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The Real Royal Wedding.

The day came when Draganta had to get married to Isabeau but he was nervous while Isabeau was thrilled to become his wife and Queen.

'You ready bro?' asked Stephen as he came in to check on Draganta

'Yeah I am.' replied Draganta as he tightened his sword belt.

'Well c'mon everybody is waiting for you.'

'I'm coming. Is Isabeau ready?' asked Draganta.

'Almost!' called Jennifer who volunteered to help Isabeau get ready for the memorable day.

Stephen walks into the church down in the nearby village with Draganta and leads him up to the top to wait for Isabeau.

'Look Draganta, just take it easy and you'll be fine.'


Stephen then sat down beside Rynn and Keirnu waiting for Jennifer. Jennifer came and sat down beside him.

'I can't believe that Draganta is actually getting married!' said Jennifer unexpectedly.

'Neither can we!' said Rynn, Keirnu, Alarielle and Braganza in unison.

Austin was waiting outside with Xavis, Skop and Larka. Ornlu was busy teaching young dragons how to fight with a sword. Even though he still had his Chaos armour on he was able to control it until a group of demons tried to kill the young dragons. He charged into the demons hacking, slashing, stabbing and decapitating every single demon in sight but he didn't stop there, he decided to go to the next village twenty miles away.

In the church

Ignitus was performing the ceremony inside and Huron just looked at Draganta with a smile on his face. Volteer was getting everybody confused with the electric tongue of his, Cyril was freezing drinks for everybody and Terrador was chatting with Mirage, Malekith and Steel. As for Flare and Seraphon they were getting acquainted with each other since they were both roughly around the same age, only a day between them.

'And now I pronounce you, Dragon and Dragoness. You may kiss the bride.' finished Ignitus.

Draganta lifted up Isabeau's veil and kissed her lips tenderly. They walked down to the entrance and went outside to get their photos taken by their friends.

'Well Isabeau, what'll we do now?' asked Draganta as he placed his foreleg around Isabeau's neck.

'Wait until tonight my love and you'll find out fast enough.' giggled Isabeau as she gazed into Draganta's eyes.

They went off to the hotel for the reception and dance in which Stephen volunteered Austin to be the DJ for the dance. Austin got the equipment set up and tested it to see if it worked properly.

(A/N: I found a song from the PS2 game Dark Cloud 2. It's called "Time is Changing".)

I'll take my chances, racing time

Re-writing the book

For all to see

On my own, I can ride the winds of change

To heal a broken time, a broken world.

Isabeau looked at Draganta and smiled because she was now a queen. Ignitus was helping Spyro with the fireworks and as for Flame he looked up at the stars and thought he saw Ember looking down at him even though he was married to Zephyr.

'Ember, if you were here then everybody will be happy.' sighed Flame as he turned around and walked back to Zephyr.

In the dark

A candle is the sun

To light our way back home

It's a dream

It's a hope

That one day we'll be free

Give me strength to open up the door.


Only the strong ones

Can stand the test of time

Caught in between these two worlds

Finding our way

The sun will rise

To pierce the sky

When this wonderful world

Starts to shine.

Alarielle was having a pint of wine with Braganza to celebrate their son's wedding. Morgir and Tyrune were sitting by the fountain looking down at the fish with hungry looks on their faces. Rynn and Keirnu were out on the balcony gazing at the stars.

This timeless journey, far from home

I gave it all up

To make a change

Sure and strong, I will fight for what is right

To make a better place forever more.

Huron was talking with Firewalker and Terrador about new ways to increase the power of fury attacks and how to teach young dragons and dragonesses to cast magic spells

'Well I suggest that Stephen should be made "Guardian of Time and Magic" so that he can teach young dragons and dragonesses how to cast spells and manipulate time itself.' said Huron.

Through the door

I feel our freedom burn

With the light of a thousand suns

We will stand

We will fight

And break through these walls

With the strength and fire in our soul


The dance went on until 2:00 in the morning since everybody was having a great time. Cynder was playing pool with Shadow and Darkfire and she was winning since Darkfire had a lousy aim and always potted the white ball in instead.

