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APS 110: The Might of Technology

Celia ran ahead of Jimmy, into the streets of Cerulean City. He was tired, but his Pokémon were wounded. He could not stop. When he started to wonder for how long he could keep on running, he saw the Pokémon Center not too far ahead.

"Finally!" he said panting. Suddenly, Celia stopped running. Jimmy almost ran into her.

"What's wrong? Why did you stop?" he asked. The girl looked down the street they were standing in, at one of the houses.

"This way." she pulled him along, into another street.

"Hey, what are you doing? The Center is that way!" he objected.

"I'll explain later." she said bluntly.

Panting, the duo came to a halt in the lobby of the Pokémon Center.

"Oh, hello, Celia. Is everything alright?" Nurse Joy asked.

"No. Ponyta has been hurt badly. She needs help." Celia explained quickly.

"Right. Chansey!" a Chansey walked into the hall with a tray. "Take Celia's Ponyta with you for treatment, will you?"

"Chan-sey!" the Pokémon said, and the trainer laid her Pokéball on the tray.

"Could you treat my Pidgey and Butterfree too, Nurse Joy?" Jimmy asked.

"Sure, why not?" she replied. He gratefully laid his Pokéballs on the tray, next to Celia's. Chansey left for the treatment room with the tray, the nurse behind her.

"Oh, Nurse Joy?" Celia asked, causing the woman to turn around. "Have you seen my father today?"

"Yes, he was here about an hour ago. He was awfully mad, shouting about how some boy used the attack of his Victreebel against him…" she looked at Jimmy. "Was that you?"

He gulped. "Yes."

"Don't worry, my father barks worse than he bites." Celia assured him. The nurse walked out of the hall, taking the three Pokémon with her. The two trainers fell silent.

"So… what shall we do now?" the girl asked.

Jimmy looked at the clock hanging above the counter. "Almost 12:00… time to lunch?"

"Okay. We might want to lunch here, so that my father can cool down a bit." Celia suggested.

"Sound like a plan." Jimmy agreed.

"So how do you know Bianca and Misty?" Jimmy asked.

The two had taken seats in the cafeteria, and had almost finished their lunch. "Well," Celia began, "we all grew up here with our Pokémon. Misty and her sisters in the Cerulean Gym, and Bianca, Nathalie and me all became good friends with her. We spend lots of time in the Gym, training mostly against each other and the occasional challenger that dropped by. We eventually started to call ourselves the Fearsome Foursome"

"The Cerulean Gym specialises in Water types, right? What kind of battlefield do they have there?"

"A large tank of water." she replied, "Of course, Ponyta can't fight on such a stage, and I mostly fought my battles outside. The girls and I even developed a special challenge for trainers who were well on their way already."

"What kind of challenge?" the trainer asked.

"A four on four battle, where the challenger had four Pokémon, and the four of us all used one. After one of our Pokémon was knocked out, one of the other girls took over. Not only did we have completely different Pokémon, our different fighting styles forced our opponents to quickly adept. We have been undefeated so far, except for one time…" she sighed.

"Against what kind of a trainer was that?" Jimmy asked curiously.

"That was against…"


The two turned their heads, and saw a Pikachu sitting on the table. The exact same as they had seen in the Power Plant.

"Hey, it's you! How are you, buddy?" Jimmy asked with a smile.

"Pi." the Pikachu said with a nod, slightly panting.

"You came all the way from the Power Plant here by foot? You must be very tired." Celia asked.

"Pi." the Pokémon said again.

"How about I'll ask Nurse Joy if she can give you a good rest?" Jimmy asked.

"Pikapi!" the Pikachu said this time.

"Alright then, let's get you to the nurse." the boy quickly finished his plate, and picked up the Pikachu. The electric type jumped on his shoulder, and leaned against his head. He paid for the meal, and the two walked to the front desk. There was no nurse however; instead there was a Chansey in her place.

"Chansey, where is Nurse Joy?" Celia asked. The Chansey pointed at a sign above the double doors to the treatment rooms, a red light.

"So she's busy… okay, thank you." she replied. "Let's have a seat, then?" the girl asked Jimmy.

