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"Mmm….Hot dogs sound really good right now," Michelangelo drooled. "So does pizza, and spaghetti, and ice cream. I mean, you can't get a decent ice cream anywhere in the city!"

His brother's rolled their eyes.

"Mikey, for once why don't you try to enjoy your Tyrinian Prapple Slush?" Donatello asked, shaking his head.

You would have thought that by now, Michelangelo would have begun to like at least some of the food of the future. After all, he had been eating it for months, now.

"It's just not the same as a triple chocolate crunch," Mikey grumbled, poking at the frozen alien desert with his spoon.

"You might be able to find some down town," Cody Jones interjected. "After all, that is where you found those hot dogs."

"How about we make a day of it," Leonardo agreed. "I always enjoy going there."

"I shall go with you to ensure that you five stay out of mischief for a change," Master Splinter announced with a twinkle in his eye. "Also, an ice cream sundae sounds very good right now."


High above them, hidden among the shadows of where the wall's corners met the roof, a tiny red light, barely perceptible to the naked eye, blinked on and off every few seconds. From this vantage, Darius Dun watched the conversation go back and forth on the holo-screen in his ship.

"So, dear nephew, you are going down town," he chuckled evilly to himself, rubbing his hands together. "You'll find more than just a foolish dessert of those cretins' time period. Oh yes, I can guarantee it!" He laughed again; it was a deep, evil laugh.


Donatello landed the Hover Shell expertly. He had finally gotten the hang of the whole vertical parking thing. Cody, the turtles and Master Splinter all leaped out of the craft and down onto the pavement.

"So, uh, guys, what exactly is ice cream?" Cody asked.

The turtles looked at each other.

"You're kidding, right?" Michelangelo asked, astonished.


"Well, let me put it this way," Raphael answered, placing his arm around the boy's shoulders. "Compared to it, that alien slush tastes like Kenabo slime."

"And they scoop it up and serve it in these little cones that taste just like cardboard," Michelangelo added with a look of longing on his face.

"Why would I want to eat cardboard?" Cody puzzled.

"Most of us don't," Leonardo responded with a grin. "Mikey's the only one that likes the cones. The rest of us prefer to eat ice cream out of a bowl."

They turned the corner into the main market area.

"Here we go," Cody announced with a sweep of his arm. "It's the food market day. We've held them here once a week for almost a half of a century. If it's made or grown anywhere on Earth, you can find it here."

The turtles – especially Michelangelo – gasped at the sheer number of booths and aliens. The street was packed.

"Come on, come on, come on!" Mikey jumped up and down excitedly. "I can almost smell its sweet scent!" Amused, the others followed him into the crowd.

They passed by many booths filled with exotic foods and smells. But still no ice cream. Michelangelo was becoming more disappointed by the minute.

"No ice cream, no cotton candy, not even a measly candy bar! What is up with the future?"

"It's OK, Mike." Leonardo patted his youngest brother on the back. "We aren't even all the way through the market. Maybe we'll find some ice cream yet."

After about five more minutes, they reached the end of the stalls. The very last one, to the delight of everyone, was filled to the brim with deserts.

"Ice cream! Get your genuine 21st century style ice cream!" the many-armed robot tending the booth called out to them.

Immediately, Michelangelo perked up and ran over to the stall. "I'll take a triple chocolate dipped cone, please."

The robot shop keeper made a confused beep. "I'm sorry, sir," it said, shaking its metallic head, "I don't know what a 'cone' is. All my ice cream is served in genuine replica Styrofoam bowls. Would you like that?"

"Ok, I guess," Michelangelo replied, sighing. "It's just not the same, without a cone," he mumbled under his breath.

"Well, that's the first thing that I'm glad didn't make it this long," Raphael smirked as he placed his order.

Once they had all placed their orders, the robot began scooping up the ice cream into bowls. When it was done, it handed a bowl to each of the turtles, Cody, and Master Splinter.

"Oh, before you go," the robot added as it handed out the last bowl, "here is a thank you present for being the first people to try my delectable delight today."

He handed a multi-colored cube to Cody. "I hope you will have fun with this."

"Thanks!" Cody put the cube into his pocket as he and the others walked away, eating their ice cream.

As soon as their backs were turned, the ice cream robot closed up the front of its booth and entered the building behind it.

"I have completed your orders, master."

"Good," came the answer from the shadows.


Later on, back in his penthouse, Cody pulled the brightly colored cube out and stared at the nine colored squares on each side. As he was turning it around in his hand, he accidentally moved one of the rows.

