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Johnny's POV

"RING" "RING" that little bell sounded as Miss Larusso (?) rung the little bell to sign me in. Memoreis came to me. Huh.. I hate hospitals. She talked to the nurse for some time now as me and Ali were there. Ali called her mom and tell her what's she doing an were she is becuz she said if she didn't she'd get in serious Trouble. The nurse said it would take at least an hour and a half for my turn. I think maybe 5 min. later Ali came back and said that her mom was okay with it after she kept on akin and said she would call the school and tell them where she is and why. 15 minutes passed Ali was telling me some thing about a Jonny Larence.. I think??? Then A "Ring" ""Ring"" came. It was coming from Miss Larussos's purse??? The she Took out a MINI PHONE???!!!!!! Then she started talking and I nudged Ali on the arm and asked her what that mini phone was.. She started laughing and people started Staring!! It kinda reminded me of that time on the church. I wonder how the gang was doing... I have to find them I mean I KNOW I'm in the future 1984 as pointed out on the calendar. Then she finally stoped laughing and said "Why, it's a cell phone silly"!!! I just looked stupid and asked her what do they do. And she simply said "portable phone"."OK" i said. Then Mrs.Larusso closed the phone and said that she had to get to work for about 3 or 4 hours. If not they would fire her from her job. I wondered were she works at. But I decided not to ask or I would look stupider than I already do. She Left and kissed me even though I didn't want her to but I SHURE didn't wan her to start crying again so I just let her kiss me. She started talking to Ali and gave her a set of keys and gave her instructions to what to do. OH MY GOSH!! With her gone I could get outa her. But wait where was I??? I went to a little desk with magazine and it said MALIBU,CALIFORNIA. (let's pretend that were the KK Kid took place ok??) Oh GOSH!! So Far Away!! I tought To My Self. Then I Quickly Came back to the seat where they were before they noticed I was gone. Then she said some more stuff and she kissed me again and said bye to me and Ali. Then She Left. Ali sat next to me and kissed me on the check and held me hand. I like Ali I thought to myself I can't leave her desserted here. I have to tell her my story. I mean I must look A LOT like this Daniel guy if these people think I'm him.

So I decieded ot tell ALi my WHOLE story. I did. She silently cried at parts. I finished. She asked me if I was serious. I of course said yes. She told me she knew where Ponyboy was and what happened to him. I was SUPER HAPPY. I asked her "HOW COME??" She told me that Ponyboy had become a sucessful author. He started when he was 14 and got it published at 17. This first story was written was called The Outsiders (about us) and his it was and is his most succesful book. I was thrilled Pony finally did what he allways wanted to be a dreamer. He wasn't a greaser though like he dreamed. There isn't that conflict anymore. Everyone's friends with everyone exept the ocassional jerk. I told her we HAD to go she noded. She said we could get supplies at Daniel's apartment. "Were GONNA find the gang" she said or at least Ponyboy.She went up to the nurse and told her that she needed to cancel cuz there was some big family emergency and we needed to go and the nurse said "Fine, whatever but you just wasted all this time for nothing you must fell really stupid" Ali made a face to her. She did some things with some papers and waved bye like an idiot. I guess she doesn't like kids. I guess were gonna go to Daniel's place.

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