like this, Orion? Even how I am now? This is the true me!"

"This isn't the true you, Tom!" snapped Orion desperately. "You have to undo it!"

"I won't!" snarled Voldemort. "Dumbledore knows about the horcruxes, about one or several, it doesn't matter, he knows."

"Even if he does, I can't be easily killed, Tom!" said Orion frantically. "Your soul will always be safe inside me!"

"It's not open for discussion!" snarled Voldemort impatiently. Then he pulled Orion's face close to his, and demanded angrily, "You didn't answer me, Orion. And I find it hard to believe that suddenly, now, you want me."

"I do!" insisted Orion, sinking into Voldemort's crimson eyes. He clutched Voldemort's robes, pulling him closer, and added, "I always wanted you… I just had to realize it… But if you did this to push me away… to distance yourself from me, because you thought that I didn't care for you or didn't want you… Then you're mistaken! I do! And I don't care about your looks! I care about your soul and the humanity you've ripped from yourself! But by Merlin that I'll prove that I'm being honest! I've waited too long for this! I'm not waiting any longer! I WANT YOU!"

He abruptly crashed his lips against Voldemort's and swiftly pushed his tongue into Voldemort's mouth, ravenously plundering, fervently merging their mouths together, wanting more, asking for more, as hot blood rushed through his veins, and his dark magic purred contently inside him.

Voldemort groaned inside Orion's mouth, and pushed him against the wall, pressing himself against Orion as he gripped Orion's hips. He broke the kiss, looked down at Orion's flushed face, and demanded fiercely, "Even if I'm like this?"

"Yes," breathed out Orion, looking into the crimson eyes clouded by desire and need. "Yes, I want you… now… I don't want to wait…I don't care about your face… It's still you…"

A deep growl escaped from Voldemort's throat, and in an instant, Voldemort tightly wrapped Orion's in his arms, and disapparated them.

They appeared in a familiar bedroom, and Orion glanced around with wide eyes. He looked up to Voldemort and whispered, "It was your bedroom. You gave me your bedroom, when you brought me to your manor, after you took me from the Dursleys."

"Yess," hissed Voldemort, piercing Orion with his eyes. He tightly grabbed Orion's face, and said quietly, "Are you certain of going through with this? There's no-"

"No turning back. No second thoughts, I've made my choice," whispered Orion softly, with a small smile on his face. He touched Voldemort's pale cheek tenderly, and said quietly, boring his eyes into Voldemort's, "You're not alone, never alone. Remember what I told you, Tom? When you told me why you created Horcruxes... I said that I would help you. And you told me that together we were stronger than apart. You were right, so right. I've stopped denying it. I know I want you, truly, completely. I won't change my mind. I- I want you to - take me…" He swallowed thickly, and added quietly, "To fuck me."

Abruptly, Voldemort aggressively kissed Orion, pushing his tongue between Orion's lips, and ardently plundering his mouth, tasting the exquisite warmth of Orion's mouth, feeling an unbridled need to take Orion roughly and mercilessly. With great effort he restrained himself and broke the kiss. He looked down at Orion's beautiful heated face, the swollen lips parted, the emerald eyes half-lidded and clouded by desire, and his arousal spiked to unbearable heights.

He smirked at Orion, and huskily said, "First, I'll make love to you, slowly, gently… making you beg for more… Then I'll take you repeatedly and brutally… and I'll make you scream for me…You will never want anyone else but me…"

"Oh, Merlin…" breathed out Orion, feeling a hot shiver coursing through his body at Voldemort's hissed words. He grabbed Voldemort's face, plunging into his crimson eyes, and whispered, "Yesss, take me and show me what you promised me… how you would posses me in every way…."

"I will," growled Voldemort. "I'll take you, posses you, utterly, completely, repeatedly…You're mine."

Voldemort passionately plundered into Orion's mouth, as he wrapped his arms around Orion, pressing their hard arousals together and catching Orion's moan with his mouth when he grinded against him. He lifted Orion from the floor, and as Orion tightly wrapped his legs around him, he slowly moved towards the large four-posted bed. He gently laid Orion on it, and with heaving breaths, he stood up. With a jerk of his wrist he divested both of them, and his eyes clouded with need, desire, and possessiveness when he took in the vision in front of him.

