She hated nights.

At nights her father's minions were everywhere. Threatening to kill everyone and everything she held dear. Just because she had banished her father from earth, didn't mean she was safe from his grasp. He was always there. Lurking. Luring. Slowly killing her.

"You must."

Raven was standing on the edge. It was past midnight, but no moon. She was standing in her nightgown, the wind slowly tugging at it. Tugging her over the edge.

"I don't want to. My friends."

"Your friends don't exist."


Her voice was weak. His voice was strong. Her head was hurting. She couldn't breath. She was swaying back and forth.

"Your all alone princess."

His nickname for her. Princess of Darkness.

"Go away. Robin said…"

"Robin who?"

"Robin. Robin. And Starfire, and Cyborg and Beast Bo…"

"Don't exist princess."

A gust of wind and she almost fell over. She could barley place her foot forward. Her eyes were closed, as they always were.


"How can you have friends? You, Princess of Darkness. The reincarnation of evil. The daughter of Trigon. Fall princess. Fall and accept your destiny. Your fate. Remember the prophesy."


"You're supposed to be dead."

It was night, and in their beds the titans were having nightmares.

Robin was dreaming of the day he saw his parents fall to their death. Starfire was dreaming of her sister Blackfire. Cyborg was dreaming of the accident that demolished half of his human body. On the roof Raven was balancing on the edge. One of her fathers minions trying to get her to fall to her death. Only one titan wasn't having a nightmare in his sleep. He was living one.


Raven could feel someone pull her backwards, shaking her and slapping her. Screaming her name. She opened her eyes and looked annoyed at the green boy who had woken her.

"Beast Boy what are you doing?"

"What am I doing? What are you doing? What were you doing on the ledge?"

He was screaming, and this made Raven angrier.

"What ledge? What are you doing in my room?"

He looked shocked at her, before opening his arms. Raven looked around, and was stunned to find herself on the roof.

"What am I doing on the roof?"

"The hell I know. I hear someone talking, and when I come up to see who it is I see you standing on the edge, ready to play tag with the ground."

Raven looked from his face to the edge were she had been standing seconds earlier. She looked back at him. He was out of breath, and she could still she terror in his eyes.

"Your scared."

"You almost fell of the roof Rae."

"And that scares you?"

He was sitting on his knees, just looking at her. He had been holding her shoulders all this time, but now he let go of them. He was stunned.

"Of course it does. It scares the daylight out of me. You're my friend Rae."

He couldn't have said anything more right at that moment. Thou she didn't remember what had happened, Raven knew that something bad had happened, and that scared her.

She grabbed the man in front of her, and pulled him close. She dug her face in his shoulder and just wanted to feel safe. He always made her feel safe. He wrapped his arms around her and hugged her tight.

"Raven, what happened?"

"I don't know Beast Boy. I don't know."

Finally he managed to calm her down, and the two got to their feet. With his arm protective around her he led her down to the hall, and to her bedroom. He turned to walk away, but she stops him.


She opened her mouth to ask him to stay, but couldn't. The words dried up in her throat. She prayed to Azar that he would understand. She pleaded with her eyes for him to understand without her saying it.

"I'll stay a while. Until you fall asleep. Make sure what ever did it to you doesn't happen again."

A tiny smile formed her lips. She turned and slipped under her covers. Lying on her stomach she turned her head towards him, sitting on a chair next to the bed. She moved to the edge of her bed, giving room for another body.

"Are you sure?"

She just looked at him. No nod. No smile. No yes. Just her pleading eyes begging him to understand. He moved over to her bed, over the covers. He smiled down to the girl.

"Close your eyes, it's way past your bed time."

She showed out her tongue at him, but did close her eyes. Her breathing soon became regular and calm.

"Thank you."

Beast Boy smiled down at her again. She was sleeping before he can answer, but neither of them cared. He thought she actually prefers it that way. She still wasn't used to asking favours, and didn't like that people push it when she did. After the many years they had shared as teammates and friends, Beast Boy had learned to respect that and just take joy in helping her when she needed it.

As he was halfway sitting, halfway lying next to her sleeping body, two sensations ran through his body.

One was the feeling of lust, that most eighteen straight boys feel when in bed with a nineteen-year-old female they find attractive. The other one was the feeling only she brought out in him. Being totally relaxed. He didn't feel the need to put on an act with her. She knew him inside out, and he felt he liked it. At least he it didn't bother him as much as he thought it would.

He looked down at her face. He knew her fetchers by heart. He didn't know when he had fallen in love with her. To be honest he didn't even know if it had started before he had met Terra, or after, if Terra had been a distraction or the warm up band.

Raven stirred, and Beast Boy forgot his former love interest, and concentrated on his current one. She was breathing irregular, and he could tell she was scared.




Suddenly she opened her eyes and mouth in a silent scream. Gasping for air, tears were running down her cheeks. What ever had happened had scared her. He placed his arms around her, and started to stroke her back.


In the depths of his heart, Beast Boy felt a sting of jealousy, but only in his eyes, which she couldn't see, was that detectable. She was too upset to feel them empathically, amongst all the other feelings he was feeling. He continued to stroke her back and whisper calming word in her ear. She had grabbed the front of his uniform and was holding it very tight.

"It's all right. I'm here. You're safe Rae. I'm here."

"Don't leave me."

Beast Boy was taken a bit back by the plea. She really must have been scared.

"Wouldn't dream of it."

Soon the girl had fallen a sleep again, and thou her grip on his uniform had loosened a bit, he didn't remove his arms. Soon he had fall asleep as well.

