Title: Keys to the Kingdom, 5/5
Character/Pairing: Magneto, Rogue, people of Genosha
Verse: 616
Rating: M
Word Count: 4,800+
Summary: What if Rogue had decided to stay and help out with the building of Genosha?

Rogue woke the next morning with her entire body aching. It was delicious. She curled closer against Magneto's body, nuzzling his chest. Not quite ready to open her eyes. His hand had been rubbing her back and it slid slowly up her body to wrap in her hair, tugging her face up to his. He kissed her and her power flared, pulling hard at him. She groaned and pushed herself away, looking down at him with wide, lust-filled eyes. A mirror image of his own staring back up at her.

"I ain't ever gonna be able to look at a towel rack the same way," she murmured, blushing.

He chuckled, running a hand through her hair while his other snaked between their bodies to rub enticingly at her breast. She shifted to give him better access. "Thought we were gonna talk," she moaned, pressing her hands into his chest.

Magneto maneuvered them so that she was lying beneath him. There was a knock on the door and he stood quickly, waiting for her to wrap the sheet around her body before waving it open. "Lord Magneto," the young mutate said, bowing deeply. He held out a piece of paper in his hand and Magneto retrieved it, nodding to the boy before closing the door.

Rogue watched him read the message, noticing his body tense and she quickly scrambled to gather her clothes. "It appears that I cannot leave Genosha in the hands of my son and Huxley for any amount of time," he muttered, clearly irritated. He looked at her, expression softening briefly, and reached out, caressing her cheek. "We need to return to Hammer Bay."

"Figured that." She smiled, leaning into his touch before moving away to pull on her clothes.

The metal bracelet attached to her wrist and she looked back at him. "Are you marking me?"

"It would appear so," he replied wryly, gathering his helmet to him.

Nothing else needed to be said and they left the settlement, flying quickly back towards the capital. She wondered what might have been in the message and what precisely Pietro and that annoying woman had done. They landed at the citadel and Ferris met them, quickly beginning to explain what had occurred. Rogue excused herself and sought out her own office. She needed to warn the other settlements of the attack and have them begin preparing their own special forces for security.

Magneto was occupied the rest of the day, working furiously on coordinating plans with the various factions. Eventually Rogue forced herself to stop working and made her way to her room, curling up quickly under the covers. She was exhausted and fell asleep in a matter of minutes, hand clasped around the bracelet for comfort.


Rogue didn't see him the next day. Or the day after that. She kept reminding herself that he was busy, trying to figure out protocols. Wasn't he? So, she kept herself busy, working hard. Making sure everything was up-to-date. Eventually, it came down to her having a whole slew of paperwork she needed to have him sign. She gathered it and started towards his throne room. Surely he'd be pleased to have her there. To see her. He'd been happy enough when they'd been together at the settlement.

She walked quickly through the hallway, hands full of papers and knocked on the door. Careful not to interrupt any meeting. The door flew open and she walked in, smiling. "I have reports for you to sign. For supplies."

"For the mutates," Magneto replied, his voice unbelievably cold.

She faltered, watching him turn around and look at her. There was no warmth in his eyes. No gentleness. "Leave them. I will sign when I have the time," he continued, and turned back to the screen he'd been watching.

"Is something wrong?" She took a step towards him but no more. Frozen by the metal in her bracelet.

"Leave now." He said no more, hands clasping behind his back as his hold on her stopped.

"They're for supplies for the newly formed patrol troops at the settlements," she informed him, placing the papers on his throne.

He didn't reply and she shook her head, forcing herself to simply leave. She managed to get all the way down to her room without showing any emotion. Closing the door, she threw the pillow, a book, and a number of other items at the door. After several moments she managed to get the damn bracelet off as well and smiled as it banged against the door. Fool, she berated herself. Damn fool.


Rogue took great pains to not cross his path for the next few days. Uncertain what she'd do. It was just so typical of him to treat her this way. Really, she shouldn't have expected any less. Away from the others, secluded, he treated her like...Like what Rogue? She shook her head, furiously writing down orders for her reports. Revered. She stuffed the papers into the box with the label For Magneto scribbled on it. One of the mutates could bring it to him. Or Ferris, who was back to following her around.

