Harry Potter: Rise of Revan.

Harry Potter, boy-who-lived, soon to be 5th year student at Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry. Also the boy who saw the rebirth of lord Voldemort, the most feared man since the times of Grindlewald. Also the boy who saw the murder of fellow schoolmate, Cedric Diggory.

Harry lay in bed, thinking. He felt numb ever since that night. When he slept, he saw the death of Cedric. When he was awake, he was pushed, punched, and made a slave by his relatives. Now, he was unable to sleep, afraid of reliving the memory. He was also upset, he felt betrayed. It has been 2 weeks since his return to privet drive, and he has received no correspondence from his friends. He had tried to send them letters, but Hedwig would always return with no reply.

When he needed them most, they had abandoned him. His anger rose, but he pushed it back down. What he needed was to train. To throw his sorrow, his anger, and his hatred into training. He needed to be strong if he was to have any chance to survive Voldemort. Harry had no doubt in his mind that now that Voldemort had a body, he would come after Harry. The attacks were bound to be more frequent.

He needed to get out of here, away from the Dursleys; he needed to gather books, to find a place to train without getting caught by the ministry. He got up and walked over to his desk and pulled out a piece of paper to make a list.

Things I need to do.

1: leave Dursleys.

2: get to money in grinngotts.

3:buy books.

4: maybe explore knockturn alley.

5: find hideaway.

He sat back and looked at the list. He nodded his head, thinking he got it right, now how to get out? He looked over at the clock and saw the time, it was 2am. Suddenly he got an idea. He went through his room, packing his cloths, his books, everything. He looked at Hedwig's cage to find her gone. Then there was a tapping and he looked at the window, there was Hedwig, he opened the window and she flew to land on his shoulder.

"You have an uncanny ability to know when I need you, you know?" he said with humor.

He laughed when she puffed out her chest in pride.

"Ok girl, I need you to fly high above me, and stay out of sight till I give you the signal." He said.

She nodded and left out the window. Harry grabbed his wand and his invisibility cloak and opened his door, he looked around carefully, he then quietly made his way downstairs, and made his way out the front door, down the street. When he was several streets down he raised his wand hand and with a bang the purple night bus appeared.

Then the doors opened and a man stepped out, he looked at Harry, who had removed the cloak and lowered his head, to keep his face hidden said, "where can we take you?"

Harry asked, "Where's Stan?"

The man responded, "its his night off, he works only 4 days a week."

The man then helped Harry load his trunk then Harry said to take him to the leaky cauldron. The man nodded and the bus disappeared at high speeds.

It was 20 minutes later that Harry was dropped off at the cauldron, but instead of entering, he made his way down the street and to a run down muggle motel. He went to the desk clerk, and paid in cash for the room number 6. Harry then walked in, and after making sure everything was secure, proceeded to let Hedwig in and took a small nap.

7:00 am.

Harry awoke, took a nice hot shower, then he left to go get some breakfast. After a rather good breakfast, he made his way to the leaky cauldron and entered. He looked around and saw nobody there; he quickly made his way to the alley passage. When the passage opened, he saw that some people were just setting up shop, so there was no crowd. He quickly made his way over to grinngotts bank, which was open and went to the first goblin teller.

"Yes, what can I do for you?" said the goblin with disdain.

"I would like to access my vault please, and to have a statement on all my financial matters." Said Harry.

The goblin then asked for the key, when Harry said he didn't have it, the goblin grew annoyed, then pulled out a bronze basin and simply said, "prick your finger and put some blood in it."

Harry did as he was told, and when the liquid in the basin glowed green, the goblin nodded, then he called another goblin and said, "take Mr. Potter to his account manager."

Harry followed the small goblin and he was escorted to a room with the name Greenbelt on the door. Harry then proceeded to take a seat in front of the desk, when another goblin came in and sat behind his desk.

"Hello Mr. Potter, my name is Greenbelt, I have been you family account manager for nearly 35 years. Your grandfather Augustus Potter appointed me. Now, what can I do for you?" he said in a nicer tone then the goblin at the front desk.

Harry replied, "I will need to extract some money, also I would like to have a complete account statement."

The goblin nodded and he extracted a folder from a pile on his desk, "here you go Mr. Potter, this contains all you need to know."

Harry thanked him, then started reading, what he found shocked him, he had a wealth of over 230 million galleons! Then he saw something that puzzled him, "excuse me sir, but what's a family vault?"

The goblin looked at Harry with a brief moment of disbelief, and then quickly covered it up, such emotion was not goblin like.

"A family vault is a vault that contains many families wealth, be they pureblood of muggle-born. They do contain a vast amount of money, but they are mainly used as storage for items. Where you not told of this?" asked the Greenbelt.

Harry shook his head and replied, "No I was not, why was that?"

