My Turn

WARNING!!!! LEMONY!!! U HAVE BEEN ALERTED!!!! And also a little fluffy at the end:P

Rated M for strong sexual content and strong language.

Summary: This is just an ichiruki day set in the future long after the whole Azien stuff and they are now married. :P ENJOY! My first lemon!!

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Chapter: Round One

Rain was coming, what a lousy way to start a day. The sky was dark and the wind gusted violently as thunder could be heard from a distance. An orange haired shinigami sat on his bed, peering out the window.

"What a way to start a Saturday…." He thought to himself.

It was only four o' clock in the morning, but he had actually had a good night sleep. The last hollow had shown up over 9 hours ago. Now with the rain, he was a little bored and couldn't even get back to sleep.


"Damnit…thought too soon," he sighed to himself as a small shinigami kicked him out of bed.

"I believe it's your turn….." a short shinigami said sarcastically, not moving an inch.

"Don't bother to get up miss," Ichigo replied as he glared at the raven haired beauty and swallowed Kon. He had set him on their nightstand after the last hollow. Swallowing Kon was getting old, but he wanted him there for Rukia, just in case, even though this hollow wouldn't take long.

Ichigo was immediately jerked out of his gigai and replaced by Kon. Rukia climbed on Ichigo's back as Ichigo started for the window. She was still in her gigai.

"I thought you were staying here?" Ichigo asked a little confused.

"I can't change my mind?" She said in her fake voice.

"I guess…" he replied while raising an eye brow. He knew she had something going on in that evil mind of hers.

Ichigo shrugged the thought away, no need to worry about what she was up to now; he was going to get to the hollow, kill it, and go back to being bored. It was irritating having to help out the local shinigami.

"STAY IN THIS HOTEL ROOM KON!" he yelled as he jumped out the window.

"Yeah whatever…" Kon mumbled as he watched them leave.


"That hollow was pathetic," Ichigo said as he sheathed Zangetsu.

Rukia laughed, she couldn't help it. Ichigo looked really upset at how quickly he defeated the hollow.

"What the hell are you laughing at?" Ichigo questioned Rukia.

"Nothing at all." She said as she continued to giggle. Ichigo did have a right to be a little upset. She had kicked him out of bed to kill a hollow that took longer to find than to kill: half an hour to get to and less than 1 minute to defeat. His face was so serious. She chuckled again.

Ichigo glared at Rukia, not understanding what was so funny. Ichigo just shrugged and decided to ignore the midget for the time being.

"That shinigami representative for this area is a lazy fuck. I don't know why you made me agree to help that bastard," Ichigo said with an angry sigh.

"Anyways, let's get going before it starts to Rain."

Rukia again laughed, now whole hearted and uncontrollably. Ichigo couldn't hold it anymore, he was now officially pissed.

"I don't know what you're so mad for, you're the BIG BAD captain who wanted to vacation in your old home town for a whole month."

Ichigo stared at his wife. She was doing this on purpose. They had been married too long for him to fall for this; he just had to stay calm and wait to see what the hell she was trying to do.

"What the fuck are you getting at woman?" Ichigo snarled.

This did nothing but make her giggle more. She was up to something, but that laugh was getting on his nerves. Ichigo was starting to lose his cool.

"This is what you get!! A hundred and fifty year old man home sick… I don't know why I married such a bitchy man…." she said with a smirk on her face the whole time.

The petite shinigami laughed again, but she soon stopped. Much to her dismay, her husband was no longer scowling at her; he was smirking.

"What is that look for?" she demanded.

"Nothing, I just figured you out is all…." He said calmly.

"HA! How can someone like you figure me out?"

As she said this she approached her husband and put her hands on his chest. Ichigo stepped back some, but she just followed.

Rukia began to lean forward but a pair of strong hands stopped her.

"Wait right there…" Ichigo said as he walked over to a nearby tree.

"Ichigo, where the hell are you going?" she replied very confused.

Ichigo stepped behind the tree and back out quickly, but something was different. He stepped back out from the tree, now back in his gigai and approached an even more confused Rukia.

"………" Rukia tried to begin.

"Speechless I see." Ichigo smirked.

"Ichigo how the hell….."

"Well I guessed my devious wife would try something strange, so I gave Kon a signal to follow us while you weren't looking"

"What the hell do you mean I would try something?? And since when do you and Kon have a fucking signal?" Rukia replied.

Ichigo ignored his wife's last comment and approached her slowly as he continued.

"Well, I figured your ass would try and mess with me since I wasn't in my gigai. You know I couldn't do what I want to get you back……" He said, inching closer to his wife.

"Ichigo you've lost it, why the hell would I – …ump"

Rukia was cut off buy her husband attaching her lips violently. He pulled her closer to him and held on to her tightly, rubbing her back at the same time.

