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Here we go: Welcome to my fanfic! It is about a young trainer named Jimmy, who went on his own Pokémon journey. He travels around at the same time when the trainer we all know and love, Ash. It is an epic (I hope) story of friendship, humor, love, and hope. I hope you like it!

Next up, a few things. Text that is said by characters is between ", their thoughts are Italic, like this, and the author's comments (mine!) are in the beginning and end of the story. I shall also give short summaries of important events at the end of every episode. I use flashbacks, which can be recognized by the longer bars of symbols between past and present. Finally, you will always see me use the word Pokémon, and not Pokemon. Why? Pokémon is the correct spelling. Now, without further ado, I present you the first episode of...

Another Pokémon Story

Legal stuff: Pokémon, and anything referring to it, does NOT belong to me, although the characters named only in this story are mine. Thank you.

APS 101: The Beginning of Time

"And so we conclude another episode of the Johto Journeys!" the announcer spoke. The two kids, sitting in front of the TV, jumped up.

"Pikachu is the strongest Pokémon ever!" the girl spoke, and aimed her hands at the boy. "Thundershock!"

The boy, pretending to be hit by the electric attack, shook his body as if electricity was flowing through it, and let himself fall to the ground. He stood up, and glared at the girl. "You didn't count on Weezing's Smog Screen attack!" the boy replied, and pretended to breathe smog towards the girl. The girl coughed, and waved her hands in front of her face, as if she tried to wave away the attack.

Sitting about three meters from them, was an old man. He had short, gray hair, and was dressed in a simple white shirt and a black pair of pants. "You kids be careful with each other, I don't think Prof. Oak will like it if we had to wake him in the middle of the night to ask him if he can cure two young Pokémon who battled this late in the evening." he warned them.

"Sorry, grandpa." the boy replied, "but Pokémon are so cool. I wish we were old enough to go on an adventure ourselves, just like Leroy Ketchum from TV."

"Maybe in one or two years you're ready for such a journey, such journeys are quite dangerous." the man warned them. "But when you're old enough, and Prof. Oak thinks you're ready for it, you can go ask him for a Pokémon and the gear you need on such an adventure."

"But grandpa," the girl complained, "you keep telling us that we 'are ready in one or two years' for such a journey for four years now. When are we exactly ready?"

The old man smiled. "You are ready when you are ready. Some people have to wait until they are well over forty years old, and other are ready when they are eleven. Do you two know the trainer Ash Ketchum?" the man asked.

"Ash Ketchum? Who doesn't know him?" the boy replied. "Everybody knows the legendary Ash Ketchum, especially here in Pallet Town." the girl continued. "He's a Pokémon Master!" they replied both.

"Yes, of course." the man said. "He was eleven years old when he went on his journey. But do you know the story about the young trainer named Jimmy?"

Both kids were quiet.

"I thought so." the man answered. "Jimmy was also a very well-known trainer here in Pallet town, about fifty years ago. That was roughly the same time when Ash Ketchum started his quest to become a Pokémon Master."

"Fifty years ago?" the boy asked. "Did they have Pokémon that long ago?"

The old man laughed. "They did! They even had when Prof. Samuel Oak was about your age!"

"Samuel Oak? I thought Prof. Oak's first name was Gary?" the girl asked. "And isn't Prof. Oak about your age, grandpa?"

"It is, but the Samuel Oak that I am talking about was the grandfather of Gary Oak. And yes, Prof. Oak is about my age."

"So he must be really old now." the boy asked.

"No, he passed away about thirty years ago, long before you were born."

"But who was that boy Jimmy you were talking about, grandpa?" the girl inquired. "Was he also a trainer?"

The man leaned forward on the couch he was sitting on. "Do you want to hear the story of Jimmy, the Pokémon Master?"

"Yes! Yes!" The siblings started to jump in joy. Their grandfather was a renowned storyteller in Pallet Town, known for is excellent stories and colourful descriptions of Pokémon and their behaviour.

"Okay!" the man clapped his hands together, looking at his grandchildren. "But I must warn you, it is quite a long story. Can you stay up for long enough?"

"Yes we can!" the twins said in union.

"Ah, Jimmy's story." a woman next to the old man spoke. She had long, gray hair, tied together behind her back in a ponytail. She was dressed in a long, comfortable red dress. "A long story, and I know how you can stay awake enough to hear the end of it. Do you want some of my famous Pallet warm chocolate?"

The kids cheered, and with good reason. The warm chocolate made by their grandmother is famous in Pallet Town, and in the entire region. The woman looked at her husband. "You want some tea?"

"Yes please." he replied. "A wet throat talks easier."

"Okay, it'll be done in a few minutes." the woman walked to the kitchen, and began to warm some water.

"So, Jimmy's story. You know how famous trainers have trademark Pokémon, like Ash Ketchum's Pikachu?"

The children nodded.

"Well, Jimmy also had a trademark Pokémon: a Pidgeot. You know what a Pidgeot is?"

"Yes, it is the final evolution of Pidgey." the girl answered. "The famed Guardian of the Woods, in the forest north of here, is also said to be a Pidgeot"

"Indeed!" the old man said. "But Jimmy did not catch Pidgeot as a Pidgeot, no, it was caught as a Pidgey." he paused. "Jimmy caught his first Pokémon half a year before he went on his own adventure, and they never parted ways since. Listen, for I shall tell you how they met..."

