Disclaimer: It's sad but I don't own any of La Corda D'oro characters

This is my first chaptered fanfic and it's about Hino and Shimizu. There might be bad part but I hope you enjoy reading. Thank you.

It was a bright sunny day. The Seisou Academy was wrapped by the warmth of sun and everyone was having good time.

Hino Kahoko's class was taking math tests. Everyone concentrated on the tests and the room was all quiet, until the bell for the last subject had ringed. Everyone started talking and gathered the test papers in front. Today's school was finally over and everyone can finally go home. Everyone started preparing to go home and living their classroom.

Hino Kahoko was also preparing to go home with her friends. She gathered her text books and putted in her school bag. After putting her text books in her bag, she found something important. She first wondered because her head was full of thinking math tests right now. But she remembered everything few seconds later. Her face turned all blue and her mind was all confused.

The important thing she found was a classic CD, which Hino borrowed from Shimizu yesterday.

It's like a intro of the story so it's really short chapter. I'm still not good but I will try my best.
Thank you. I hope you enjoy and thank you for reading.