Title: Giving Normal a Try

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Sydney Bristow has never been normal. In school, she was always the smartest; at least until she stopped having time to study. She stopped having time to study because she joined SD-6, what she thought was part of the CIA. In SD-6 she learned a record making number of languages, how to fight better than her instructor and rose through the ranks faster that anyone could believe. Once she found out she wasn't working for the good guys, Sydney fought to destroy SD-6, joined the real CIA, killed her ex-boyfriend when he turned out to be a murder, went to recover nuclear weapons with her father and mother (who came back from the dead) and finally, fell in love with the one man she was forbidden to have.

Michael Vaughn.

He was her one spot of normalcy in a crazy world. The one spot she could feel peace, comfort and love. Sydney knows she loved Michael Vaughn years ago, and still did today even though he had a wife. They say that ignorance is bliss and maybe they're right, because knowing she loved Michael Vaughn made the confession she was about to make all that much harder.

The two of them were in a safe house, after a recovery mission. It was a typical CIA safe house, minimal furniture, connections to their CIA base and enough weapons to take over a small country. Vaughn was working on a computer and Sydney was reading her book. They hadn't talked to each other since the mission, because there wasn't much for them to say. Finally, once Sydney realized she had read the same page three times, and still didn't know what it said, she decided it was time to talk. "Vaughn?"

"Yeah," he answered, without looking up.

"We need to talk." Taking a deep breath, she continued, "There are two important things I need you to know, but first I need you to promise me something." She felt like she was back in grade school, about to share a secret with a friend who she had missed.

"I wish I could Sydney. I wish I could promise you any and everything. I wish I could promise you that I wouldn't hurt you. That I could make everything better. You haven't been sleeping, and you've lost weight. That is my fault," thought Vaughn. "What do you want me to promise?"

"Just to let me finish taking, please don't say anything until I'm done; that you will let me finish what I have to say."


"There is no easy way to say this," started Sydney, "so I won't try to talk around it. I think I say Lauren in the club.'

Vaughn began to open his mouth when Sydney cut him off, "You promised. I'm not sure it was her, it was really dark in the club, but once I chased after that girl who shot the contact I got a good look at her. I believe it was Lauren."

"Sydney, I know things haven't worked out for us…"

The b! How could he say that! HOW COULD HE SAY THAT! "I can't believe you would think that! How the hell could you think that?!? After all we've been through," shouted Sydney.

"Listen," Vaughn exclaimed. "I'm not sure what you thought you saw, but if I do know one thing that one thing is my wife. I KNOW she wasn't in that club."

"That wasn't all I had to tell you."

"Fine. Just get this over with."

Sydney sat scowled at Vaughn, but then composed herself. "I think we may have a child."

"What?" asked Vaughn incredulously. He stood up, and started pacing around the room.

"For the last few months I've been having dreams and just feelings about being pregnant in Covenant custody, and giving birth to a…"

"I don't believe you."

"What part of let me finish do you not understand?" cried Sydney. "This isn't easy for me, and you're just making it harder."

"That doesn't matter. What does is that you are sitting here rambling off stories you made up to serve you! Maybe, just maybe, what you dreamed was just a dream! Not everything can be all about you Sydney. I'm married, like it or not, and you're just going to have to find a way to deal with that. I used to think you were strong, but in the last year all you've been is a spoiled, selfish b." With that Vaughn stormed out of the room to go call the CIA to find out when they could be picked up. He slammed the door after leaving, signifying that he wouldn't be back.


Talking on the phone to the CIA, Vaughn reflected on the conversation that had just happened, resulting in much inner turmoil.

Who did Sydney think she was? Just because she had some "dream" doesn't mean that something is real. This would destroy my marriage, and she knows it. That is why she is telling me this, to get me back.

Whoa. Did I really just think that? I'll tell you who Sydney is; the woman I love more than anyone else on this earth. The woman who I would do anything for. The woman who I failed, because I promised myself to never cause her pain. She would never just make up something to get me back, as if I'm even worth is. She would never, ever be such a b.

My wife would.

The why did I tell Syd she would? Oh God, she'll never forgive me. I just yelled at her because I was upset, but even that wasn't her fault! It's not her fault I don't love my wife, that I married the wrong person. I don't deserve her forgiveness. But I am still married to Lauren. When I married her I promised to love her as much as she loved me, and I don't break my promises. Should I try to make things right with Syd?

No. She wouldn't let me if I tried.


"Giving birth to a daughter," said Sydney, a tear sliding down her face. "What I was going to tell you was that I remember giving birth to a daughter, and even in the small, dark cell they put me in, even though I didn't have enough food and water for one person much less two, I gave birth to a wonderful, beautiful, healthy baby daughter. I named her Katherine Amelia Bristow, and I will find her with, or without you help."

That afternoon was more painful for Sydney Bristow that anything in the last nine months she had went through. She didn't find out her boyfriend was married, or that she had to work with his wife. What she did find out was that she had truly lost Michael Vaughn, who had been the love of her life. However, it has been said that what doesn't kill us makes us stronger, and Sydney decided that this would be one of these cases.

For the last nine months I have been waiting for a man who is never coming back. Me! Sydney Ann Bristow, the girl who swore she would never be "one of those" women. Me! Sydney Bristow, the woman who can kick ass of men twice my size. Me! Syd, who had hopes and dreams, ambitions and plans have put my life on hold, barely scraping by; sleeping less than five hours a night, eating one meal a day, only going to work, nothing more. That ends now. If nothing else this conversation was the kick in the butt I needed. I would wait till the end of time for Vaughn; my rock, my protector, my lover, my friend. But the man in this house isn't Vaughn. Not my Vaughn. It's just taken me this long to realize it. When I get back to LA, I'm going to buy some new clothes, comfy clothes that I can just hang around in. I'm going to start going to see the sun set, and as much as I love Eric, make some new friends. But first and foremost, I'm going to find my daughter. I know she's out there somewhere, I can feel her! Now all I have to do is find her.

And with that, Sydney Bristow picked herself up, and got ready to go back to her house. It wasn't home for her yet, but it would be, soon enough. She was tired of doing nothing but work against bad guys, who just kept coming. It's a noble cause to work for, but there needs to be something else in life. Michael Vaughn was lost to Sydney, leaving just bits and pieces of the man she knew. The Vaughn she had know and loved would of never treated her like that. Some part of Sydney wanted to go over and remind him how strong, and kick ass she could be. But a bigger part of thought, if she could find her daughter, they're daughter; she could always have a part of him from before he changed, from the man she loved. So that is what she decided to do.

Sydney Bristow decided to give being normal a try.






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