He moved his lips from her mouth to her ears and nibbled gently as he whispered in her ears.

"My turn….." he said seductively

Ichigo then picked up his wife and wrapped her legs around his waist. He threw her up against a building they were by and continued kissing her ears and her neck violently. Rukia tried to protest, but Ichigo just grabbed her harder, keeping her in place.

It didn't take long for Rukia to get lost in passion. She loved it when he whispered in her ear. And she loved it even more when he used his strength to over power her. But over the years they were married she had always been the one to catch him off guard .This was different, and she loved it.

Ichigo continued kissing his wife. He forced his tongue through her lips and began rubbing her tongue with his, and deepened the kiss more.

As he continued to kiss her passionately both his hands began to roam. His left hand unbuttoned her shirt, as his right hand crept down her side. His left hand moved her bra to the side and roughly cupped her breast. His hand massaged her breast vigorously while his fingers rubbed her nipple.

Rukia moaned in pleasure as he continued to fondle her breast. She had now given in completely to her husband. She allowed him full access in her mouth and returned his kisses with as much force as he did. She quickly unbuttoned his shirt and helped him removed it twice as fast so he could continue what he was doing.

With no shirt in her way, Rukia dug her hands into her husbands muscular back and squeezed him as tight as she could with her hands. She pulled him closer to her so she could rub his back more, and caress his muscular arms and chest as he teased her breast.

Ichigo's right hand continued traveling down Rukia's thigh. He began to caress her inner thigh as he continued to kiss her lips and massage her breasts. He slid his hand slowly up her skirt and removed her underwear.

He repositioned his hand back under her skirt and began to tenderly rub the outside of her opening. He rubbed her with three fingers: two rubbing her "lips" and the middle finger brushing over her opening. He continued rubbing her with his outer two fingers, and slowly pushed his middle finger in her and then out of her. He repeated this motion, going slower, but harder every time, making sure she felt everything he was doing to her. He caressed her lips more, massaging them with the warm juices that crept out from her opening, still forcing his middle finger inside every time it brushed past her opening.

Rukia moaned with pleasure. She didn't want to show it, but he got her. She was his for the taking, this time.

Seeing the pleasure on his wife's face Ichigo decided to continue his teasing further. He stopped kissing her and moved down to kiss her breast. Rukia had aged a few years since they first met, she got a little taller and her breast got bigger, he couldn't fit one in his mouth anymore.

He sucked on her breast for a moment while he continued to finger her and rub her "lips". Soon he focused on her nipples and sucked a small pertain of her breast while he massaged her nipple with his tongue.

Rukia moaned and began to breathe heavier. Ichigo was hitting all her spots at once, it was too much.

Ichigo abruptly stopped kissing Rukia's breast and pushed her up so that her legs were around his neck and he quickly began licking the outside of her opening, holding her thighs tightly.

Rukia gasped at the sudden gesture. Not only were they in a public area, but he was kissing her "lips" with her up against the wall 6'ft in the air. Ichigo was so strong, so handsome, and he always made her feel sooo good……

"No, no, no, stop thinking like that, that's what he wants….." She thought to herself, she didn't want to cum yet.

Rukia let out a loud gasp as Ichigo slid his tongue inside. He kissed opening the way he kissed her, brushing his lips on her, sliding his tongue in and out and moving it around once it got inside her. His tongue caressed her walls and his lips fondled the outside of her opening.

Ichigo continued driving her crazy with his tongue while he moved his long arms from her thighs to her breasts.

Rukia let out a small scream. He massaged her breast, both of them, and rubbed her nipples, circling around them, while he licked and caressed inside of her with his tongue.

Rukia couldn't take the teasing any longer. She moaned loudly and her walls were shaking, her juices where sliding down into her husbands mouth. She wanted him inside her, she needed him inside her.

Rukia grabbed her husband's neck and pulled his head up. Ichigo lifted his head up and looked into his wife's violet eyes. She looked beautiful when she wanted him.

He placed his fingers inside Rukia, to replace his tongue. She moaned again as he continued to rub and massage around her opening.

Ichigo slowly brought her back down around his waist. As his head went north on Rukia's body he kissed her stomach, in between her breasts, her chest, her neck, her lips, and then her ears. He took his other hand back to her breast and began to fondle them again.

"…….umph…" she moaned as she tried to speak to her husband.

"Something you what to say…?" He whispered as he continued to kiss her neck and tease her breast and opening more, harder and rougher and faster.

"Damn you…..umph…Ichigo," Rukia said through moans. She was wet, very wet, she couldn't take it anymore.

She moved her hands to her husband's member and took it out of his pants. She began massaging it gently. He was very hard. She moved her head to her ears and began to nibble, and then she whispered.