Orion was erotically sprawled among dark, silk bed sheets; his smooth, creamy skin contrasting beautifully against the blackness, his emerald orbs swirling with enticing power and desireful need, his tousled black hair framing the beautiful face flushed heatedly, as his swollen, parted lips panted softly, his smooth chest raising and falling unevenly.

As Orion trailed his half-lidded eyes over Voldemort's nude form, a hot trail of pleasure coursed through his body, igniting it with desire. Voldemort's body was thinner and paler, but it was still strong, with muscles taut under the smooth, pale skin, his body gloriously gleaming under the dim candlelight. His throat dried and he swallowed thickly when he saw Voldemort's long, thick arousal jutting proudly.

Swiftly, Voldemort moved on top of him and Orion's skin tingled pleasurably as he felt Voldemort's intense dark aura enveloping him, his own dark magic swirling animatedly inside him, sensing the nearness. Voldemort pressed their chest together, and he slowly parted Orion's thighs, nestling himself between them, as he caressed Orion's cheek, gazing at Orion's face, entranced.

Orion felt a warm, slick tingling inside of him, and Voldemort entwined his fingers in Orion's tousled hair, as he slowly and carefully pushed in a finger into Orion's warm passage.

Orion gasped at the sensation, arching his back as he clenched around Voldemort's finger, circling Voldemort's waist with his legs, and pulling them closer to each other, feeling Voldemort's hard erection pressed against his thigh, as his body was flooded with pleasure and desire.

Orion gazed into Voldemort's crimson eyes and he reached out a hand, caressing Voldemort's toned stomach, feeling the tiny contractions of the muscles rippling under his fingertips. He tightly grabbed Voldemort's shoulders and bucked his hips when Voldemort pushed his finger further in.

Voldemort caught Orion's moan of pleasure with his mouth, when he forcefully pushed in the finger all the way, groaning in unbridled lust when he felt Orion's body tightly clenching around his finger. Feeling the maddening need to brutally slam into the young wizard, who was throatily moaning and sensuously moving under him. He cupped Orion's face, to look at it, as he slowly pushed in another finger, seeing Orion's head snapping back, his emerald eyes clouding in pleasure, as the young wizard bucked his hips once more, making his fingers sink into him. Orion's legs tightened around his waist, making his arousal impossibly harden further with painful need and desire.

Orion throatily moaned against Voldemort's neck. He tightly grabbed Voldemort's nape with a hand, and ardently plundered Voldemort's mouth, as he reached Voldemort's hard, heated arousal with the other, tightly wrapping his fingers around Voldemort's thickness and slowly pumping it.

Voldemort carefully stretched Orion with his two fingers, slowly pulling in and out the slick, tight passage. His crimson eyes clouded and he throatily groaned when Orion kept massaging his arousal. He stilled his fingers inside Orion, and with another hand, he grabbed Orion's face, and hissed huskily, his breath hitching, "Succumb to me, completely…. Admit you're mine… Say it…"

Orion gazed into Voldemort's crimson eyes, darkened with unbridled desire, need, and possessiveness.

He kept slowly pumping Voldemort's arousal as he said quietly, "First say that you truly care for me."

Voldemort frowned at him. "I already told you-"

Orion sunk his eyes into Voldemort's. "I need to hear it. I need to believe it."

"What more proof do you need?" said Voldemort, and then he partially pulled out his fingers and forcefully slammed them back into Orion.

Orion moaned aloud as his body arched at the invasion, tightening his legs around Voldemort's waist as he was assaulted by hot waves of pleasure that flooded his body, his dark magic swirling and roaring inside him, adding to the ravaging pleasure, as he rocked his body against the sunken fingers.

