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Chapter 2: Round Two

The moon and the stars shone brightly enough to reveal the light rain that came down around. The wind gently brushed across their bodies, the breeze making their wet bodies more sensitive to touch.

The moment couldn't have been more perfect. A soaking wet raven haired beauty just made an equally soaked carrot top the happiest man in the world. The kisses that followed were the sweetest they could have been as he continued holding her in his arms.

Each time the two parted for air they smiled and pulled each other back into their bliss. Ichigo held his wife as close to him as possible as she grabbed the back of his neck to deepen the kiss.

"….Round 2…." Rukia managed to say in between kisses.

Ichigo looked down at the beautiful woman in front of him, then down to her stomach and smiled. Rukia glanced into Ichigo's amber eyes and saw him looking at her tummy; she couldn't help but to grin as well. She cupped his chin and moved his face back in her direction. She looked up at him with loving eyes and lifted herself up slightly and kissed his forehead. Ichigo nodded.

"Round two…." He said as he quickly headed back to the hotel room with her in his arms.

As he sped through the night, back to the hotel room, a million thoughts ran through Ichigo's mind. He had never felt so much love in his heart since the night of their honeymoon. He came to the conclusion that tonight was made for them, and he was going take it to his full advantage. It wasn't often he had control twice in one night, but this was different, his wife was giving him a child. He was going to make this special; this would be a night they wouldn't forget.

When they reached the hotel room, they were three times as soaked as they were before. The rain had picked up again. Thunder rolled as Ichigo gently set his wife down.

He reached over to her to help her with her clothes, but she beat him to it. Rukia had every intention on letting her husband keep the control for the night, but she wanted a turn too, even if for only a few minutes.

She figured Ichigo wanted something special tonight, something sentimental. She smiled to herself; she knew were he wanted to take this, so she went slow. She brought her hands to his chest and bit by bit unbuttoned his drenched shirt. She began to kiss him lightly as she did so, on his lips, his neck and his ear. Every kiss she gave was more sensual than the last, done slower than the first, savoring every moment as she continued with his shirt.

She backed away from him after she finished the last button and her hands slid back up his body. She roamed up his bared chest until she finally reached his shoulders. She gracefully slid his shirt off his arms and threw the garment on the floor.

Ichigo stood still with his hands at his side as she continued. She did the same thing with his pants; letting her hands glide down the zipper slowly as she caressed his already stiffened member. She looked up at him and stared straight into his eyes as she wrapped her arms around his waist and pushed his pants down along with his boxers. He stood there completely nude.

Rukia admired her husband as he stood there without a grin, but a hungry look. Like an animal approaching his prey; Ichigo moved in slow. Rukia shivered at the tough of his ruff hands over her check. She didn't know what this was, but she liked it. The way he was looking at her was beyond the description of words. He kept brushing his hand slowly over her face, still looking deeply into her eyes while nude. Rukia was completely soaked; and not by the rain. If she wasn't careful, she would cum off of this.

Ichigo could see in her eyes that she was beyond ready, not that he could talk; he was turned on too. Her face was so soft; so smooth. He leaned into her and she gasped. He put his face to hers and kissed her check where his hand was, and let his hands glide down her blouse. She was a little cold with the smell of fresh rain and her perfume still on her, but that was about to change soon; she was about to be consumed in his warmth and his smell. He smiled slightly at the thought as he removed her shirt once again.

"What are you smiling at?" Rukia asked softly.

"The most beautiful thing I've ever laid eyes on," He said softly and sweetly as he began kissing her chest.

Rukia blushed violently. Never; NEVER, not in a hundred years had he said anything like that to her, not that way.

He knelt down and stood on his knees. He was still up to Rukia's chest, but he was slowly making his way down as his hands showed her skirt and underwear to the floor. Once she was completely nude he brought his hands back up slowly, rubbing the back of her leg, her thigh, and all the way to her back. He stopped at the arch of her back and began to massage it as he kissed her breast. He sucked on it softly and massaged her nipple with his tongue and teeth.

Rukia moaned and began caressing the back of Ichigo's head. Part of her wanted to beg him to come inside of her and stop the teasing, but the other part of her wanted him to continued showing her this new experience. It was a feeling of total helplessness and security at the same time; the pleasure of a thousand sunsets and full moons; it was a heavenly bliss. He had such a firm hold on her, but soft at the touch. His hands were telling her that he was going to always be there with her, through everything, no matter what; and he would love her through it all.