When Raven woke up, the first thing she noticed was that she was using an arm as a pillow. She thought this was odd, since she usually never slept on her arm. She moved each of her hand to find out which arm, and opened her eyes in shock to find it was neither.

Purple. Then black. Raven moved her eyes upwards, but she already knew who had his arms around her. Green. Raven didn't know why, but a tiny smile crept over her lips before dying down again.

Carefully so not to wake him, she slithered out of bed.

A few years back, both Raven and Starfire had argued that it was impossible and improper for all five of them to still share one bathroom. And after a tampon box had been forgotten on the sink, all three boys had suddenly agreed with the girls. Therefore both girls now each had a small, private, bathroom connected with their room.

She took a short shower, dried and dressed herself in her usual uniform. She went back to her room, and bent over the still sleeping man. It was only half past seven, so she knew he would be sleeping a few more hours.

"Beast Boy."

The man stirred, and he opened his eyes to a bare squinting.

"I'm getting up now, but you can just keep on sleeping, okay?"


He yawned and closed his eyes again. Raven looked at the man until she was sure he was sleeping.

"Thank you."

Then she bent down and kissed him on his cheek, before leaving the room. A smile formed on the still sleeping man's lips.

Raven walked into the common room, and not to her surprise was Robin sitting there with his coffee and newspaper. But to her surprise did he look terrible. Bags under his eyes, a drawn look on his face and he couldn't stop yawning.

"You want to talk?"



He just nodded. She grabbed his hand. That was all that was needed. No words, since she knew he had heard them all before. No hug, since that was not her place. Just that simple act of kindness. Sometime, that is all that is needed.

The door opened and a yawning Starfire flew through it. She rubbed her eyes as she sat down next to Robin, and Raven let go of his hand. Starfire smiled towards the two, but there was not her usual smile. It looked like a smile normal people would smile when they where happy. It was not as happy as her usual smile.

"I have had the night of mares."

"About what?"

Raven stood up to get her tea as the couple continued to talk.

"My sister. She came and attacked me and told me I was a traitor for leaving home. Even thou she was the one to send me away in the first place."

Starfire started to cry, and Robin quickly laid an arm around his girlfriend. Raven turned now with two cups and placed the one containing coffee in front of Starfire. Even thou she never ate or drank anything like earth people, coffee were a drink she liked black and stronger than Robin, Cyborg and Beast Boy put together.

Half an hour later Cyborg walked in and he too bore signs of last night. He sat down with a grunt and didn't make eye contact with anyone.

Four hour later and everyone but Raven had left the common room. Robin was working out. Starfire had gone to the mall of shopping, as she called it, and Cyborg was in the garage and working on his baby. Raven was sitting by the window, meditating, trying to suppress the feelings last night had brought out in her when the door opened and a smiling and yawning Beast Boy came in.

"Good morning Rae."

Raven looked at him with only one eye open.

"It's afternoon Beast Boy."

"Well, a good afternoon to you my princess."

He bowed, and thou he was just joking, were Raven shocked to hear those words come from him. She touched down and walked quickly and angry towards him, stopping inches from him.

"Don't call me that."


"I mean it Beast Boy, don't you ever call me that again."

She was shaking. She didn't know why, but that word was bad. She could barely control her emotions.

"Okay I'm sorry."

"Thank you."

Raven just gave him a short smile, before walking past him. Only thought was to stop the tears that were for some reason running down her face.



"Leave me alone."

Raven looked around in darkness that was almost consuming her. She knew that he was there somewhere.


"What do you want?"

She turned around trying to locate where the voice was coming from. Suddenly he was standing right in front of her. She hated him. She truly despised him. Just to annoy her even more had he taken form of Malchior, or the form Malchior had fooled her to believe was his.



"You are the daughter of Trigon. I want you for my bride."

She laughed. That was ridicules. That was the last thing she would ever do.

"And why would I ever do that?"

"What if I said that you are the reason your friends cry in their sleep?"

She was done laughing. She covered his body in dark material and raised him in the air.

"You are a demon, one of my fathers minions. Why should I trust you?"

"I might be one of your fathers minion, but do you think I want to be that for ever. With you by my side I could finally get the respect I deserve."

"You deserve no respect."

She let him go and turned her back to him, but he was there in front of her again.

"What if I told you that you are the reason your friends cry in their sleep?"

"And again why should I trust you?"

She turned again.

"Because Azar changed the prophecy."

Raven froze. Slowly she turned.


"She changed the prophecy my princess. Like the human fairy tale of 'Sleeping Beauty'. Originally she should have died, but the fairy godmother just made her sleep for a hundred years instead."

Raven couldn't make this fit. Azar changed the prophecy, why hadn't she told her. Was that the reason she and her friends had managed to vanquish him? She looked at him, hating that he had her interest.


He smiled a smug smile that made her want to hurt him again.

"The orphaned bird. The man of metal. The rivalry sister. The African beast."

Involuntary went her hand to her mouth and her eyes widened. She could tell he loved the response.

"You see princess. You are the reason your friends cry at night. The reason Robin will never trust or love anyone. The reason Cyborg will never feel like a man again. The reason Starfire is exiled from her home planet. The reason Beast Boy is exactly that. A beast. Their skeletons are your doing."

"But if that saved their lives…"

"Don't be a fool princess. Azar could always have killed you. That would too have changed the prophecy. But she went soft. To bad when that happens isn't it."

Raven hated the tears that ran down her cheeks. She had a small glimmer of doubt, but not much. She knew he was right.

"What have I done?"

"Nothing princess, but we can change that."

She looked at him. She hated him, but she hated what had happened even more.

"What must I do?"

He grinned. How she hated him.