"Hey guys! Look at this!" he called. Michelangelo and Donatello walked over to him and looked over his shoulder.

"What's up, little ninja?"

"Look at this cube the ice cream robot gave me. It can move."

The two turtles looked at each other.

"Um, yeah, so?" Michelangelo asked.

Donatello explained to Cody "It's just a Rubik cube. You know, a toy?"

"I've never seen anything like it before," Cody said.

"You're supposed to try to get all of the same colored squares on one side."

"It's really easy," Michelangelo bragged.

Donatello gave him a glare. "No it isn't."

"Well, it is for me," the orange-clad turtle insisted.

"OK, then show me how." Cody held the cube out to Mikey.

The turtle flipped over the back of the couch, landed right next to Cody and took the cube.

"Just sit back and watch, little ninja."

By this time, Leonardo and Raphael had joined the others.

"This should be good," Raphael elbowed Leo with a smirk.

But to his astonishment, Michelangelo was well on his way to solving the puzzle. Three minutes later, with his tongue sticking slightly out of the side of his mouth, Michelangelo made the last turn, making all of the colors match up.

Impressed, the others clapped. Still holding the cube, Mikey stood up and bowed.

"Is it supposed to glow like that?" Cody abruptly interjected, pointing at the cube.

"Um, I don't think so," Michelangelo said, holding the cube up to his face.

Suddenly, all of the sides opened up and a plastic-wrap-like container expanded over and contained the surprised turtle. He could barely move.

"HEY! GET ME OUT OF THIS!" he yelled, panicked.

The other three turtles had already drawn their weapons. Leonardo was the first to strike the case. Instead of the energy from his blades cutting through the hard material, it was reflected back at him, knocking him back onto the floor. The same thing happened with Raphael and Donatello's attacks.

All of a sudden, the holographic head of Darius Dun appeared over the top of the thing that had trapped Mikey.

"Greetings, cretins."

"DUN!" Leonardo exclaimed. "Let him go!"

However, the hologram continued without seeming to hear him. "Do not try to follow us, or my dear nephew may be made, shall we say, rather uncomfortable. I'm told that having all of the air squeezed molecule by molecule out of one's body is most certainly unpleasant!" the hologram grinned cruelly.

With those final words, the container holding Michelangelo rose up off of the ground and speed out through a nearby window, breaking the glass on its way out.

"NOOOO!!! MIIIIKEEEEEEY!!!!" His brothers and Cody ran to the window, but Michelangelo had completely disappeared.


In an abandoned warehouse next to the Hudson River, Darius Dun paced back and forth under an open skylight. The four Dark Clones watched him from the shadows.

"What'dya think he's doin'?" Dark Michelangelo asked, his tongue lolling around.

"I don't know, so shut up, you under-developed imbecile," Dark Donatello answered.

"Well, I know," Dark Michelangelo smirked. "He's walking back and forth and back and forth and back and…"

"Quiet, both of you!" Dark Leonardo exclaimed, exasperated. "Just watch."

As if on cue, a pale object descended from the skylight and landed in front of Darius. The four clones strained their eyes to see what it was.

"WHAT?!?" Dun roared, upon seeing Michelangelo. "Where's the boy? Where's my nephew? You've ruined the entire plan, you annoying terrapin scum!"

"Well, ex-cuse me. It wasn't exactly my idea to get stuck in this, Dun! Anyway, my bros will be here any minute to kick your sorry butt!"

Darius leaned down until his pudgy face was eyelevel with Michelangelo's. "They won't come if they want to keep you alive. Your untimely interference just means a change of plans."

"Why you big cheese-head!" the trapped turtle exclaimed angrily.

Darius merely snapped his fingers and the four clones leaped down beside him.

Michelangelo gulped. "Did I mention that in my century, cheese-head is a term of endearment?"


Cody and Donatello were tracking the signal from Michelangelo's gauntlet in the lab as Leonardo, Raphael, and Master Splinter watched. Finally, the blip on the screen that indicated the missing turtle stopped.

"There! He's in the waterfront district!" Cody exclaimed.

"Oh, joy," Sterling sighed from the other side of the room where he was dusting. "I suppose you want to go down there and rescue the miscreant."

"Of course we're going to rescue him!" Raphael exclaimed. "He's our bro!"

"Did anyone notice that Dun's holo-message seemed to assume that he had captured Cody instead of Mikey?" asked Leonardo. "It's like this entire thing was a trap for Cody."