Watching me, she grumbled, pushing herself up and took off down the hallway. The others moved quickly out of her way and she frowned, slowing pace. She tried smiling apologetically at the mutates. It wasn't fair to take out her bad mood on the lot of them. A swift wind passed by her and she smiled, watching Pietro abruptly stop before her. "Council meeting," Pietro murmured, sighing exasperatedly. "These have become the time of the week that I dread."

"Huh?" she asked, looking curiously at him.

"The meeting. You are coming?" He tilted his head, looking peculiarly at her.

"Of course I am." She forced a smile, following Pietro towards the conference room, unable to believe Magneto hadn't informed her of the meeting.

Magneto was at the head of the table, the others already in their seats--Huxley at his side. Thought I was meant to be by your... She couldn't bring herself to finish the thought. His eyes widened briefly in surprise which he quickly masked as Rogue sat down, leaning back in the chair, keeping her gaze fixed on him. He'd have to kick her out. Maybe that's what he wants. For me to leave.

She jutted out her chin, hands resting on the arms of the chair. Defiance wafting off of her. Magneto ignored her, addressing the others. Business as usual, though, she noticed that he was equally cold to Pietro and Huxley. Finally, he turned his attention to her and she took back her earlier assessment of his treatment to Huxley and Pietro. If anything he'd been cheerful with them in comparison to the way he was regarding her. "Let's hear now from Rogue, who's dedication to her work brings her so very close to her charges. Tell us, Rogue, how are the many, many deeds you have wrought since our last meeting?"

She snarled, unable to hold back her emotions. "Obviously you don't care, since you failed to even mention this meeting to me. So much for caring for your people, hmmm, Magneto?"

Her chair was lifted, the arms of it molding around her hands and securing her before she crashed backwards, through the door and down the hallway. Magneto exited after her, his face contorted in rage. "You don't scare me," she bit out, glaring at him, refusing to back down.

They ended up in his throne room and her entire body ached as he slammed the chair down. "I haven't done a damn thing," she continued, growling. "I've worked hard. I've helped and you"--she took a deep breath--"Fuck you."

"You seemed willing enough," he replied, taking a seat on the throne. His voice distant.

She inhaled sharply, unable to keep herself from trembling. It'd meant nothing. God. Fool. Fool. Fool! "If you wanted me to leave, Magneto, all you had to do was tell me." She couldn't look at him, tears welling in her eyes. "Didn't need to get my hopes up like that and dash them like this." She chocked out a sob. "Its just cruel."

"Rogue." His voice was so close and she felt leather against her cheek, wiping away tears.

She flinched, pulling away from him. "I am a fool," he murmured, pressing his lips to the top of her head. The metal releasing as he tugged her to her feet, wrapping his arms tightly around her.

"I thought you cared," she chocked, pounding her fists against his chest. "You bastard."

"I thought you didn't," he murmured, brushing hair from her face. "That you had realized this was not going to work."

She pulled back. "What the hell made you think that?"

"You did not..." He stopped, sighing. "You did not join me."

"Huh?" Rogue shook her head, confused.

"You chose your own room," he stated, expression tight.

"I was exhausted. You were working. We hadn't..." Sighing, she raked a hand through her hair. "And you've been acting like this--like a complete and utter bastard--because--"

"Because I am one," he replied, offering her a hand. "You must have realized by now that I do not do well with..."

"Emotions?" She wrapped her arms around her body staring at his hand. "You sent Ferris back to me."

"I did not wish you harmed." He moved towards her, hands coming to rest gently on her shoulders. "I was doing enough of that it seems."

Rogue looked up at him. "If'n you ever treat me like that again." She shook her head, resolute. "I swear, it don't matter how much I care about the mutates, about you. I'm gone."

His hands tightened on her shoulders. "That would not set well with me."

"Yeah, well. Learn to express yourself. In more appropriate ways," she murmured, pursing her lips.

