Ari had never been sure what to do on his days off, mainly because he had never really worked to require one. But as of five months ago, things had gotten much too hectic unlike the usual, and he had been busy; fighting running serving, an endless list.

But now, he couldn't be sure if he'd call it a "day off" at all. Stan was still in his shadow, he was still a slave, a scapegoat, there was still classification binding them, and his traveling companions were in usual dysfunction. The only difference being that today, they had granted his stray request to take a break; so he chose to go home.

It wasn't so much of a home past the name, seeing as how he hardly ever felt that he belonged anywhere, but that wasn't of much importance, since it did not solve his original dilemma.

He had a day off, and he was currently spending it in his room uninterrupted, but he was busy thinking what to do, for once in his life. It really troubled him when he had to made decisions on his own, especially if it was important. It was really the first thing that he had been given when he had asked for it, so he wanted to use it wisely; but sadly, this only caused him to fluster and be restless. Now, Ari wasn't an expert, but he was sure you weren't supposed to spend your day off in a mess, but this thought didn't help his condition any.

So he stopped thinking for a moment, and remembering all the running and fighting and serving he had done for nearly half a year straight, and then he wondered 'what don't I want to do today?' and it was exactly that.

What was there to do for an overshadowed boy who was practically made to do all those things? Nothing, of course; and that's exactly what Ari decided to do. So he went straight upstairs, lay down on his bed, and relaxed.

Not a bad try for his first day off.