Sorry, but this is not a chapter. I am posting this to say that the story is now on permanent hiatus. Now before people start mobbing me, allow me to explain. Recently I have gone over the story and found that frankly, it sucks. My spelling is horrendous, my grammar is bad, sentence structure, everything. So, I have decided to put the story on hiatus. I do plan to re-write this in the future, to fix my mistakes and to flesh everything out more, it just won't be soon. I am busy with other projects as well as work and school, so my time is limited. Again, I am sorry for doing this, but it needed to be done, I refuse to allow my story to continue in the awful manner that it currently is. However, please feel free to view my other, better stories. I would also like to thank all the people that have stuck with me through this story, and I encourage you to check out my other works. Also, when I do a rewrite, I will post a note in this story so all the people with alerts will know. Thank you, and good bye.