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"Whooo what another wonderful day!" A voice exclaimed, adding a hint of sarcasm behind it. She sighed, pushing a few strands of pitch-black hair from in front of her slightly tanned face. "Mika, another outburst like that and you're out of here." An older and much more deeper voice told the teen, sending a glare in Mika Minako's direction. Receiving a wave and a nod from the girl, the man continued with his quite boring lecture. 'When is it going to end?' Mika thought, sighing once more. Now that you know her name, let's move onto her looks. Aside from her dark colored hair and light tan skin tone, Mika has piercing light baby blue eyes. For an outfit, she wore a skintight black long sleeve shirt and a white one over top the black one. Also, she wore tight black jeans with many chain belts around her waist and black boots with white designs on them. Glossy lips and diamond earrings top the look off. A few moments later, the bell finally rung. Boy was Mika glad about that. Rushing out of the classroom, the teen almost bumped into a few people going to her locker. Stuffing her books into the locker, Mika walked to the cafeteria since it was almost lunchtime. Being a smart girl, Mika got in line as soon as she got there. If she didn't, she would have to wait a while because of 'The Rush'.

Purchasing a bottle of water, a small bag of chips and an apple, Mika walked to a table and sat down, beginning to eat. A couple moments later, Mika's friends came and sat around her, three in front of her and one beside her. "Wow, Mika, almost getting sent out of the classroom. Haven't seen that happen in a while. I thought you had gotten yourself straight." Hana, the perky one, spoke, a confused look on her face. "I did get myself straight, Hana. You know how I get when I have to sit in boring lectures." said Mika, a sigh coming from the girl. "You sure you got yourself straight, Mika?" Kalina questioned. "Yes! How many times do I have to say it?!" Mika shouted, everyone's attention turning to her. "Um… Nothing to see here!" Hana said, standing up and waving her hands in a fast motion, resulting in the other teens averting their gazes to some other place. "Mika, you know we just look out for you. Losing both your parents in a car accident is a tough thing for anyone. If you still need comforting, we could have another night at Hana's place." Kalina said, reassuringly. "Thanks, Kalina." said Mika, smiling. "I'm sure Alexia and Kira wouldn't mind coming." Kalina smirked, looking at the two. "Yeah! We wouldn't mind!" Kira and Alexia said in unison. "Thanks, guys. For everything." Mika told the group, receiving nods from all four teens.

Getting up from the table, Mika and her friends started to walk out of the cafeteria and to their next class. Mika let out a quiet sigh. "Mika, what's up?" Hana asked, looking at the girl. "Oh it's nothing." Mika replied, fake smiling. "It's about a certain someone in our next class, Hana." said Kalina, smirking. "Oh! Eheheh... Forgot about him." said Hana a little nervous-like. "Poor Mika. Why doesn't she just give up?" Kira sighed. "She thinks she still has a chance is why she hasn't." said Kalina. Mika quickened her pace, walking ahead of the group.

"Mika! Wait up!" Hana shouted, also quickening her pace, only to be held back by Kalina. "What are you doing?" Hana asked. "Let Mika be alone. I think it was something we said.." Kalina replied. The group arrived at the classroom to find Mika sitting at their table, actually doing her work for once. "Mika? You alright?" Alexia asked, sitting down in a chair. "I'm good, Lexi." Mika answered, looking up at the other teen. "Sorry about what we were talking about earlier. We didn't think you would mind it.." said Kalina. "It's fine, Kalina." Mika sighed, looking back down and getting back to her work. "You sure? You're doing work in class for once." Hana asked, blinking.

"Class we have-" The teacher started, only to be interrupted by Mika slamming down her pen. "Hana. Do you /have/ a problem with me doing my schoolwork?!" She shouted, glaring at the girl. "Mika! What have I told you?! No shouting in class!" The teacher said with a tone in her voice. "Sorry, Ma'am. Won't happen again!" said Mika, fake smiling as usual. "Well, before I was rudely interrupted.. Class we have a new student. His name in Tai Takushino. Mika, raise your hand to Tai will know where you sit. He shall sit next to you." She told the class. Mika raised her hand as her instructor told her to do.