The goblin looked a little worried for a moment, this was not good, "I do not know. It is normal procedure to tell the last family member of a wealthy line when they reached 11 years of age, so that they may not be overwhelmed at the thought of having so much. And so that they can be taught on how to properly handle such estates. I promise you Mr. Potter, I will inform my superiors and a full scale investigation will be held."

Harry nodded, a little surprised that a goblin would go to so much trouble. Then he had another thought, "Is it possible for me to remove any items from my vault?"

The goblin responded, "yes, you are allowed to remove items, there is no law preventing that."

Harry nodded, than he said he would like to go to his vault, Greenbelt called another goblin, Griphook, to escort Harry.

After Harry left, Greenbelt left his office and headed deeper into the building. He soon cam across two double doors, made of gold, and carved into the doors was a picture of a goblin holding a bloody sword victoriously. He knocked, and after a minute, he was allowed to enter.

When he entered, he looked around as he walked forward. In the office was armor from various civilizations, as well as goblin made. There were different weapons adorning the walls, such as swords, axes, pikes, and crossbows. There were paintings of famous goblins adoring the walls as well. He made his way over to the desk, which was made of the finest wood in England, and on the desk was a nameplate.

Bloodgold, president, Clan chief.

Once greenbelt was told to sit, the president asked, "well, what is so important that you had to come to see me personally?"

Greenbelt sighed, and then gave an explanation. He told about how the potter boy does not posses his key, and how the boy never even knew of his family vault.

When he finished, he waited for a reply, "I want you to go to the security chief and I want a full blown investigation. Use any resource and means necessary. This kind of thing can leave a black mark on our record, which could mean a decrease in profit. If the wizards find out about such a breech, they will begin to question us. I will not allow that to happen."

Greenbelt nodded, then left. Little did he know what this investigation would turn up.

With Harry.

Once Harry arrived at his family vault, he was told that he had to walk up and place his hand on the door, for the door will only recognize potter blood. Once Harry did, he felt a small sting, and then he heard clicking. He watched as the doors opened, and a small mist comes out. When it was all clear, Harry walked in, and his mouth fell in shock.

All around him was gold, and silver in many different piles, some reaching the roof. He walked forward along the path and came to a stop. For ahead of him, the path branched off into 4 different paths. Starting on his farthest left was the path that leads to the books room, second to his left was the wand room, in the center was the jewelry room, and on his right was the item room.

He chose the item room first, and walked on. When he walked in, he found the all the items separated into different corners. With a sign hanging above them. In the left hand corner, there were shelves filled with weapons, ranging from swords, to axes, to bows, to even guns. He could have sworn he saw an M-16. In the far left hand corner, was furniture, lots of furniture. Couches, beds, desks, etc.

In the right hand corner was jewels and crystals of different types. In the far right corner, was a bunch of boxes and shelves, it was labeled, 'Mysterious Objects.'

Intrigued, Harry went their first. He looked at the first shelf that caught his attention, on them was mysterious silvery cylinders, some were longer the others. He looked around, and found in the center of the section a pedestal containing a book. He walked over and picked it up, he opened it and read, 'this book contains a list of all the items in this section with notes on what we have discovered of them so far.'

Intrigued, he looks through, trying to find something on the cylinders, he finally finds what he's looking for and reads.

Cylinders 1-5. Theses mysterious cylinders were found by Lily Evans Potter while investigating her family's storeroom. Much research has been done, and what we found is rather intriguing. On each cylinder, there is a switch, that when flipped, emits a beam of light. The lights range from red to purple, depending on the cylinder. But the lights remain stationary. Through experimentation, we have discovered that the beams of light can cut through even the most durable of material. The only thing it seems to have trouble with is goblin armor, but given the time, we believe that it can be used to cut even that. After some debate, it was decided that these cylinders would remain in this section, instead of weapons, for we do not know if they are weapons or not. Also as you can see, the cylinders vary in length. That is because the smaller ones emit a beam out of a single side, while the longer ones emit a beam out of both sides, like a staff. It should also be noted; that the cylinders were found with a small chest, inside the chest was a small pyramid shaped device. After months of experimentation, we gave up on it, because we were unable to activate it. Next to the chest, covered in a white sheet was something unique. According to Mrs. Potter, she had found it hidden away in her family's storage room. What she found was a strange humanoid robot. We tried to activate it, but like the pyramid, no results.

After reading, Harry's curiosity peaked, so he looked around and he saw the rusty brown robot, and next to it was a small chest. He walked over, and he noticed that the chest seemed simple, so he opened it. Inside he found a crystal like pyramid that was about the size of his hand. He picked it up and placed it on a nearby shelf, and started to look it over, when suddenly, it activated.