His hands slid down her arms before resting on her hips. He tugged her towards him and crushed his lips against hers, his grip painful. Like he was trying to consume her. Her power pulled hard and she pushed at him, needing to breathe, to steady herself against the onslaught of emotions. He'd meant all he'd said and she saw him in his room the night they'd returned, the way he'd shut himself off when he went to bed alone.

"Could have come and got me," she informed him, hand wrapping in his shirt. "I'd've come."

His lips brushed against her forehead and he pulled her back against him. "Oh I'm sure you would have," he murmured, breath hot against her ear.

Rogue shivered and rested her head against his chest, breathing in his scent for a few moments. "I've got a phone call in twenty minutes," she informed him, pushing away. "Come and get me this time. Ain't like I'd prefer staying alone."

She blew him a kiss and flew out of the room, smiling slowly. Uncertain precisely how this encounter made her feel. She was leaning towards relieved which made her falter. Wondering when the rug was gonna be pulled out from under her this time and how much it would hurt.


There were entirely too many forms. To be signed. To be catalogued. Rogue rubbed her eyes, forcing herself to keep at it. She'd sent the others off already. This was one of those thankless tasks that only she could do. No point in keeping them around. She was steadfastly refusing to look at the door, waiting for Magneto. If he didn't come in the next thirty minutes she'd simply have to go to his room herself.

Rogue shook her head and pushed the papers away. There was no point in continuing, she wasn't concentrating at all. Pushing them into a neat stack, she left the room and walked towards his quarters, Ferris trailing behind. She was unsure why she was doing this, getting involved with him, continuing it. Wasn't it better when he'd been angry with her? This wasn't going to be her home. It couldn't.

Her home was in Westchester. With the X-Men. Wasn't it?

Frowning, she knocked on the door, waiting. There was no movement, no response. Right. She glared at the doorway, angry. Hurt. Fine. She turned quickly on her heel and began walking quickly down the corridor, desperate for her room. "Magneto is in the throne room," Ferris stated, and she spun, looking wildly at the robot.

"What?" Her hands were clenched at her sides, entire body tight with tension.

The robots eyes blinked and she knew he was processing information. "He is in the throne room."

Rogue changed courses, moving swiftly. As she neared the room she began slowing her pace. He didn't like to be disturbed there. Hesitating, she stood in front of the door, trying to determine the best course of action. The door slid open, making her decision for her. "Enter," Magneto stated, his voice hard. Distant.

She frowned, entering slowly. His greeting didn't bode well. She stopped right outside of the door, watching him carefully. "Has your courage suddenly failed you?" he asked, and there was a hard tug on her bracelet and she was dragged forward until she was standing in front of him.

Rogue shrugged, turning to see the large screen behind her that he was watching. Footage from various worldwide news programs was displayed on the screens. "You're busy. I can go."

His power pulled at her again and she nearly stumbled, glaring at him as he tugged her closer until she was standing right beside his throne. His focus was still on the screen but he reached out, drawing fingers up her arm. Sending nervous energy throughout her body. He said nothing, continuing the steady caress and she kept silent. Allowing him a few minutes before she allowed her irritation to set in. Finally he rose, the screens shutting off and he caught her arm, pulling her quickly to his side. He kissed her hard, hand sliding up to grasp the back of her neck, ceasing any struggle for her to pull away.

Lust hit her low and she clenched his shoulders, dizzy with want. He pulled away and she shut her eyes, leaning against him as they both tried to steady their breathing. "Time for bed, hmmm?" he murmured, fingers sliding through her hair, arm wrapped possessively around her waist.

All she could do was nod, overwhelmed by his presence inside of her. He chuckled, pressing his lips to her forehead before guiding her out of the room. She had enough sense to stop clinging to him once they were in the hallway, noting that he'd dismissed Ferris. Pleased that no one else was traversing the hallway. "You are trembling," Magneto told her, waving the door to his quarters open. Her quarters now too, wasn't it?