Jimmy was walking through the fields north of Pallet Town. When he got to the top of a hill, he looked north at the horizon. In the distance, there was a shimmer of Viridian city visible, just barely because the sun stood high in the sky. At night, the city was visible because of the lights burning in the tall buildings. Jimmy looked back and saw the small, two-floor buildings of Pallet, and sighted. Why can't Pallet just be exiting for one day? Large cities like Viridian must be bruising with excitement. he thought. Sure, the wide grassy plains were a nice sight, but after looking at them for ten years long, you also want to see something else. Then, he heard someone call out for help. It was coming from the edge of the forest. Someone's in trouble! Jimmy thought, and ran to where the sound was coming from.

When Jimmy got to the forest edge, he saw a backpack. Jimmy picked it up, and saw that there were some small cuts on it. Then, he heard someone running at him. He looked up and saw Prof. Oak running at him, something chasing him. "Please, help me!" Jimmy saw that a Pidgey was chasing the Professor, pecking at his head and hands. The Prof. and the Pokémon ran past him, and Jimmy looked puzzled. Why would someone run from a Pidgey? "Please, take a Pokéball out of the backpack and throw it at the Pidgey!" Jimmy saw that the Professor had turned around and came running towards Jimmy again. Jimmy quickly opened the bag and grabbed a small, ball-shaped object. He pushed the button in the center of it, and the ball doubled in size. "Quick, throw it!" The Professor passed Jimmy again, the bird still chasing him. "Okay, here goes nothing!" Jimmy threw the ball at the Pidgey, hitting it full on the back. The bird did not expect this to happen, and was sucked inside the ball. The Pokéball fell to the ground, it shook three tames, and it lay silent. Jimmy approached it, and picked it up. He looked up, and saw a panting Prof. Oak walking toward him. "Good work... kid..."

Five minutes after the attack, Prof. Oak had regained his strength. "What's your name, boy?" he asked.

"Jimmy, sir." Jimmy replied.

"Jimmy, you saved me back there. Although Pidgey aren't too dangerous, the sound of a Pidgey might have attracted stronger Pokémon from the forest. Your quick reaction and being at the right place at the right time saved me from something worse. Thank you."

Jimmy smiled, being thanked by someone that is regarded as one of the highest authorities on Pokémon research is not something that happens every day. "Why did that Pidgey attack you anyway, Professor?"

"Pidgey are very docile Pokémon, but if you startle them, they might attack you. Unfortunately, that was the case today. Anyway, I want to thank you, Jimmy, for saving me. You still have that Pokéball containing the Pidgey?"

"Sure." Jimmy took the ball from his belt, pushed the button, and hold it out to Prof. Oak. "I think you want this back?"

"No. Jimmy, I think you are ready to become a Pokémon Trainer."

Jimmy gasped. "Me? You think I am ready to become a Trainer?"

Oak smiled. "I have a colleague, Professor Elm, who once told me that he thinks I have some kind of gift in recognizing Trainer talent when I see it. In you, Jimmy, I can see it. You will become a great trainer."

"Have you never been wrong in this, Professor?"

"Never." he replied. "As a trainer, the most important is to have a Pokémon. Jimmy, do you already own a Pokémon?"

"Well," Jimmy thought aloud. "I do not have my own Pokémon, but my grandfather owns an Alakazam, and my grandmother has a Gengar." Jimmy stopped. "Although they are like friends to me, they are not mine."

"Well, you have now." Prof. Oak replied. "Jimmy, that Pokéball and the Pidgey that's in it are now yours. I know you will treat him well. Or do you want to be the first person that proved my talent wrong?" he asked with a smile.

Jimmy dropped his maw. "A Pokémon of my own? Given to my by the famous Professor Oak? I can't believe it!"

"It's true. Jimmy, in a few months I will receive some new Pokédexes and new Pokéballs to give to new trainers. Jimmy, would you like to go on the long and difficult quest to become a Pokémon Master?"

"A Pokémon Master? Me? You've got to be kidding me." Jimmy was expecting Prof. Oak to say it was a joke, and show him the hidden cameras.

"Jimmy, I like a good laugh, but I am dead serious now. You have what it takes to become a great Pokémon Trainer. Are you ready for it?"

Jimmy looked at the Pokéball he was holding in his hand. He thought of the many stories he heard about the epic Pokémon battles, dangerous areas filled with even more dangerous Pokémon, and of the Elite Four. It has always been the dream of Jimmy to once be accepted into the Elite Four, and becoming one of the strongest trainers of all time. He then looked at Prof. Oak.

"So, Jimmy, what do you say about it? Are you ready?"

"First, Professor, I need to learn what Pidgey can do."

"And that's how Jimmy met Pidgeot, a friendship that would last for years to come." the elderly man concluded. The children have been listening quietly to the story, sitting on the floor without moving. "I think I can hear grandma coming with the Pallet chocolate." he said to get the children out of their trance. The children looked up, and saw their grandmother coming into the room, holding a tray with four drinks on it. Two of them were Pallet chocolate for the kids, and the other two were cups of tea for the couple. The twins grabbed their cups of chocolate, almost burning their hands in the process, their grandfather gently picking his cup of tea. The woman picked her cup from the tray, and put the tray next to the couch they were sitting on.

"Now, where were I? Oh, yes. Four months after catching Pidgey, Jimmy received a phone call from Prof. Oak. He received the Pokédexes and Pokéballs, so if Jimmy dropped by that day, he could be given some, and begin with his journey to become a Pokémon Master. Now," he carefully took a zip from his tea, "begins the real story. A story no-one has ever heard before. It is Another Pokémon Story."

All right, this is the first episode. As you can see, this is more of a prequel to the story. Join in next time, for the true start of Jimmy's journey on the road to Pokémon Master!

Important events:

Story: Jimmy saves Prof. Oak from a wild Pidgey.

Pokémon: Jimmy catches a Pidgey.

Battles: None

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