Orion grabbed Voldemort's nape, sliding a spread hand over the smooth head, and he breathed out, "I want to hear it from your lips…as you look into my eyes… I'll know if you're lying… So say it…"

Voldemort bore his crimson eyes into Orion's, and he hissed quietly, "I truly care for you, my little serpent…"

Orion saw the sparkle of sincerity in the crimson eyes, and he briefly smiled at him before he pulled Voldemort's face to his, ravenously and fervently kissing him, wrapping his arms around Voldemort's shoulders, pressing them together and pushing down on Voldemort's plundering fingers, their moans and groans meshing together in their mouths.

Voldemort broke the kiss and panted softly against Orion's neck, causing a shiver to run through Orion's body as the warm breath tickled his skin. He looked into Orion's eyes, and demanded in a silky hiss, "Say you're mine."

He carefully entered a third finger into Orion, slowly moving them inside Orion's warmth, and he forcefully said, "Say you're mine, Orion..."

"Oh, Merlin…Tom…" breathed out Orion, as he bucked against the fingers that were driving him insane with lust, desire, and mindless need. With great effort, he pulled his mind back to reason, and with half-lidded eyes sinking into Voldemort's, he said quietly, "I'm only yours if you're mine. As equals, Tom, remember? I will accept nothing else."

"As equals," agreed Voldemort in a low, silky hiss, sinking into Orion's enticing emerald eyes.

"Then… yesss…" whispered Orion, gazing back into Voldemort's eyes. "I'm yoursss…."

An exultant expression crossed over Voldemort's features, and abruptly, he kissed Orion in intense fervor, plundering and consuming Orion's mouth, and he slowly and carefully started to remove his fingers from Orion; groaning when he felt Orion's body clamping down on his retreating fingers, not bearing to restrain himself further, his blood rushing heatedly in his veins, his dark aura inexorably attracted by Orion's powerful and enticing dark magic.

Voldemort positioned himself at Orion's entrance; then he took a deep breath and slowly forced himself inside, feeling a delicious warm heat engulf him, and he distantly heard Orion cry out in pleasure. He continued the torturous slow invasion, and when he was fully inside, Orion's body tightly clenching around his hardness, he stilled. He gazed at Orion's face flushed in pleasure and the emerald eyes closed in ecstasy, and he tenderly caressed Orion's face, as he hissed with a groan, since the tightening was almost unbearable, "So tight… so maddening tight and warm... so perfect…"

Orion snapped open his eyes. He pulled Voldemort towards him, tightening his legs around him, and breathed out, "Move… Tom…. so full… so wonderfully full… I need you to move…"

Orion threw his head back and moaned aloud, when Voldemort started to slowly pull in and out of him, waves of pleasure crashing in his body, driving him mad with the slow-paced thrusts that filled him so exquisitely, always reaching that spot that caused explosions of pleasure to ravage his body.

He couldn't take it anymore, he wanted Voldemort to ravage him, he wanted to feel Voldemort brutally taking him. He crashed Voldemort into him with his wrapped legs, making Voldemort slam deeply into him, a loud groan tearing from Voldemort's throat, and Orion sank his teeth into Voldemort's warm neck, his eyes rolling to the back of his head and a throaty moan escaping from his lips, at the dual sensation of Voldemort's powerful dark blood flowing into his mouth and the fullness he felt by having Voldemort deeply inside of him. He was assaulted by powerful and all-consuming waves of pleasure that ravaged his body, igniting it with fire, mercilessly inflaming his senses, as Voldemort started to pull in and out, repeatedly, each time faster, as Voldemort hissed lustful words in his ear, driving Orion into a pleasurable mindlessness that assaulted all his senses.

Orion's throaty moans and screams of pleasure were driving Voldemort insane, he couldn't restrain himself any longer. He tightly gripped Orion's hips, and he immediately lost control as Orion kept clenching around him. He began ramming relentlessly, taking Orion deeply, brutally, completely.

"More… Tom… Merlin! I need you…. Harder! Faster! " screamed Orion, as Voldemort powerfully slammed into him, as he tightened his arms and legs around Voldemort, their sweaty chests sliding against each other, the sounds of groans and moans filling the room.

Orion felt as if his body was on fire, his magic seemed to roar inside him, and the waves of endless pleasure that assaulted his body drove him into blabbering mindlessness.