Tai, a 5'7" tall teen with messy goldish blonde hair, somewhat in spikes, walked over and took his seat next to Mika. "Hey new kid. Let me see your schedule." said Mika. "Uh, sure." Tai shrugged, handing Mika his schedule. "Hm.. We've got mostly the same classes. Woo" Mika sighed, handing back the piece of paper. "Guess so. So, Mika was it? Do you always interrupt the class like that?" Tai asked, fixing his sea green eyes onto the girl. "Eh, sort of. I'm not in such a 'happy mood' right now. So, Tai, when did you move here?" Mika asked. "A couple days ago." He replied, an unhappy look on his face. "Miss your old friends?" She said, looking over to Tai. "A lot. And my girlfriend broke up with me right before I left so that doesn't help much." He sighed. "Ouch. So, who do you live with?" said Mika. Then she looked over at her friends, who were just listening to the conversation. "My mom and dad. And what about you?" He said, returning the question. There was silence at first but Mika broke it, "I live with my aunt and uncle now." She spoke, sadness showing in her voice. Tai blinked a couple times, hearing the tone of Mika's voice. "You okay, Mika? Was it something I said?" He questioned but received no answer.

"Mika's been through a lot, Tai. She's like this when anyone says they live with their parents and return the question." Kira explained. "What happened?" He asked. "It's a long story-" "My parents died in a car wreck. The driver who crashed into my parents was drunk." Mika interrupted Kira. "Whoa.. Sorry for you loss, Mika." said Tai. "It's cool." Mika sighed. Moments later, the bell rang. Mika stood up, grabbed her bag and walked out of the class. Kira, Hana, Alexia, and Kalina followed her out. Mika waited by the door for Tai. "See you later Mika!" said Hana. "Hey wait up!" She shouted, running after the teens. "What our next class, Mika?" Tai asked, walking out. "Art. Let's go now or we'll be late." Mika told the other. Both Mika and Tai started to walk, side by side. Hearing a few rude comments and whistling come from a group of seniors, Mika started to walk a bit faster. Flashing a glare over at the 'gang' over by the lockers, Tai quickened his pace like Mika had done just to keep up with her. "You alright?" He asked, finally back at her side. "I-I guess.." Mika answered, sighing. "You sure?" Tai said, a little concerned. "I said I'm fine!" She spat. "Sorry, I- I didn't mean to.." Mika apologized. "It's fine. He smiled. Not watching where she was going, Mika tripped and fell onto the tiled floor. Tai handed out a hand to help her up. Grabbing onto his hand, Mika pulled herself up with Tai's help. "Thank.. You.." said Mika, blushing a little. "No problem." He smiled. The seniors who were watching did not like Tai's kindness towards Mika and thought of a way to 'welcome him to the school'.

An hour passed and the bell rung for the last time. At her locker, she saw Tai walk by her and stop next to the locker. "Hey Tai, want to come to my house so we both can do our homework?" "Sure." Tai replied. "Weird we live on the same street. Let's walk." said Mika. "Can't. My mom would kill me if she knew I walked home." He shrugged. "I guess riding a bus home wouldn't hurt." said Mika. "Who said we would ride a bus?" He smirked. "Come on. Follow me." said Tai. "Uh. Okay." Mika blinked. Tai led her outside to a parked motorcycle in the parking lot. "You drove that here? Wow. I didn't think the school would allow it." Mika said, a little shocked. "Well, let's get going. I suggest holding onto me. That way you don't fall off the back." He told her. Mika nodded and got onto the bike after he did, wrapping her arms around his waist. It looked like she was hugging him rather than holding onto him. She sighed happily, laying her head onto his back as they left the school campus.