Tonsil Hockey

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A/N: Hi all. Summer's almost over. School starts on the 27th so I might not have alota time. As I type this I'm listening to Of Mice and Men for summer reading. So far it the stupidest book I've ever heard. Lenny keeps a dead mouse in his pocket wtf? And what's w/ those damn rabbits? Whatever. At least I'm not actually readin' it. Anyway, here ya are.

Shawn paced the room anxiously.

"Shawn sit down ok? He'll get here when he gets here." his friend Hunter admonished, pulling him down on the bed beside him.

"What time is it?" Shawn asked, rubbing his hands together impatiently.

"Its a minute later than the last time you asked me Shawn. Relax will ya? He'll get here soon." Hunter growled.

"Oh." Shawn muttered. "Sorry."

Hunter sighed.

"Its ok Shawn. I know you're excited. You haven't seen Adam in months. Just be patient." Shawn nodded and flopped back on the bed.

"I wished he'd just get here already!" he exclaimed. Hunter just chuckled and patted him on the shoulder.

"Just wait. I'll bet you he's just as anxious to see you. Don't worry yourself."

Shawn muttered darkly, got to his feet, and started to pace once more. After a few minutes, Hunter stuck out his foot and tripped his friend. Shawn fell to the floor face first. He sat up, angrily turning towards Hunter.

"WHAT DID YOU DO THAT FOR!?" he exploded. Hunter grinned.

"You were making me dizzy. Now sit down and stay there."

Shawn glared and sat down on the opposite side of the bed, his back to Hunter.

"Ya didn't have to trip me." he grumbled. There was a knock on the door and Shawn jumped to his feet.

"Relax Shawn." Hunter said, standing up and going to the door. He opened it and Shawn flopped back down on the bed when he saw who it was.

"Hi Dave." Hunter greeted his friend. "Come on in."

"Adam here yet?" seeing Shawn's position on the bed, Dave laughed. "Apparently not."

Shawn grumbled and turned onto his side.

"Don't worry Shawn. He'll be here." Dave reassured him, laying a hand on his back.

Shawn shot up again when there was a second knock. This time it was Adam. Shawn was on him in a second, tackling him to the floor in happiness.

"ADAM!" Adam's arms snaked around Shawn's waist.

"Hello Shawn, good to see you too. Now can you get off so I can get up?" Adam asked. Shawn stood, pulling Adam with him and then kissed him.

"I haven't seen you in forever!" Shawn said as they broke apart.

"I know Angel. We have all night though." This time Adam initiated the kiss, their tongues battling for dominance and exploring the other's mouth.

"Dave, I think we ought to leave these two to their tonsil hockey." Hunter suggested.

"Then get a move on Hunter because I have much more than tonsil hockey planned as soon as you get out." Shawn mumbled.Hunter groaned.

"The whole floor is gonna get a full audio I'm sure." he said as he and Dave left the room.

"Finally." Adam said. "Now where were we?"

"Tonsil Hockey." Shawn reminded him.

"You're going down. Hockey is a Canadian sport."

The End