Voldemort kissed him roughly, ravaging him, as he brutally pounded into him, Voldemort's tongue penetrating his mouth at the same pace that their bodies were joining, and Orion couldn't take the explosions of pleasure anymore. He released all the dark magic that was powerfully roaring inside his body, as he felt the piece of soul inside him rising in ecstasy and elation.

As Orion's dark magic exploded in waves from his body, he repeatedly bucked and met Voldemort's eager, violent thrusts, as the dark magic swirled around them, cocooning them in a warm darkness that tingled pleasurably on their skins, meshing and mingling with Voldemort's dark aura, as the wizard kept ramming into Orion, kissing Orion's face repeatedly and hissing incoherent words against Orion's ear, as he completely and brutally possessed him, as Orion moaned and screamed for more.

Orion's head jerked back and a scream of endless pleasure tore from his throat, as he came with a tightening of his shaking body, still feeling Voldemort's warm hardness inside him. He rode out the waves of uncessantly exploding pleasure, still bucking and writhing under Voldemort, as his legs trembled around Voldemort's waist.

Voldemort stilled and embraced Orion, pressing Orion against his chest, as the young man rode his pleasure, feeling Orion relentlessly clenching around him, his hard arousal still inside of him. He passionately kissed Orion, as the boy slumped against him, repeatedly whispering and moaning his name, making his blood ignite with possessiveness and ardent need.

He gently lowered Orion on the bed again, and looking into Orion's half-lidded eyes, he pulled Orion's legs over his shoulders, and slammed into Orion with a groan of mindwrecking pleasure.

Orion screamed and arched his body, as he felt his body being ravaged by Voldemort once again, his own arousal slowly coming back, as Voldemort kept powerfully pounding into him. He wrapped his arms and legs around Voldemort once more, and he plundered his tongue into Voldemort's mouth, catching his groans and hissed words.

Voldemort kept brutally ramming into him, and Orion moaned repeatedly when he felt his body shaking with hot, consuming pleasure, and he came again with a scream as he felt Voldemort spurting inside of him with his own scream of pleasure as Orion clamped and clenched tightly on him.

Voldemort thrusted slowly as he emptied himself inside Orion's body, loudly groaning as Orion's tight warmth clamped down on him, as he rode the powerful waves of pleasure that flooded his body, consuming and igniting him with ecstasy. He caught Orion's lips and deeply kissed him, as they both rode their pleasure, their bodies joined and entwined, their dark auras still meshing together, heightening the sensations.

Still inside Orion, not wanting to withdraw from his warmth, Voldemort rolled them over, him lying on the bed, with Orion tightly wrapped in his arm against his body, as the young wizard panted against his neck.

"Don't pull out," whispered Orion breathlessly, who was sprawled on top of Voldemort, as he caressed Voldemort's pale face, looking up into Voldemort's clouded crimson eyes. "I still want to feel you inside me."

Voldemort bent his head to look down at Orion, and he hissed quietly, as he tightened his arms around Orion, "I won't, my little serpent."

Orion smiled at him, before he rested his head on Voldemort's smooth chest, hearing Voldemort's heart pumping fast. He wrapped his arms around Voldemort, feeling a contentment and fulfillment he had never felt before. Feeling utterly complete for the first time. He sighed contently and burrowed his face into Voldemort's warm neck, his senses encompassed by Voldemort's enticing, unique scent.

They remained entwined, silence pervading in the room, only their breathings being heard. After a few moments, Voldemort slowly pulled away from Orion's passage, and Orion mumbled discontently at the loss, his words muffled against Voldemort's neck.

Voldemort smirked and as his fingers caressed Orion's tousled black hair, he hissed silkily,"We are not done yet, my little serpent. I did promise that I would take you repeatedly."

Orion snapped his head up as he felt Voldemort's renewed hardened arousal against his stomach. He arched an eyebrow, and said with a small smile, "You weren't lying then, about your stamina?"

Voldemort's smirk widened. "I wasn't."

