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Don't forget that I always love you…

This phrase is kept on repeating in his head. Never stopping and never ending. But every time he confesses his love to her, she cries from her pure heart.
No…. That's not what he wants… what he wants is just her smile. He wanted to tell her how much she is important for him.
He wanted to make himself as the most precious person to her.

But it won't reach to her… why…? His heart is aching... tears drop from his eyes… He hoped this was a dream… just a dream… and dream……

"Shimizu-kun, Shimizu-kun!" someone patted Shimizu's shoulder while he was sleeping.

Was he dreaming again? Shimizu was sleeping in his classroom at his seat. Fuyuumi entered his classroom and patted his shoulder to wake him up.
Shimizu slowly opened and rubbed his eyes.

"Shimizu-kun, what are you doing here? Didn't Kanazawa-sensei tell you to come to music room yesterday?"

Shimizu replied to Fuyuumi with sleepiness, "Oh… I forgot…"

Fuyuumi sighed and grabbed Shimizu's arm, "Then let's go and hurry. Senpai are waiting for you all the time until now.

"Ok…" Fuyuumi rushed to the music room with pulling Shimizu's arm.

When they arrived at music room, everyone was on their seat. Shimizu went near to Kanazawa-sensei and apologized.

"I'm sorry for being late sensei."

Kanazawa-sensei just laughed, "Hahaha, don't worry Shimizu. Everyone was just having fun talk until now."

"Shimizu-kun, sit beside me since no one is sitting here!" Hihara pointed at vacant seat and said it out loud so that Shimizu can hear. Shimizu nodded and sat beside Hihara.

"Ok, everyone is ready now right?" Kanazawa-sensei shouted out loud.

Yunoki replied immediately with his smile, "Kanazawa-sensei, I think one person is missing. I wonder where she is…" Tsuchiura and Tskukimori sighed at the same time.

Suddenly, there was a huge sound of bang at the door of music room. Someone opened the door harshly. One girl was gasping and breathing rapidly with holding her violin.

"I'm so sorry Kanazawa-sensei for being late!! I had to do make-up test because of my score of the previous test were horrible. Am I the last one to come here?"

"If you think it scientifically then you are the last one to enter the music room and you just wasted my time Hino." Tsukimori replied immediately to Hino with a bit of anger.

Tsuchiura laughed and continued after Tsukimori, "Hahaha, I guess you made Tsukimori mad Hino. And for your information, only available seat in this room is beside Tsukimori."

Hino's face turned blue and sat beside Tsukimori quietly. Shimizu just stared at her with his smile. She always makes his day bright.
Then Fuyuumi stood up and distributed the paper to everyone. That paper was a handout about next selection contests.

"Ok, fun talking is over now and listen carefully to me everyone. There will be a few selection contests again in next week. But this time isn't individual. You will be paired up with someone and will play a duet. Is there any questions about this?" Kanazawa-sensei asked and looked at everyone.

Tsukimori wondered about one thing so he asked, "Kanazwa-senei, did you just mentioned duet?"

"Yes, what's wrong Tsukimori?"

"The contestants from here are only seven people. I think one people will be left alone if we paired up."

"About that, Osaki Shinobu will join as a contestant. He will be a special guest."

"But Kanayan, this paper doesn't say anything about paired list. Who will be paired up with who?" Hihara wondered.

"Good question, I already made a list here so I will say it out loud. Then sit beside that person after and discuss together the whole thing like what will you do. Ok, the first pair is Tsukimori Len and Tsuchiura.Ryotaro"

"WHAT!!?" Tsuchiura shouted at Kanzawa-sensei and Tsukimori's face turned in blue.

"It's a lie, it's a lie, it's a lie!! Why do I have to be paired up with this guy!?" Tsuchiura pointed at Tsukimori.

Tsukimori replied immediately to him, "That is my line!"

"Hey, quit fighting! You guys are high skilled so you have to be paired up with high skilled contestant. You can't say you don't understand." Kanazawa-sensei answered and they didn't say anything.

"I guess it can't be helped… Hino, let's change seat." Tsuchiura sighed.

"Ok…" Hino exchanged seat with Tsuchiura.

"The next pair will be Osaki Shinobu and Hihara Kazuki. So Hihara, just talk and discuss next time with Osaki when he is around."

"Ok, but that was unusual! I thought I would not pair up with him. I'm really excited and forward to it!" Hihara smiled.

"Good for you Hihara." Yunoki smiled also.

"The third pair will be Fuyuumi Shoko and Yunoki Azuma. And the last is Hino Kahoko and Shimizu Keiichi. That's it."

Hino Kahoko lost her words. Shimizu was happy but sad at the same time. Fuyuumi saw Shimizu's face and whispered to him before she sits beside Yunoki.

"Try hard Shimizu-kun. Kaho-senpai is always warm hearted person. I know you can do it."

Fuyuumi knew the situation at the first place. So she wanted to Shimizu and Hino to be happy always. For Fuyuumi, Hino is a precious person who changed Fuyuumi.
So she hoped Shimizu can make the happy day of Hino Kahoko like what she did to Fuyuumi. Fuyuumi cheered Shimizu up and Shimizu thanked her.

Hino stood up and sat beside Shimizu. But she didn't try to look at Shimizu directly. Shimizu also knew that why she can't act normal. It was because of him.
But not seeing her face makes Shimizu sad deeply. At least, he wanted her to see him always and understand.

So Shimizu held Hino's hand gently under the desk which no one can realize it except for Hino.

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