Ichigo moved on to the next breast as he picked her up and placed her on the bed. He let her go and just looked at her briefly as she lay; spread out on the bed completely naked and his for the taking.

"God, she's gorgeous..." he thought as he brought his hands to her legs and spread them apart.

He pulled her closer to the edge of the bed and sat on the bed on his knees. He let his hands slither down her inner thigh and meet each other at her opening. He could feel his self get harder as he touched her insides; she was always so wet, and so excited to make love to him. He couldn't picture anyone other than her being his wife. No one loved him as much as she did, and the same vice versa. And he knew she could feel it, with every touch and every glance he was giving her.

Rukia could feel his fingers enter her. She trembled as he began caressing her walls; slowly moving in and out and rubbing her clitoris. She looked down and watched as his fingers entered and exited her slowly over and over again. She began breathing heavily, as she continued watching. She looked up to see Ichigo staring at her with that same look of desire on his face. Suddenly she couldn't take her eyes off of him. She just looked deeply into his eyes as he kept thrusting his fingers in her and rubbing her insides. Her legs began squeezing his arms as he drove deeper inside her. She didn't bat an eye and neither did he. That is, until he licked his lips and blinked once. Rukia knew what he was going to do.

Ichigo slowly removed his fingers from her insides and spread he legs apart once more. He began to move in but Rukia stopped him. She grabbed his shoulders and led him up to the top of the bed and had him lay on his back. She crept back down to his member and began caressing it with her hands. She slowly looked over to him and climbed on top of him, but backwards.

"Oh my god, she's gonna do it…" Ichigo thought to himself as he felt her lips touch the tip of his member and slowly glide down further. He gasped at the new sensation; he never thought she would ever do this.

Ichigo grabbed onto her thighs and lifted her up; putting her opening on top of his mouth. A 69. He couldn't believe it and it felt so fucking good; literally. She came down on him slow and hard as Ichigo lifted his head to get his tongue deeper inside her.

Rukia would normally scream or gasp when he moved his tongue inside her like that, but not this time. Instead of making noises she sucked harder and squeezed his thigh. He would know her pleasure by feeling his own; while he squirmed underneath her; squeezing her legs and trying to get his tongue closer to her clit. He was enjoying this, and so was she; every wave a pleasure sent back and forth to each other. The thought of pleasing each other this way were pure ecstasy.

Ichigo couldn't hold on much longer; Rukia was getting the best of him, she had the better angle. He took a firm hold of her and swiftly switched up the positions; now he was on top and at a much better position. Now he could put his tongue in further with extra support from the bed underneath Rukia. His lips slowly caressed her entrance as he slipped his tongue in and out of her licking the juices as they slid down her skin. He began to move faster, but still sensuously as he kissed her wet outer skin and vigorously cascaded his tongue inside her. Her walls began to tremble, she was almost there, and so was he.

All the while Ichigo was sucking her dry, she was busy trying to water her mouth. She held back every scream, every moan, and used it on him. She steadily went up and down on his member at the same pace as when she was on top, which somewhat bewildered Ichigo. How was she able to keep that up in the position she was in?

Ichigo was suddenly jerked away from his thoughts as something else began to jerk. Rukia was shivering and her walls were vibrating with his tongue inside while she continued to suck on his member. It was all overwhelming. Rukia's juices slowly poured in to his mouth as his squirted into hers.

After all that they both were exhausted, but hardly finished. Ichigo kissed her opening softly one last before turning around. He kissed there one more time and made his way up to her stomach. He kissed it softly as his hands crept up from her thighs to hold her sides.

Rukia looked at Ichigo kissing her stomach and smiled. She reached for his head and lifted it up slowly to hers. They stared into each others eyes before gently kissing one another. They were soft pecks at first; and then deep, as they slowly collided their tongues inside each others mouths.

Rukia could feel his member harden again. She knew that wasn't it. She could feel it getting closer and closer to her opening, then Ichigo stopped kissing her and looked at her once more. He brought a hand to her face and stroked it as he slowly entered her.

"Rukia, even without a child, I love you more than anything," He whispered in her ears.

Rukia gasped as he bucked into her, and in between breaths she managed to mumble a response.