"But so soon?" whispered Orion with a devilish smile. "Not that I'm complaining, I'm certainly up to it. But how?"

"I perfected my body with some blood rituals," said Voldemort with a wicked gleam in his eyes.

"Ah, that's why you're still physically stronger than me," said Orion with a small smile, "even when I have vampire blood in me."

"Precisely, my little serpent," said Voldemort with a smug smirk. "I can promise that you'll be utterly spent and exhausted by the time I'm through with you."

Orion smirked at him, and drawled, "Let's see it, old man."

With a savage growl, Voldemort flipped Orion over, pushing him face down on the silk, black sheets. He pressed his body on Orion's back, and quickly parted Orion's legs, positioning himself between them. He grabbed Orion's tight, full bottom, massaging the taut flesh, and pushed a finger inside Orion, as Orion bucked upwards with a moan, making his finger sink further. Voldemort's eyes glazed over with unbridled desire, and he quickly withdrew his finger and grabbed Orion's hands, entwining their fingers together, and pulling their joined hands above Orion's head.

He bent his head to Orion's ear, and huskily hissed, "Let me hear your screams for me, Orion... I want to hear you again, asking me to take you faster and harder... Scream for me, my little serpent..."

Without waiting for an answer, he brutally slammed into Orion, as he tightened his grip in Orion's hands.

"Fuck! Tom!" screamed Orion in pleasure at the harsh invasion, as he lifted his hips to meet Voldemort's brutal thrust, feeling an explosion of pleasure ravaging his body.

"Indeed. I'll fuck you senseless… all night long," silkily hissed Voldemort against Orion's ear.

He pulled out, and savagely slammed into Orion again, as they both groaned and moaned in pleasure, their bodies shaking, as Voldemort kept eagerly thrusting into Orion's tight body, each time faster and harder, both screaming each other's names in ecstasy and all-consuming pleasure, their dark magic roaring inside them, their dark auras mixing and joining, encompassing them in darkness and warmth, and their respective pieces of soul rising in bubbling elation.

Voldemort took Orion three times more; twice driving Orion insane with his slow and gentle thrusting, and once more time making Orion scream incoherently in pleasure as Voldemort took him brutally and violently.

As Orion slumped in exhaustion on the bed, Voldemort wrapped his arms around Orion's body, tightly pulling Orion against his chest, as Orion fell asleep in his arms with a blissful, languid smile on his face, his chest slowly rising and falling, as he entered an untroubled, deep sleep.

Voldemort kissed Orion's nape, and he whispered in Orion's ear, before he closed his eyes and fell asleep, with Orion's warm body wrapped in his strong arms, "My obsession… my weakness…. I'll never let you go…You'll never leave me…."

Orion slowly opened his eyes as sunlight peered through the dark velvet curtains. He felt a warm body tightly pressed behind him, and strong arms wrapped around his chest and waist. Slowly, he turned around, still wrapped in Voldemort's arms, and he gazed at Voldemort's face, who was still deep asleep. He tenderly caressed the snake-like face, which seemed so untroubled and relaxed, and in his eyes, it was beautiful, it was still Tom, and he was his.

A warm smile crept on Orion's face when Voldemort slowly opened his crimson eyes.

"Good-morning," whispered Orion softly, before he briefly kissed Voldemort's lips.

Voldemort tightened his arms around Orion, closed his eyes, and mumbled incoherently.

Orion softly chuckled. "Not a morning person, are you? Should have known."

Voldemort cracked open an eye, frowned, and muttered, "Too early." Then he closed his eyes again.

Orion chuckled as he wrapped his fingers around Voldemort's hard arousal. "It seems not. You're partly awake, at least."

Orion tightly pumped Voldemort's erection and Voldemort instantly opened his eyes, a sly smirk appearing on his face.

"My, my… You're quite the little nymph. Loved to feel me moving inside you, did you? Taking you, possessing you, claiming you, repeatedly," silkily hissed Voldemort, with a smug smirk on his face, as he pushed his hard erection against Orion's hand.