"Make love to me Ichigo…"

Thunder rolled and lightning flashed. It began to rain, and the thunder was louder. The lightning flickered every so often. In the light they caught a glimpse of each others faces.

Rain slid down their already glistening bodies. They both wanted it now.

Ichigo didn't deny her any longer. In one swift movement, he moved his hand to her thigh and spread her leg and thrusted himself into her in one stroke.

Rukia moaned, biting her lip to keep from screaming. He began moving in and out of her faster and faster, still holding her thigh and her breast tightly as he breathed heavily in her ear.

Rukia grabbed Ichigo's lower back with one hand and his neck with the other. She squeezed his body with her thighs. She grabbed him tightly and kissed his neck roughly.

The rain rushed over their bodies as Ichigo pushed into her deeper and harder. Her walls were tight around him and getting tighter. She was so wet and her insides were shaking, she was moaning in his ears, and grabbing his back so hard. Ichigo let out a loud moan. He was having difficulty holding on, he was nearing his climax.

"Don't hold back…, faster…..umph….Ichigo." she said in between heavy breaths.

He responded and went faster, going in and out of her harder and deeper. He gripped her breast and thigh again as he kissed her roughly.

"….scream…" he whispered in her mouth.

"….ummm," she breathed hard and fast as her continued going faster inside her," ….never……….ICHIGO!"

He moved her slightly so that he could go further into her. He knew that would get a reaction. His thrusts became even harder and deeper as he quickened his pace.

"Shit…" he moaned. It wouldn't be much longer.

"Ichigo…I love you….. so much……...umm, cum…with me…" she said whispered very seductively.

Her whole body was shaking uncontrollably, her juices were leaking out of her. Ichigo hands were all over body and hers all over his. They could feel every finger on each other as they kissed roughly and forced their tongues on each other as he pushed hard into his wife. The rain seamed to fall faster with them. Neither on could take anymore. Ichigo gave one finale hard thrust deeply into his wife and released himself inside her as her warmness slid down his member to his leg. They both moaned loudly one final time.


After breathing heavily for a few more moments, Ichigo slid out of her and kissed her softly.

"God, I love you ……" he said a little out of breath.

"I can tell…" She said smirking the whole time.

Ichigo set his wife down and went to go grab their shirts.

"How the hell did those get over here?" He said as he found random particles of clothes on the ground.

The rain seamed to let up, and as the droplets quieted a bit Ichigo could hear giggling.

"Rukia, what the fuck are you laughing about now?" he said nonchalantly as he turned to face her.

She smiled and laughed more. Ichigo tried to look irritated at his wife but he couldn't. She looked beautiful when she smiled. He gently moved the her wet hair off to the side of her face then held her chin up and the light rain brushed her hair back more.

"Are you gonna tell me or not?" he said.

She stepped back and walked toward the tree Ichigo had when behind earlier. Ichigo followed.

"You thought this is what I wanted because you knew it was gonna rain huh?" She said smiling.

"….Yeah," Ichigo said, confused about her question.

Ever since they realized their feeling for each other they vowed to make the rain stop; for both their sakes, and take away all the pain the rain had once given them. Even after a hundred years, they still made happy memories in the rain.

"We sure have made the rain much more welcoming than it used to be Ichigo," she said smiling still.

Ichigo couldn't help but smile and remember.

"Yeah, I kissed you for the first time in the rain." He said.

"Yeah….and you proposed to me in the rain, and made love to me for the first time while it was raining……" she continued.

Ichigo laughed," I also asked your brother permission to marry you in the rain. I think I shoulda did that in the sun…."

Rukia giggled and she walked toward him," Well, we still have plenty other good rain memories, like when I told you, you're going be a father in the rain." She tip toed so that she could kiss him on the lips.

"Yeah, you're right………WHAT?! That never happened!" He said finally realizing what she said.

"Just did." She said as a matter of factly.

Ichigo was shocked, "But...when……. why-…"

"I'm guessing about 2 months ago, maybe after you fought that vostalorde, we had sex, and sex can make babies." She said answering all his questions.

"But I thought it takes couples in Soul Society hundreds of years to practice concentrating enough spirit energy to create another life?" Ichigo said even more confused.

"Ichigo, at the age of 16 you became a captain level Death God with hardly any training. Frankly you taking this long to accomplish something disappointed me," she said making a disappointed face.

Ichigo walked over to his wife and picked her up bridal style and kissed her romantically.

"So I'm gonna be a dad huh?" he said smiling.

"Yeah," she smiled as well.

She wrapped her arms around his neck and hugged him tightly as they kissed again, more passionately than before.

"I think this calls for a round 2," Ichigo said smirking.

"I think you're right," she said smiling as they kissed again.


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