Okay!! This is our first story that we've written together - both of us have written several on our own - and we've also decided to put a twist on it. We got this idea from Psycho turtle, but we're using it anyway. Tee hee.

Umm, alrighty. Now moving on to more serious business.

This fic is basically going to be a story written about all of YOU. That's right, YOU. You will create a character in a review that you will send to us, and we will create a story. The differences between this story and any others that you might have read that were similar to this are:

1. We will be setting deadlines for character submission forms, in order to permit our story to have a well-defined plot. If you don't make a deadline, try the next one, though we may have to close off new submissions if we get too many characters Please keep in mind that your character may not be included in a chapter but still have made the deadline; we will inform you if this happens.

2. We will be making main and secondary characters (main being, example, people like Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura, secondary being like Neji, Ino, Chouji, Shikamaru, Temari, etc.). First come, first serve. If you don't want to be a main character, please just say so in your review, though we're doubting anyone will say that.

Other than that, this will be a total free-for-all, with every character submitted included in whatever way is available! W00T!

Note: This is set around the time when the new Genin rookies just gradutated from the Academy. We need a good number of genin and some jounin. Just to let you know.


1. Your character must have an appropriate name, eg. no "Slutty McSkank-Skank". That's disgusting. If your character has an inappropriate name, he/she will not be used.

2. Your Character Form must contain ALL of the manditory fields. If a manditory field is missed and is not fixed in the next 48 hours, your character will not be included. You don't have to fill out fields that aren't manditory, but it helps us tremendously when writing about your character.

3. You may not submit any more than one character, no matter how minor. This will confuse us and your character will not be included.

4. Any and all obscenety is not allowed in the reviews.

5. If possible, use a translator for your character's name. You don't have to do this, but it makes your character's name more, for lack of better word, cool, and you can also make it mean whatever you want.

6. If you make a request to be paired up with someone, someone else may have taken it already. Please be tolerant, we might pair you up with a second choice, or even an OC (don't worry, all pairings will make sense).

7. Please read through to the last chapter before submitting your character form. This way you know a) what's happening in the storyline and what sort of character we could use, and b) If we've opened/closed submissions, you know about it and don't submit a character that won't be used.

8. Don't bug us about updates; we have school and extracurricular activities and stuff, not to mention our own lives to live. For every review we get asking us to update, we will update three days later than originally planned.

9. We have the right to change anything we want about your character if neccesary - though it's unlikely. Try to keep it real so we don't have to change them, though we might change your character's rank to fit the story better. Repeat: We do have the right to do this. It's our story, not just the author's but yours, too, and we're really gonna try to include everyone in some way.

10. Have fun with this story. We'll be, too.

Character Form (underlined sections are manditory)

First Name:


Name Meaning:



Height/Weight (helps us a lot; can be approximate or exact):

Appearance (please remember to add where the hitai-ate goes!)

Personality, Talents, etc.:

Ninja Rank (not a ninja, Genin, Chuunin, etc.):

Fighting Style:


Other things: (allergies or bloodline limits, for example)

I (LordXwee) shall fill it out for an example, but it really is my character.

First Name: Hinote

Surname: Kazuki

Gender: Female

Age: 24

Height/Weight: 5'7". 130 lbs.

Appearance: Long, dark red hair, pulled back into ponytail. Headband worn across forehead. Wears regular green Chuunin vest. Black colored pants/clothes, with fire-like symbol on front of shirt, representing the Kazuki Clan. Red ninja sandals. (note: try to be very discriptive here, please. It helps us writers)

Personality, Talents, etc.: Shy sometimes, but opens up more to people she knows well. Willing to put her life on the line to save someone important to her. She is strong-willed and very caring. Her talents for medical skills is unique, because she can give people some of her own chakra to replenish their's. On the other side, she can also steal chakra from people, making enemies weak,they are usually not being able to fight if too much chakra was taken.

Fighting Style: Uses mostly fire-style jutsus. The Ancient Blood Fire Blade techinque instantly kills, there's no possible way to block it. If it hits a clone/subtitution, you're still dead. Technique passed down generations in the clan, but it takes all of her chakra, and after using it, she usually passes out and goes into a coma. Also a great medical-nin.

Family: Both parents are dead since of an incident when they had to protect the clan. Enemies ambushed the place during a ceremony, and both use the Ancient Blood Fire Blade. It didn't kill all of the ninjas, so the few extra killed them after the collapsed. Her brother, Mizu, reject from the clan because he studied water-style jutsus, organized this attack after he was banished. He is now missing, but Hinote doesn't talk about him.