Orion felt a shiver run down his spine. He reined it and smirked at Voldemort. "As much as you did, Tom." He bore his eyes into Voldemort's and said slyly, "I want to take you."

Voldemort frowned at him, and said curtly, "I don't bottom, my little serpent."

Orion scrunched his nose. "That would be… weird." He shot Voldemort an impish smirk and added, "There are other ways."

Abruptly, Orion pushed Voldemort on his back and swiftly straddled him. He rubbed their arousals together and caught Voldemort's groan with a deep kiss, as Voldemort tightly clutched his hips, grinding back against him.

Orion tightly grabbed Voldemort's hard arousal, and he stilled his movements. He bent forwards to kiss Voldemort languidly, and then he looked into Voldemort's half-lidded crimson eyes, and whispered softly, "Tom, I want you to merge back with the piece of soul of the diary."

Voldemort stilled. He narrowed his eyes at Orion, and harshly demanded, "Why is that? You don't want to be with me if I'm like this?"

"I still want to be with you, Tom, but you have to undo this!" snapped Orion. He bore his eyes into Voldemort's, and said quietly, "Please, do it for me. It doesn't make you stronger or more powerful; it makes your soul weaker. And you have the other horcruxes, simply keep them safe. I know you don't want to merge them back, though it would be the safest thing for you to do. But you still have me, no one will destroy me… Please, I can't bear that you've done this to yourself… I've given myself to you, we've given ourselves to each other… but I can't…"

"You can't what?" spat Voldemort, tightly grabbing Orion's chin, pulling Orion close to his face. "You can't bear me to take you? Do I repel you? I thought not, by the way you were moaning like a whore for me to fuck you harder and faster!"

Orion instantly released Voldemort with an angry snarl, "Don't be a jerk, Tom!"

He made a move to remove himself from Voldemort's body, but Voldemort tightly gripped Orion's hips back into place, and he angrily hissed, "Answer me, Orion!"

"No, you big fool, I'm not repelled by your looks!" spat Orion heatedly. "But I won't stay still, doing nothing, while you destroy yourself in this way! There's no need! If you don't undo it- Then I'll – I'll-"

"You'll what?" snarled Voldemort, narrowing his eyes at him. "I don't accept blackmail or threats, Orion!"

Orion tightly gripped Voldemort's shoulders, and hissed angrily, "It's not a threat, it's a promise! If you don't undo this then I won't be with you! I'll leave you!"

"YOU'RE NEVER LEAVING MY SIDE!" roared Voldemort insanely, as he aggressively pinned Orion under him, fiercely grabbing Orion's wrists against the bed, his body imprisoning Orion's, pressing hard into his.

Orion's eyes widened in fear at the insane, possessive look in Voldemort's crimson eyes.

"YOU'RE MINE! No one else's! Perhaps you need me to take you again, brutally, so that it sinks into your mind!" hissed Voldemort furiously, as he started to press his hard erection into Orion's entrance.

Orion felt his blood turn cold in fear, and he frantically fought against Voldemort's unrelenting grip, fighting to keep his body away from Voldemort's, as he cried desperately, "Don't do this, Tom! STOP! PLEASEEE!"

"You need to accept it! You need to learn the lesson!" snarled Voldemort furiously, madly, still trying to push into Orion's struggling body.

"NOOOOOO!" screamed Orion frantically. "Listen to yourself! You're unstable! You're not yourself!"

A cold fear gripped his heart and without a second thought, he blasted Voldemort away from him with a powerful surge of his dark magic, which furiously rose to the occasion. Orion hastily jumped from the bed, his body shaking and trembling, as Voldemort crashed against a wall. Voldemort instantly rose from the floor, furiously and threateningly advancing towards Orion.

Orion hastily backed away and yelled frantically, "Accio wand!"

His Death and Life wand shot from the pocket of his discarded robes on the floor, and clutching it with a shaky hand, he aimed it at Voldemort, who was speeding towards him with an enraged expression on his face.

Orion desperately cried out, "I've never feared you like this before, Tom! I can't be with someone I fear; I can't be with you if you're like this! You're unstable, it's clear to me now, it's because you made too many horcruxes! This isn't you!"