When this wonderful world

Starts to shine.

Ornlu came in covered in blood from his rampage in the next village.

'I couldn't help it! Demons attacked and I killed them all but I couldn't stop there so I slaughtered an entire village.' cried Ornlu.

'Ornlu! What the hell is wrong with you?!' snapped Larka who was a little worried for her close friend.

'I'm being controlled by the very essence of Chaos itself!' he replied feeling no guilt for his actions.

'Right. Lets head for home folks. It's getting late and the babies are tired.' said Alarielle looking at Tyrune and Morgir sitting side-by-side.

Everybody went home and went to sleep.

The Next Day

Draganta and Isabeau were about to go on their honeymoon to the Dragon Islands since the influence of the Chaos forces has been destroyed permanently.

'Now be careful you two. We don't want any bad news.' said Hydria and Golgorath hugging Isabeau.

'Don't worry mom and dad, I've got my husband to protect me from any evil. Isn't that right Draganta?' replied Isabeau.

'Yeah! I'll protect her with my life.' answered Draganta as he walked over to Isabeau.

'You'd better bro!' said Stephen as he arrived with the others.

'Really and why is that?' replied Draganta.

'Because mom will skin you alive!'

'No I wouldn't!' replied Alarielle from behind Stephen.

Stephen ran like the wind from the unexpected fright he got. Draganta and the others busted out laughing as they saw the dust rising up from the ground. When the dust settled there was no sign of Stephen when in truth he just dived behind a boulder to make it look like he ran far away.

'Damn! He's fast!' said Austin as he arrived.

'That's Stephen for you, always fast on his feet!' laughed Rynn.

Everybody waved goodbye to the happy couple and walked back to the castle. Rynn felt like she was pregnant since herself and Keirnu had a bit of fun two nights ago.

'Keirnu my love.' said Rynn.

'What's wrong Rynn?' replied Keirnu.

'I think that I'm pregnant!' she replied.

'How long until the little wonder is born?'

'It's coming in an hour.' said Rynn catching Keirnu unawares.

Meanwhile in the Dragon Islands

Isabeau was sunbathing by the pool but was distracted by Draganta as he stroked her back lovingly.

'Draganta?' she asked.

'Yeah what is it Isabeau?' replied Draganta.

'When we first met, what did you see in me?'

'I saw a dragoness that needed a friend for life and I needed the same and that's what I seen in you, Isabeau.' replied Draganta.

Isabeau smiled mischievously and snuggled into Draganta's chest making Draganta sigh with content. Suddenly they got the urge to go to their room, lock the door and mate with each other so that they'll have one or two baby dragons or dragonesses.

Three Hours Later

Isabeau was sleeping on Draganta's chest while he was watching TV until 12:00p.m. But before he went to sleep he heard a voice travelling on the wind telling him to go home to where he belongs.

'Bah! Those stupid hotel staff can't scare us out of here!' scoffed Draganta as he went to sleep.

The Next Day

Draganta and Isabeau were so sick of the hotel that they decided to return home. When they got there Rynn and Keirnu had a baby dragoness in which they named Corish meaning "The one who is never lonely". They had a big feast to celebrate Draganta and Isabeau's welcome home that night and this time Stephen was the dj. Spyro looked at Corish and noticed the same look that Ember had when she was alive but also a different look as well, one that doesn't involve flirting or wanting Spyro since he had someone in his sights and it wasn't Cynder either.

'Draganta my love!' cried Isabeau in delight.

'What's wrong this time?' answered Draganta when he walked over to her side.

'I'm expecting something very soon!' she said giggling.

'How soon?' asked Draganta.

'In a few weeks time.' answered Isabeau as they settled in for the night in their newly refurnished bedroom thanks to Stephen and company.

Ornlu however couldn't stay in Weijin any longer and went off into the wilderness to kill anything that stood in his way including any ogres, orcs and giants.

'Goodbye Draganta.' he said to himself and walked away looking for his next kill.

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