Other things: Has a kekkai genkai, immune to fire. During the Chuunin Exam, both her partners in her team died, and their scroll was taken. Avenging her teammates, Hinote got back both scrolls, and made it through that round alone. Even though her teammates died, they made an exception and let her continue. Finished the Chuunin Exam, leaving as a Jounin.

And here's my (Natsyourlord's) stuff. XD

First Name: Tokoro (Place)

Surname: Seiryoku (Energy)

Name Meaning: Place of Energy

Gender: Male

Age: 12

Height/Weight (helps us a lot; can be approximate or exact): 5'4/120lbs

Appearance: Reddish-brown shaggy hair that falls into eyes, which are blue-green. Pale comlexion, often has dark circles under eyes. Wears a large gray coat with a high collar and dark green buttons. Coat is usually unbuttoned. Wears white T-shirt underneath. Navy blue slacks. Usual navy blue shinobi sandals; also has wrap-thing around shins like Kakashi's. Konoha headband worn on forehead. Has a black glove on right hand (left hand doesn't have one) with a dark red ruby, roughly the size of a dime, embedded on the back. Glove is for use of and protection from family's trademark technique (see Fighting style).

Personality, Talents, etc.: Friendly and willing, but not peppy. Kind of on the shady side, unless explaining something. Never discusses family life with anyone. Likes to climb very high in trees and stay in them all night, staring at the stars. Hates socialists, believes people should earn what they get. Likes things to be challenging but not too hard, as is competetive and hates to lose. Games like chess, othello and goh are favorites, as they require intelligence and skill. A decent storyteller, is always telling tales to classmates and teachers. Doesn't want to get into a relationship yet, as is looking for someone "worth his time". Goal is to become a tracker, like father, and hunt down the missing nins that killed father.

Ninja Rank (not a ninja, Genin, Chuunin, etc.): Genin of Konoha.

Fighting Style: Is very fast and uses speed often, getting behind people and striking weak joints (backs of knees, for example). Not fantastically strong, but uses high intellect to advantage. Memorized the human body in order to be able to stab vital points and avoid parts of the body that won't matter. When angry, loses control and accuracy rates go down by 50 percent, though when he does land a hit it's very powerful. In times of desperation, uses family technique, the Tatsumaki (means twister) that has the appearance of a small tornado whirling violently around the hand. The winds in the Tatsumaki are very destructive, moving at up to 200 mph, which is why he must wear the glove - otherwise skin and fingernails would be ripped clean off. Not only is the technique dangerous, but it also uses up tremendous amounts of chakra - unless your stamina is abnormally high you will pass out after using it. He's working on the passing out part.

Family: Lives with younger sister. Both parents are dead, father being killed on a tracking mission and mother commiting suicide a month after his death.

Other things: (allergies or bloodline limits, for example) Is allergic to cats. Slightly alektorophobic (alektorophobia is fear of chickens).

Ok, to start a little plot going, we shall start with a little story-starter, even though they might be random.

Kakashi stood from afar, watching Asuma and Kurenai just stand there, talking. Lucky Asuma, Kakashi thought, that he has Kurenai. All I have is my Icha Icha book. Heh. Icha Icha. Kakashi grabbed his usual bright orange book from his back pocket and began to read.

"Excuse me," a voice said.

Frammit, Kakashi thought again, I was at a good part. He turned around to see a woman standing there. Her dark red hair was pulled back into a ponytail. She wore the regular green Chuunin vest, with black clothes underneath. A fire-like symbol was on the front of her shirt, symbolizing some clan. Also, she had on fingerless gloves with the metal plate on the back like his, but they were a dark red color.

"Where do I go to meet the new Genin?" she asked. Kakashi stared blankly at her, thinking of how ironic this was.

"That way." Kakashi said, pointing west.

"Oh, thank you. My name's Hinote Kazuki, by the way," added the woman politely.

"Kakashi Hatake," He replied. She nodded slightly, then walked off in that direction. Kakashi smiled under his mask, sat down to continue reading his book.

Meanwhile, at the Academy, a reddish-brown haired boy fiddled with his brand new Konoha headband, waiting for his name to be called.

He glanced around at his classmates, knowing that only nine out of the whole class would become actual genin. The rest of them would have to spend another year at the academy, re-doing their training. No matter, what happened, he vowed, he would ensure he was one of the nine. He had to become a ninja now. The money his parents had left for him and his sister was steadily dwindling, and he wasn't sure how much longer it would last. They needed another form of income soon, or else-

The boy's train of thought was interruped when he heard the teacher at the front of the room, Iruka (not sensei, he had to remind himself, Iruka was no longer his teacher) called out his name.

"Team Five; Tokoro Seiryoku..."

So, that's basically it. Start sending in those forms, people! XD

-Natsyourlord & LordXwee