"YOU'RE NOT LEAVING ME!" roared Voldemort insanely, with a furious and possessive glint in his crimson eyes, as he fiercely clutched Orion's shoulders, slamming him against a wall, and violently parting his legs with a knee.

Orion choked a sob, and he blasted Voldemort away from him again. He quickly aimed his wand's tip at his ring, and before activating the portkey, he frantically said to Voldemort, who was rising again from the floor, "THIS ISN'T YOU! IF YOU DON'T UNDO IT, I'LL NEVER COME BACK TO YOU!"

Voldemort's bellowed words fell deaf on Orion's ears as he hastily portkeyed away.

Orion appeared in the main room of Spinner's End, and he shakily dropped to his knees, as he heaved in a deep choked sob which he didn't allow to surface, still feeling his chest clenching in fear; fear of what Voldemort had been about to do and fear for Voldemort's own sanity.

"Orion! Where have you been?!"

Orion snapped his head up as he heard the harsh voice. He looked up at Severus' face, which held a deep, dark frown on his face, and he choked out, "Severus… Oh, Merlin… Severus…"

Snape swiftly covered Orion's nude form with his own long, black coat, and he clutched Orion's arm, helping him to get up.

Orion gripped Snape's arm tightly, as Severus led him towards an armchair. He slumped on it, covering his face with his hands, as his body slowly calmed down from its shaking.

"Orion, what happened?" said Snape quietly.

Orion looked up at Snape, and said unevenly, "He needs help… Merlin, he's so messed up…"

" 'He' being the Dark Lord?" snarled Snape, as he pulled Orion's face up, to pierce him with his eyes. "You were with him? You spent the night with him?! Stupid child!"

"Yes I did, but it's none of your business!" snapped Orion, as he rose up.

"It is when you come back like this!" spat Snape angrily. "Didn't I warn you? Didn't I tell you that the Dark Lord uses people and discards them?!"

"He didn't discard me!" retorted Orion heatedly. "I left him!"

Suddenly, he felt his ring burning fiercely, and he gasped, "He's summoning me!" He looked at Snape, and said frantically, "I can't see him, Severus! He's insane, he's not himself!"

Snape scoffed. "And you're realizing this just now?"

"You don't understand!" said Orion frantically. "You don't know!"

"Don't know what?" demanded Snape, narrowing his eyes at Orion.

"Nothing," instantly said Orion. He gripped his wand, and started to frantically cover the house with high, powerful wards. He quickly bit his fingertip, and with a drop of his blood, he hastily cast a blood ward over the whole house, knowing, thanks to Roman's lessons, that portkeys not activated by the one who cast the blood-ward wouldn't work.

"You can't do underage magic!" snapped Snape at once.

As soon as he finished, Orion swirled around and smirked at him. "Who's to know that you didn't do this yourself? The Ministry can only detect that magic has been cast, but not who did it. Not unless they check our wands, and casting wards doesn't merit a wand inspection, it doesn't hurt anyone and I didn't do it in front of a muggle. There are two wizards in this house, and I trust you to say that you did it."

Snape crossed his arms over his chest, and snarled, "Why should I lie for you?"

Orion smiled at him. "Because we're allies, Severus. You rub my back and I rub yours, remember?"

"Covering for your misdeeds didn't enter the oaths we took," said Snape sharply.

Orion grasped Snape's robes, and frantically said, looking into Snape's eyes, "This is for my protection, Severus, from the Dark Lord. I have no choice. Please, help me."

Snape narrowed his eyes at him. "And what do I tell the Dark Lord when he asks me why you aren't answering his summons or why he can't activate your portkey?"

Orion wearily sighed, and said quietly, "Tell him that he knows my reason already."

"What happened, Orion?" pressed Snape sternly.

"I don't wish to speak about it," said Orion quietly, averting his eyes from Snape's. "Please, respect it."

Snape sighed in frustration. "Very well. I expect you to return my coat to me." Then he snapped, "Next time have the decency of clothing yourself before appearing before my eyes."