Harry was caught by surprise and fell on his butt. Standing in front was what appeared to be a hologram. The person was wearing black armor with some red mixed in. they were also wearing a hooded cloak with the hood pulled up on their head, and they were wearing a mask. Harry was unable to tell if it was a man or women, when suddenly the holo spoke.

"My name is Revan, a former dark lord of the Sith, and a former Jedi knight. Since you have activated me, then that means you are force sensitive. Tell me your name boy." Said the holo in a metallic voice.

Harry simply stared and said, "M-my name is Harry Potter."

Revan stared down at the boy and spoke, "I can sense that you have enormous potential. With the right training, you can be great. I have decided to take you on as my new apprentice…?"

"But how, your not real?" said Harry.

"DO NOT INTERRUPT ME BOY!" yelled Revan.

"I was built by the original Revan, I have all of Revan's memories, thought patterns, everything that defined Revan. Except a physical body. This technology is far beyond your understanding. But over time, you will understand. I was built for the sole purpose to teach, to pass on the knowledge of my creator to the next generation. So, will you accept my training, this vast well of knowledge?" asked Revan.

Harry stared, then he thought. He did indeed come here for the sole purpose to train; he needed more power and knowledge to defeat Voldemort. So he looked at Revan and said, "I do want your training."

"Are you willing to change your perceptions? I will tell you now; you will learn both light and dark knowledge. Are you willing to throw away your prejudges and accept this fact?" asked Revan.

Harry thought, then said, "why do I need dark knowledge, won't that make me as bad as my enemies?"

"No you fool! There is no light, there is no dark. The entire world is gray, magic, the force, everything. It is the wielder that decides what is dark or light. No exceptions." Said Revan.

Harry had to think some more. Will this be worth it? Will he give into the very thing he swore to destroy? He said, "Yes, I am willing."

Revan smiled, though you couldn't see it, "good. You will make a fine student. Now, as your first act, see that droid, I want you to flip the switch behind his head, it is under a protective panel."

Harry nodded and stood; he walked over and went behind the droid. After a few minutes of searching, he found the panel; he lifted it, and flipped the switch. The panel closed and the sound of machinery running could be heard. The droid stood up straight, and Harry stood in front of it. He noticed that the eyes were red, it looked evil.

The droid looked around, and upon seeing Revan spoke, "inquiry: is that you master?"

Revan responded, "Yes, it is me. It is unfortunate, but I am a hologram, the real me is dead. Yet it is still good to see again."

"Statement: it is good to see you to master.

Inquiry: may I ask why I was activated?"

Revan replied, "Yes, you have been activated because it is time for you to have a new master. See that boy, his name is Harry potter, he is your new master."

The droid looked at Harry and said, "statement: this is my new master? He looks kind of skinny."

Harry bristled at the insult, but remained quite, the droid then sighed and said.

"Introduction: my name is HK-47, Protocol Assassination droid. I am fluent in over 6 million languages. As you can tell, my main job is to act as an assassin, as well as an interrogator. My secondary function is to act as your bodyguard. Though I prefer killing."

Harry tried hard to keep his mouth closed. He had a droid that killed people for a living and enjoyed it. Why did these things happen to him?

"So uh, as your master, you have to do what I say, right?" asked Harry.

"Disappointed statement: yes master, I follow your orders. Though if you forbid me from killing ever again, you may find my blasters accidentally going off, in your direction." Replied the droid.

Harry started, but calmed himself and said, "Oh, I don't plan on doing that. In fact, I happen to have a list of people for you to kill." Said Harry while thinking of death eaters.

"Excitement: oh master, I like you already. Is there by any chance I may get to interrogate some of these meatbags as well?" said the droid with excitement.

Harry was afraid, so he simply said yes, purely for the sake of his own survival. He turned back to Revan and the masked person spoke.

"Before we depart, you will take two lightsabres with you, one long one and one short one. Place them in the chest, where my armor resides. Then place me into the chest, and take me out when we reach your home. Till then, I will deactivate."

Once Revan deactivated, Harry did as he was told, and true to Revan's word, he found his armor in the trunk. Once everything was done, he picked up the trunk, and looked at HK-47.

"You know, there are weapons in this room, why don't you check them out, and take what you like." Harry said.

"Joyful exclamation: why thank you master, I think I will." with that, the droid walked off to go look at the weapons.

Harry then decided to look around the rest of his vault. He left the mysterious items section, and started to leave the items section altogether, and as he left, he could have sworn he heard giggling coming from the weapons section.

He went into the books section and was startled at the sheer number of books. They were all divided into different sections. Transfiguration, DADA, charms, potions, and others. He found a basket that was bigger on the inside then the out, and was weightless.

He went through each section, looking, and taking the books he felt would be best.

From transfiguration he took, beginning to advanced transfiguration, animagus: how to bring out your inner beast, beyond Hogwarts: transfiguration of masters.