"Fine by me." he replied. "Could you have a look at this Pikachu?" he asked the pink Pokémon, who nodded. The Pikachu jumped off the trainer's shoulder and onto a tray on the desk. Chansey lifted the tray onto a cart, and rode it through the double doors.

"Okay… let's have a seat, shall we?" Celia asked.

"Fine by me." he replied, but turned around as a bald, moustached man stormed into the Center.

"Uh oh." Celia said.

"Celia!" her father bellowed. "I knew I could find you here! Where have you been! Your mother was worried sick of you!"

"Dad, I needed to save the city!" she protested.

"Yeah right!" Mr. Valm shouted. He then turned to Jimmy. "And you! Did you really think I would let you get away with attacking me?"

"Did you think you could get away with attacking a defenceless Pikachu?" he sharply replied.

"Why you little…"

"Ronaldo, please." a voice asked. Jimmy and Celia turned around, and saw that Nurse Joy had returned. "This is a Pokémon Center, not some sports field."

"I'm sorry nurse, but these two…" he apologised, but was interrupted.

"I was looking for them, too. They should see something." the nurse looked concerned. "Something regarding their Pokémon."

Jimmy felt uncomfortable. "Something wrong, nurse?"

"You should see for yourself. Follow me." she said, and walked towards the treatment rooms. "First Ponyta. What kind of fight did you get into?"

"With some scientist, Abraham Bel. Ever heard of him?" Celia replied.

"That guy who tried to force evolution upon Pokémon? Yes, I've heard his name before." the nurse said. She stopped at a window. Behind it was an unconscious Ponyta, lying on a table. Her flames weren't as big as normal "She got hurt a lot, but she'll be okay." Nurse Joy turned to Jimmy. "With your Pokémon, however… I think you need to see it." She opened a door, and walked into the room. Celia ran towards her Ponyta, and gently stroked her behind the ear.

"Ponyta, please wake up…" she whispered. She turned around as she felt a hand on her shoulder.

"Let her sleep now." her father said.

Jimmy had followed Nurse Joy to the back of the room, after he greeted Pidgey and Pikachu. "Your Pidgey and the Pikachu that you just brought in will be okay… your third Pokémon, on the other hand… you'll have to see it to believe it."

"Something's wrong with Butterfree?" he asked.

"Physically, your Metapod is fine." the nurse said, as she moved the curtain away.

"I have a Butterfree, not a Metapod." Jimmy corrected her. When he looked at the bed, he froze. On the bed was a green cocoon. A Metapod.

"But… how is that possible?" he stuttered. "Pokémon can't evolve backwards, right?"

"I have no idea what happed. All I know is that about fifteen minutes after you brought your Butterfree here, she began spin herself in. Within a minute, she was covered in web, and it hardened into the cocoon of a Metapod." the nurse explained.

"Yes, but… wait; did you say 'her'?" Jimmy asked.

"Yes, your Butterfree is a girl. Just like the Pikachu you brought in." the nurse smiled. "Anyway, do you know how this could have happened? What were you doing before you rushed here?"

Jimmy gave a quick summary of what happed at the power plant.

"So somehow that machine backfired onto Butterfree, causing her to de-evolve… and I thought I've seen everything." Ronaldo said.

"I think its best if we send this information to scientists specialised in this expertise, and see what they think what exactly happened." Nurse Joy suggested. "And that you go the police and tell what happened, so that they can go arrest this mad scientist." she turned to Celia. "And that you go with him, because you saw him too."

"But Ponyta…" she protested.

"Ponyta should sleep now. Don't worry, I'll look after her." the nurse comforted her.

Jimmy had sat down next to Metapod. "Bel… you will pay for this."

"I'll bring those two to the police bureau, and see that this is filed." Mr. Valm assured the nurse.

Jimmy got up. "Okay, take care of yourself, I'll be right back." he told the three Pokémon.

"Ponyta… please get better." Celia whispered, and gently stroked the neck of her Ponyta.

Ronaldo opened the door, and the two young trainers left the room. The man closed the door behind him, leaving the four Pokémon to rest.

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