How Far to Go Till They Notice

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The day was very slow and everyone was bored out of their wits ends. Danny and Lindsay sat on the couch in the breakroom. Lindsay had her head on Danny's shoulder.

Stella sat in a chair with a fashion magazine in her hand. Sheldon sat at the breakroom table doing a crossword puzzle and Flack sat next to him and was tormenting Sheldon by giving him answers that didn't fit in the right spots.

"Flack if you don't start giving me the correct answers I will take this crossword and roll it up into a cylinder shape and beat the shit out of you with it." Sheldon said angrily to Flack who couldn't keep a straight face and had a smirk plastered to his face.

"If you two can't act your age I will put both of you in a corner in time out till you two can act normally." Stella said to both Flack and Sheldon who both started to laugh.

"You wouldn't dare." They both say in return to her.

"Just watch me." Stella said with a chuckle in her voice.

Danny and Lindsay sat there both amazed that none of them looked over to the two lovebirds on the couch and said something.

Danny whispered in his girlfriend's ear. "Montana could you believe this. Here we are both sitting on the couch cuddling and they haven't said a single word in regards to us being together. How long have we been dating…6 weeks now!!"

Lindsay whispered into her boyfriend's ear. "I know honey…kind of creepy I tell you but I wonder how far we can go on this couch before one of them speaks up and realizes that you and I are an item!"

Danny smiles big time and whispers to her again. "You want to try that and see how far we can go?"

Lindsay nods her head and smiles at Danny.