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Hybrid Theory


She leered at the whimpering animal before her. It had been so long ago since she had a companion of her own, but never in her life had Maria thought it would be a wolf. A werewolf. She had been a wanderer ever since the late eighteen hundreds after her former companion left her.

He joined a different coven. A sneer formed on her lips as she thought of the Cullen family. That life disgusted her. A life of destitution. A life trying to fight it. Bloodlust. The power to kill was inevitable and after so many years of bloodshed, none could deny the instinct.

Her hand traced over the matted hair over the wolf. A deep snarl rumbled from his chest, but she merely laughed. He couldn't escape. He couldn't fight off her newborns. At first the wolf fought two newborns with ease, tearing them apart one by one, but not even he could compete with more than five.

Such a rare creature this boy was. He smelled awful but one could only think of the possibilities. The reign of a new hour was to be deemed. No salvation. No restitution. No goodbyes into the night. Only time would tell what he would become. Something more. More powerful than anyone would ever dream.

After centuries of waiting for the perfect moment, for a sign, Maria's efforts had not been in vain. She purred gently against the wolf's neck and sank her teeth into his fur and flesh. Carnage. Waiting. Redemption. Acceptance. Her mind swam into a distant pool of memories as she allowed the venom to infect the boy's bloodstream.

She knew he was a boy. A boy who had lost a great deal in his life. The sheer agony and suffering in his eyes were blatant in his eyes. She offered him an escape. A new life. Nothing could compare to him after the transformation was complete. Vampire nor werewolf, no monsters in the dark or ghosts of the night could bring him down. If he survived, she chuckled to herself.

No. There was a great deal of potential in this young wolf. She pulled back and watched as the boy howled in pain. He screamed not out of pain, but out of a new beginning. Retribution and malice burned into his dark crimson eyes as he stared deeply into Maria's.

A new dream. A new promise. A new death.

Half vampire, half werewolf.

An abomination.

Jacob Black would never be the same.