The Legendary Knight Serpent

From the story The Myth of Outsider was transmission was received. The man who sent it gave a clue to a new Serpent: "We found some kind of creature, not recorded in any book . . ."

Well the 'some kind of creature, not recorded in any book' is the Knight Serpent, he is the guardian of Outsider. he Aztecs printed off books about the temple but never recorded the Knight Serpent because none has ever lived to see it and tell the tale. He lurks in the deepest part of the temple, The Tomb of Outsider.

He came to be by Outsider, she created him. When she reached the deepest part of the temple she did an experiment on a facehugger and it impregnated a Warrior Serpent (Xenomorph or Alien). Once it burst out of the Serpents chest the alternations caused it to grow extremely fast, faster than the other Serpents making it a worthy challenge. When it was fully grown it craved to serve his Queen (Outsider if you had figure that out). The Knight Serpent is a huge Serpent with a great spiked crest, spiked shoulders, with great spikes running up and down its back. Its tail is at least over either eleven to twelve feet, it is covered in spikes too. Its armor looks like knights armor of old, when it drags its tail the sound is of metal scraping metal. When you hear it you best run!

He is devoted to Outsider and will only leave her when his is commanded. When Outsider awakes he will follow her no matter where she goes, like a devoted knight! Even it means certain death to him, he will stay with Outsider through thick and thin.

Knight Serpents are the second strongest, the strongest is the Queen of course. A Knight Serpent's armor is so resilient that not even a Predators Net Gun could damage it, let alone scratch it.

This Knight Serpent of Outsider's will even fight off the other Serpents to protect his Queen and anyone she commands him to protect. But if you disturb Outsider's tomb, beware of the knight!

He could be found in the temple close to the deepest part, patrolling the area and hunting, the Knight Serpent mentioned in The Myth of Outsider mostly eats other Serpents, rats and who ever is foolish to come this deep.

Though he may sound slow he is actually really fast and very agile like a regular Serepent.

The best advise is to not encounter this Knight Serpent, when you hear the metal on metal sound run the other direction, lest ye want to lose yourself to the darkness and be eaten alive!

MEMO: this was a summary of the Knight Serpent. ┬ęThe Oracle Dragon

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