Rogue glared fiercely at him, sticking her tongue out and pulled away, looking around the room. It wasn't that different from hers. Bigger definitely with an area for eating, sitting. "Must be nice to be king," she muttered, looking over shoulder at him. She shivered at his hungry look. Knowing he wasn't in the mood for food.

Magneto was at her side in a moment, hand running up her back before pulling her towards the bed. His hand slipped under the hem of her shirt, leather dancing along her skin and she groaned, letting him push her down onto the bed. His expression was remote, arms crossed as he looked down at her. She pushed herself up, watching him, wary. "I am endeavouring to establish a country, a small realization of my dream," he began, and her bracelet left her wrist turning in the air between them. She missed the weight of it, fingers absently stroking the skin it had been around. "I should not be embarking on this with you. Allowing my attentions to be swayed from the path."

The bracelet elongated, an end sharpening and she gasped as it flew at her, eyes widening as he began manipulating it to remove the buttons of her blouse. "What's the point of having your dreamed realized if'n you have to endure it all alone?" she asked, gripping the blanket beneath her. "If at the end you'll be all alone?"

The metal pushed her blouse open, exposing her body to him and she licked her lips, pleased with his sudden intake of breath. "Indeed," he murmured, the metal warping again, sliding slowly along her skin.

She moaned, breathing faster, gasping as the metal left her body, reattaching to her wrist. Part of it pulled away, linking onto her other wrist. He lifted his hand, drawing her arms into the air, manipulating her. "Ain't nice to tease," she informed him, smiling impishly.

Magneto laughed, pulling the blouse off, fingers running down her arms as he allowed them to drop. "Lovely," he stated, stroking the straps of her bra. "Lovely, deadly skin."

"Be careful of that skin," Rogue warned, gasping as he kissed her, heedless of her power, leather-clad hands ghosting over the upperswell of her breasts. Her hands grasped his shoulders, prepared to push him back. Overwhelmed by his lust, his need.

He pushed her back down, drawing her hands back over her head, secured there by his metal bracelets. "I do not fear your power, Rogue." Magneto bent down, blowing slowly against her neck. "It makes you strong, resilient. It is part of who you are."

She shivered, pressing her legs together, trying not to squirm. "Ain't all of who I am though," she reminded, inhaling sharply as he trailed his fingers across her breasts, skirting around her nipples. "Tease."

"Hmmm..." he murmured, and she arched as he flicked her nipple.

Rogue looked at him, glaring when she realized he was amused. "Like to wipe that smirk right off of your face," she growled, tugging futilely, annoyed by his control.

Magneto brushed his hand across her cheek. "Your response is quite inspiring." Her glare intensified and he chuckled, kissing her quickly and her power pulled, pushing his appetite upon her. Leather stroked down her arms, across her chest before whimpering as his tongue replaced his hands, sucking hard on her nipple through the fabric of her bra.

"Oh god," she groaned, pushing up into his body, straining against the bonds keeping her arms in place.

"Not a god," he reminded, the buttons of her pants coming undone, zipper sliding down.

She closed her eyes, body bowing as he moved to her other nipple, leather-clad hand drawing down her side and across her stomach. Finger running along the edge of her pants. Her legs spread slightly, unconsciously, fists clenching tightly above her head. "Oh!" Something cold and smooth slid across her neck and she opened her eyes, looking wildly at him. He unhooked her bra, discarding the undergarment quickly, watching her with a cool, calculated gaze.

"Metal," he informed her, raising a hand, removing his glove.

Her eyes widened in fear at that. "You can't..." she began, shaking her head, struggling to move. The metal lifted from her neck and she watched as it wrapped around his hand. He brought his hand down, drawing his fingers across her lips. Nothing happened, no pull of her power, no syphoning of memories.

"Oh yes," he replied, pulling his hand back the metal leaving it and floating above her chest. Hovering. She watched as it stretched, thinning itself before dropping slowly onto her breasts. She gasped at the coolness, breathing heavy, biting her lip as he sucked her nipple again, teeth grazing over it.

It was almost as though the metal wasn't even there. As though he was simply touching her. "Ohohoh."