"Ichigo, you idiot. I already know that….and I hope your not too…stupid to realize, that'd I'd die a thousand deaths for you," she said smiling.

Ichigo went deeper inside her, slow and hard. "Die in thy lap huh?" Ichigo smiled and kissed her softly. He loved when she threw in Shakespeare references with multiple meanings.

"I mean it Ichigo, even if I don't act like it all the time," she said as she inched closer to his ear, "You're everything to me."

He put his face into her neck and breathed. He drifted into heaven with her words. She was warm all over, almost glowing. She began kissing his neck and his ears and moved her tongue slowly along his ear lobe. He began pressing harder in her and kissing her neck in return.

He lifted Rukia up slightly and squeezed her back with one arm and hand the other on the bed as he arched her for a better angle. She grabbed his back as well and kissed him with all her might as he grinded into her deeper. She could feel as he hit the back of her wall harder and harder, but slowly. She could feel every ripple as he entered and exited her.


She was shaking already. She grabbed onto the arm he had supported them and squeezed, almost causing him to lose his balanced, but she didn't care. She needed to grab onto him; to touch him every where possible.

He pulled her closer to him. He could feel her breasts on his chest; her nipples were rock hard. They were holding each other so tightly as he continued to buck into her. His soft sensual mode had gone out the door.

Ichigo lost his grip on the bed and fell on top of her and continued grinding into her harder moving the bed as she screamed. He was so deep in her she couldn't contain herself anymore. He went in harder and faster. She was getting wetter by the second. Ichigo moaned as he felt her walls contract. He grabbed a hold of Rukia's waist and held her still with all his strength to get into her harder.

Rukia wanted to move and stay at the same time. She was being consumed by him. He was all around her and inside her. She could feel her insides shaking. At his every touch, she breathed hard and moaned into his ear.

"I love this, I love you….so much….ummmm," she moaned loudly as she rolled her head back.

Ichigo brought her back and kissed her deeply as he finished her off. Everything was falling into place. He found her spot. He hit it over and over, harder; faster, just how she liked it.


"Almost there"


"Now?" he said as he slowly down a little.

"Stop teasing…you bastard…ummmm,"

He sped up again and jerked inside her, catching her by surprise. She screamed as she arched her back more and let him in completely. It was a mouth full, and she loved it as he put himself in an out of her fast and faster. She could feel it coming out, she was done for.

Ichigo could feel it too, he went faster, wining more and more moans from her. He hit that spot once again to lengthen her orgasm. He spread he legs and drove into her one final time. It was like an explosion on him as his seed escaped into her and her juices came sliding out. They were both shaking uncontrollably.

Breathing hard, they both finally found the strength to look each other in the eye. Ichigo slid out of Rukia and began smiling widely.

"So…" he said grinning.


"You know what…"

She sighed. "Ichigo you are the best husband a woman could ask for, you rock my world," she said over dramatically and sarcastically.

"Now was that so hard?"


"Well, you never should have made the bet."

"I just told you I was pregnant! I can't believe you remembered after all that!"

"Remembered? I got this on camera!" He said as he sprang up from the bed and revealing the camera. "The day Rukia Kurosaki came 3 times in one night because her husband put it on her!"

Rukia put a smirk on her face.

"I've only been pregnant two months and your already turning into your father. I can't wait to tell him."

Ichigo looked at Rukia disgusted. "That's not funny."

Rukia laughed and got up to hug him. "Your dad wasn't that bad! And I'm sure you won't be either." And she tip toed to kiss him on the nose.

Ichigo smiled. Still a little in shock.

"I am really going to be a father, wow."

Rukia smiled and led him back to bed and they rested in each others arms. She tucked neatly underneath him as he rested beside her with a hand on her stomach. It was overwhelming; the concept of a person growing inside her. Something they created together. And as if Rukia could hear his thoughts, she put her hand on top of his and squeezed. They both smiled and closed their eyes. They were going to be parents soon.

It was a comfortable silence until Rukia got up and ran into the bathroom. She was throwing up. Ichigo looked over to the bathroom slightly confused.



"I need help…"

"I thought you were pregnant with a spirit!"

"I AM!"

"Then why are you throwing up?"

Rukia stepped out of the bathroom and threw the soap dispenser at him.

"OW! What was that for?!"


Ichigo sighed and waked over to her. This was going to be a long 9 months.

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