From the DADA he took, 1001 jinx's and their counters, advanced shielding: how to become a walking fortress, Constant Vigilance: spells for all situations, wordless spell casting.

He also took various books from charms and potions such as, charms: the underdog of magic, 1000 poisons and cures, potions for beginners, etc.

When Harry went into the others section, he found a variety of books, including some dark arts, Occlumency: how to shield your mind, Liligemency: how to read your opponents mind, military tactics through the ages, The Art of War by Sun Tsu, dark arts: why they are misunderstood, Magical law, etc.

When he was done, he walked out of the books section, he encountered HK-47 waiting. He was carrying a duffle bag that looked filled to the brim with guns. In his hands he was carrying a shotgun.

"Statement: I am ready to serve you in my full capacity master.

Advisement: I suggest that we later get more ammo clips master, for I may need them." Said the droid.

Harry nodded, then walked out, after filling his moneybag with a ton of gold. When they walked out of the vault, the goblin looked surprised to see Harry walking out with a droid.

"Statement: what is that wrinkled little meatbag called master?" asked HK.

"That's a goblin." Replied Harry.

The goblin looked offended at being called meatbag, but Harry hastily explained, "please don't take it personally, he calls everyone that. And I mean everyone."

After the ride, Harry was escorted to Greenbelts office, and once he took his seat, with HK standing behind Harry, being cautious to protect his new master.

"Ah, Mr. Potter, all was well I hope?" he asked.

Harry nodded, "it was, thank you. Though I would like to ask a favor. Could you shrink my things so I can carry them?"

"How about I do better, I'll just expand your trunk on the inside so you can fit everything in there." Replied the goblin.

Once he finished, and Harry put everything in the small chest, including a very reluctant droid, the goblin spoke once more, "Mr. Potter, you will be glad to know that grinngotts is conducting a full investigation into the affaires of your vault for the past 15 years, the fact that you were kept out of the loop is worrisome."

Harry nodded, and then he asked if there was a way he could with draw money with out having to comeback. He was given a wallet that will generate the necessary muggle money needed, and it will generate the galleons needed in the wizarding world.

Once Harry left the bank, he went into Madam Malkins to get new robes. He even took a black cloak that will cover his face, so he can remain anonymous. Once he was done, he made his way into the muggle world and took his trunk to his hotel room.

Once there, Harry locked the doors and windows and opened the chest, only for an angry droid to spring out and say, "indignation: master I do not appreciate being stuffing into a small space. If you wanted me to hide, all you had to do was ask. I have a personal holo field that will allow me to take on the form of a human. Next time, ask before you act."

Harry then pulled out the Holocron and Revan appeared once more.

"Ah, I see we are in a safe location. To night, we will begin your training. First, we will start with meditation. I want you to sit cross-legged on your bed."

Once Harry did as he was told, Revan continued, "Now, clear your mind. Tune out all noise; focus on your heartbeat. Draw yourself inwards."

Harry did as he was told. He tuned out everything. He focused on his heartbeat; soon, he felt a strange sensation, like he was falling. He opened his eyes, and what he saw surprised him, for before him, was pulsing twin pulsars. Each on shining with the intensity of a sun. The one on his right, though, was shining with a hint of green. He reached forward and touched it, and he felt the familiar sensation of his magic. He reached out to the other one and he felt another sensation. It was…beautiful.

He felt at peace, he felt so wonderful. Then he was pulled back, and he opened his eyes again, to find himself being stared at by both Revan and HK.

"Inquiry: master, why were you glowing?" asked HK.

"I was glowing?" asked Harry.

"Yes, that aura was the force. You are far more powerful in it than I anticipated. You will indeed be an interesting apprentice." Said Revan.

Suddenly, Harry felt tired, and Revan spoke once more, "it is not unusual to feel tiredness after accessing the force for the first time. Go to sleep, rest, for tomorrow you have a busy day."

Once Harry was fast asleep, and Revan made sure he was, he looked at HK.

"HK, my loyal droid. I need you to keep watch, I will be going into the mind of Harry, and it is time we learn about what we are up against."

"Yes master." Was the reply.

And so, Revan dove into the mind of young Harry, reviewing all the boys memories, his emotions, everything.

It was 3 hours later, that Revan exited, and Revan was not happy. Revan felt particular displeasure at the Dursleys. He called over the droid, "HK, it seems we are in even greater danger then I had anticipated. I have also identified some targets just for you. Soon my friend, you will go out and kill."

HK simply chuckled darkly, oh how he loved to kill.

A/N: the idea came to me so I thought I would try it. Also, in case nobody noticed, I did not reveal Revan's gender. That was done on purpose to keep it hidden, the gender will be revealed later, but not now. Please review, any flames will be responded with in kind.