Her eyes closed again, focusing on the sensations he was stirring in her body, whimpering as her pants were drawn off, followed by her panties. Leather stroked her thighs causing her legs to part more, tensing as his hand rose higher. Closer, closer... She groaned in frustration as his hand retreated to her stomach. He nuzzled her breast and then she felt the metal slide down her body, changing shape. It drifted over her arms, across her stomach. Down, slowly, gliding across her upper thighs.

"Open your eyes, Rogue." His voice was gentle with an undercurrent of a demand and she obeyed, looking at him through veiled eyes. The metal moved between her legs, sliding slowly, and she tossed her head, biting her lip at as it nudged against her sex, slowly penetrating her.

"Do you have any idea how captivating this is, Rogue?" he asked, nuzzling her ear protected by her hair. He was positioned over her, straddling her hips, the metal beginning to thrust into her. "To fuck you with metal?" His gloved hand grasped her breast, tweaking her nipples, the other propping himself above her. "To have you react so...pleasurably when I touch you with it?"

She shook her head, gasping, pushing her hips up. "I believe I could do this for hours." He caressed her stomach. "Stimulate you with metal. Over and over." She whimpered, looking at him with wide vulnerable eyes. "Shall I?"

Rogue shook her head, hips moving against the metal, striving for release. "No?" He chuckled, and his hand moved between their bodies, finding her clit and rubbing slowly, teasingly.

"More please," she pleaded, writhing beneath him. "Please."

"Oh, my girl, there shall be much more," he replied, kissing her hard and she tensed, body bowing underneath his as she came. A million pieces of white flashing before her. The metal kept thrusting into her, his finger continuing to stimulate her clit as he broke the kiss, looking intently down at her.

Tears slid down her cheeks, gasping for air as she continued pushing against the metal, gaze locking with his at the sound of a zipper being pulled down, followed by the sound of foil being ripped. The metal was pulled out of her and he released her hands, rising above her. "Mine," he said thrusting into her.

Rogue wrapped her arms around his neck, clinging desperately to him. "Ohohohohohoh."

She wrapped her legs around his waist, crying out when he brought her arms down, pinning them beside her head as he thrust into her, harder than with the metal. Deeper, more intense. "You will stay here with me," he told her, one hand releasing hers, sliding back between their bodies, rubbing intently at her clit. "You will help me build this great nation. See my vision realized."

"I." She whimpered, body bowing underneath him as his thrusts became harder.

He bent down, sucking her neck, pressing harsh kisses along it and then down her across her chest before flicking her nipples with his tongue. "Yes," he breathed against her breast, nipping. "You are mine. You belong here. With me."

Magneto kissed her as he came, his intensity pouring into her, causing her to climax violently. He pulled back, staring intently down at her as he withdrew, coming to lie beside her. His hand continued to stimulate her, metal moving back between her legs, sliding easily inside of her.

"I will give you everything you could ever desire," he informed her, his breathing shaky, as his bare hand twisted her nipple. The short contact electrifying. "If you stay..."

The metal continued pressing into her and then suddenly, the metal links on her wrists shifted, sliding up and down her arms, ghosting over her shoulders until they came to her breasts. Rubbing over her nipples, over and over again. "Oh god," she replied, hands clenching his shoulders, overstimulated.

"Oh yes." Magneto pressed his lips to her brow. "Come again for me, Rogue." His mouth brushed against her ear. "Now, my girl."

She cried out, clenching her eyes shut again, coming hard before collapsing on the bed. Pleased when the metal slid out of her. His hand drew down her side before pulling her close, brushing her hair from her face. "Sleep now," he murmured, kissing her head and tugging the blanket over them. "My beautiful, deadly girl."

Rogue clung to him, body slowly relaxing, shivering every time he stroked her side before finally allowing sleep to overtake her.