Orion clutched the coat tightly around himself, and he shot Snape a smile. "Of course, Severus. Thank you."

Snape curtly nodded at him, and went back to sit in front of the table, to resume his reading.

Orion rushed into his bedroom, and after neatly folding Snape's coat on an armchair, he burrowed inside his bed, curling on himself as he despondently thought about what had happened… But he still wanted Voldemort…Voldemort's gentle caresses, his passionate hissed words, the way Voldemort had completely taken him, igniting him with endless pleasure… He still wanted him, he still needed him… His body ached for Voldemort's touch…to feel Voldemort inside of him again…

Orion entered a troubled and anxious sleep, still with the lingering need to have Voldemort with him, but knowing that he couldn't go back to him, Voldemort's instability still frightening him...filling him with despair and sorrow…

Someone was roughly shaking him, and Orion cracked his eyes open and saw Snape towering by the side of his bed, with a deep frown on his face.

"Severus, what's up?" said Orion tonelessly, as he rolled to his other side.

"Get up, Orion," said Snape quietly.

Orion shot him a frown as he wrapped a sheet around his waist, standing up from the bed. He looked at Snape, and said tiredly, "Well?"

"The Dark Lord summoned me," said Snape quietly. "He's in a roaring mood… He wants me to take you to him, this instant."

"What?!" said Orion frantically. "No, you can't Severus!"

"If I don't-"

"He'll punish you," said Orion quietly, looking at Snape in desperation. He shakily carded his fingers through his hair as he started pacing the room. "I can't go to him, Severus. I simply can't. There's no knowing what he's capable of doing now… And he won't listen to reason… I can't go until he has done what I asked him to…."

He spun around to look at Snape, and demanded, "Was he wearing a hood?"

Snape sneered, "Why does it-?"

"Just answer the bloody question!" snapped Orion impatiently.

"Yes, he was," said Snape, looking at Orion with a dark scowl on his face. "And it's pertinent, because?"

"You figure it out," said Orion dismissively. A sudden thought struck his mind, and he looked at Snape triumphantly. "Tell him you didn't find me, that I was gone when you came back. As a matter of fact-"

He grabbed his wand and instantly conjured a piece of parchment and a quill with ink. He quickly scribbled:


I'm staying with a school friend. Don't look for me, you won't find me. I'll be safe and I'll return before school starts.

Orion Black

He handed the piece of parchment to Snape, who instantly read it, and then sneered, "And you think this will deter the Dark Lord? He'll find you wherever you go! And you can't go away for months. Dumbledore will come around some day next week."

Orion smirked at him. "Oh, the Dark Lord won't find me. Not where I'm going, he won't even imagine it. And I'm sure there are powerful blood wards there, he won't be able to activate my portkey either. Besides, I'm only going for a week, I have things to do here, people to meet. But he doesn't need to know that I'm coming back in a week, does he?"

"Where are you going? And who are you meeting here?" said Snape with narrowed eyes.

"Better if you don't know, Severus," said Orion pleasantly. He bore his eyes into Snape's and said quietly, "Please, just tell him what I said, and show him the letter. He'll be furious but he won't punish you, I hope. Please, help me with this. I'll return the favor someday."

Snape crossed his arms over his chest and snapped, "Very well. I'll do it. But you owe me a favor."

"Certainly, Severus," said Orion with a warm smile. He turned serious and said, "Better leave my room, so that you don't hear where I'm going."

Snape curtly nodded and left the bedroom with his black robes billowing behind him.

Orion quickly dressed in the first robes he found, and he quickly packed his trunk, pocketing his wands. He had left Sylvana in Black Manor, but he had brought Ares with him, who wasn't in his cage at present since yesterday he had flown towards another country to deliver Orion's letter to one of the DA members. But the smart eagle owl would surely find him wherever he went, so it didn't worry him. And he was meeting Remus and the other wizard in a week, so he could be gone for a week without problems. He was going earlier than planned, but it seemed the best solution.

When he had everything ready, he grabbed the handle of his trunk as he clutched the elegant, silver bracelet. With a deep breath, he whispered, "Pierrefonds."