Rogue woke, body aching in places it never had before. It was delicious and she stretched, smiling tentatively at Magneto. He looked down at her, towel drying his hair. Expression softening and she gasped, metal sliding around her wrists, causing her to whimper. He chuckled, bending down and kissed her firmly, metal rising up, covering his lips. Keeping her power at bay. His hand moving to stroke her stomach. She wrapped her arms around his neck, pressing herself up against him. Could get used to this.

"My dear," he murmured against her lips, unwrapping her arms. "I have matters to deal with."

She raked a hand through her ruffled hair. "So do I." Rogue sat up, wrapping the sheet around her body, and kissed him again before making her way to the bathroom.

The water rained down on her, soothing her aching limbs and she leaned back against the wall. Smiling at the metal pressed against her back. She forced herself to shower, trying not to think about Magneto and the prior night, knowing she needed to be in full capacity of her senses before dealing with the current state of affairs. She showered quickly, unsure if she was pleased or disappointed that he'd left by the time she came out.

Twenty minutes later she was in her office, ignoring her coworkers inquiring looks. Smiling much too brightly over the ache in her limbs. Touching her bracelet entirely too much, absently caressing the metal. She shook her head, turning her attention to the papers on her desk. Her job was important. More so than lingering on her thoughts about last night. There would be time to reminisce later in the day. She poured herself into her work. Going over proposals, determining rations, adjusting figures as needed.

"Letter, Miss Rogue," one of the mutates informed her, placing the large envelope on her desk.

Rogue raised an eyebrow, wondering who'd have sent her something before seeing the handwriting. "Oma," she whispered, tracing over the writing. Rogue. Island of Genosha. Office of Mutate Affairs. "You always knew."

Carefully opening the envelope she began reading the letter, grinning at Irene's gentle, uplifting words. "The X-Men need you," Rogue read, faltering. "Go to them or all will be lost. He will not understand but your heart will mend. Do what is right. Not that which feels good."

Rogue closed her eyes, taking a deep breath before reading the letter once more. "There is more to love than touch," she finished, folding the letter back up and tucked it into her pocket.

Sighing, she forced herself to dial the mansion's number, needing confirmation. Even though she didn't need it. If Destiny's letter said the X-men were in trouble then they were. But she'd need more than simply her dead mother's letter to show Magneto. To explain why she had to leave. Not that it would matter. He wasn't going to understand.

My heart will mend. She hoped Destiny was right.

She found Magneto in his throne room, dismissing his most trusted Acolytes as she entered. He looked her up and down, his hunger quite obvious as he motioned her forward, hands sliding up her sides. "You seem pensive, Rogue," he stated, drawing her to straddle his lap. She could feel him pressed against her ass, hard and she pressed a quick kiss to his nose.

If only she could simply stay. Here with him. It would be so easy to do. Especially with his hands on her back, her metal bracelet swirling around her wrist. A special caress. Rogue frowned, closing her eyes briefly. Gathering strength. "I have to go back," she told him, biting her lip as his expression hardened. Hands dropping to his sides.

"Back?" His eyes narrowed and she bit her lip, forcing herself to continue watching him through his steely gaze. Hands on his chest, touching him.

"Destiny sent a letter. They're in trouble." She looked at him, silently pleading with him to understand. "I called. They need me."

Magneto grabbed her hands, pushing her off of him as he stood. "If you go, Rogue," he warned, no warmth in his voice. None of the affection from this morning on his face. "You may never return."

"Erik--" She reached out, flinching when he turned his back to her.

"Make your choice."

Destiny's words echoed in her mind as she rose into the air, crying silently as the metal bracelet pulled free from her body, clattering as it hit the floor. She shot through the room, leaving a massive hole in her wake, desperate to get away. Destiny was wrong. This would never mend. Never. But it was what she had to do or she'd never be able to live with herself. Just once she wished she could take the easy path, the one that let her dreams come true.

Some things are never meant to be, she reminded herself, streaking across the sky. Leaving behind all she'd ever wanted. I never should have come. It'd have been better if I'd never experienced...any of it.

She wiped her eyes, hardening her expression. Looking towards the future. There was no point in dwelling on the past. On what might-have-been. He sure as hell wouldn't.