"I'll bet Dun probably installed a couple of spy cameras throughout the building. Cody and I will have to run a complete sweep after we get Mikey back," Donatello said thoughtfully.

Just then, a video link cut through the map. It was Darius. He was standing in a dimly lit building.

"Greetings, Cody."

"Uncle Darius! What have you done with Mikey?"

"He is safe…for now." Darius stepped back to reveal Michelangelo with his hands tied behind his back struggling in vain against the firm grasp of the four Dark Turtles.

Cody's uncle stepped back in front of the five turtles, his face stern. "Now listen very carefully, nephew. Neither you nor your pets will do anything rescue this one if you want him to stay alive. There are some documents being sent over to your penthouse. Sign everywhere that requires a signature and then you must come here alone – not even in that blasted Turtle-X armor that you're so fond of. I'm sure you will find a way to locate this warehouse, my little genius." Then the screen went blank and returned to the map.

"What now, Fearless Leader?" Everyone turned to Leonardo.

"We wait for those papers to get here. In the meantime, Don, you and Cody start that scan for bugging devices. We don't want Darius listening in on us anymore. Raph, I need you to come with me to the roof."

"What's on the roof?"

"Trust me on this one."

Master Splinter laid a hand on Leonardo's arm. "I shall trust you implicitly in this matter, my son. Just remember to avoid any actions that might cost your brother his life."

"I will remember, Sensei." Leonardo bowed to his master. "Let's go."


Raphael joined Leonardo on the rooftop garden, overlooking the city bustling away without a clue about their predicament.

"Donnie told me once that plants can block a radio signal, so I figured this would be the safest place to talk," the blue-clad turtle said softly, as he leaned slightly over the edge of the wall and looked down to the streets below.

"OK, so what's your plan?"

"I'm sending a complex program to your gauntlet," Leo responded, typing quickly on his own. "Donnie wanted to test it out later, but I guess now would be the right time."

A soft chime came from Raphael's gauntlet. "I still don't get it," Raphael began.

"You will in a moment. Now, the second I tell you to turn the program on, activate it."

Raphael looked at his brother. "Leo, you're really starting to sound like Donnie."

Leonardo shrugged. "Between him and Cody, I guess I've been picking up a bit of the techno-geek lingo, though just between you and me, most of it still doesn't make any sense."

The red-clad turtle grinned.

"On the count of three: one, two, THREE!"

Both of the turtles pushed a button on their gauntlets. It seemed like nothing happened. They were both still on the rooftop.

"Leo," Raphael began to complain, turning to his brother.

"I'm over here, Raph."

Raphael felt a tapping on his shoulder. He spun around, but nothing was there.

"I'm standing right in front of you now," Leonardo's voice came from the nothingness.

"What's going on, bro?"

"Let's just say that Donnie jacked some tech from Zixx, Bishop, and our old friends, the Foot-tech."

A light went on in the other turtle's head as he finally understood. He waved his hand gently through the hologram of Leonardo.

"Pretty sweet, Leo."

The hologram turned to him and said, "Sure is. This hologram has been programmed to act just like I would, even to talk like me."

"The only problem," the real Leonardo said from behind his brother, "is that the range is limited to fifty feet from a gauntlet. That's why I had to transfer the program to you."

"I get it," Raphael grinned. He loved trickery almost as much as Michelangelo. "So while this hologram stays here, you're going to go get Mikey back."

"Bingo," both Leonardo and his hologram nodded. "Just tell Donnie that his 'Easter Bunny' project works. Also tell him to make sure that he and Cody leave one of Darius's bugs so he'll still think I'm here. Call me if anything new comes up."

"You leaving now?"

"The sooner Mikey's out of there, the better. See you in a bit."

There was a rustle of leaves, and Leonardo was gone, leaving Raphael with the hologram.


Darius Dun watched in frustration as his video feeds from Cody's penthouse went dark one by one as his nephew and that annoying Donatello found and deactivated them. At least they hadn't found the one in the main living area where they did most of their talking anyway. He looked out of his ship's windshield and into the warehouse that he shared with those genetic refuse. He groaned. What were those imbeciles thinking, leaving Dark Michelangelo to guard the real one?


"My nose itches," Michelangelo complained.

He was hanging on the wall from the chains around his wrists.

"This always happens when I can't scratch it. Do you think you could let one of my hands free so I could scratch it?"

His clone glared at him. "How do I know you aren't just trying to escape?"

Mikey gave him an injured look. "I just want to scratch my nose. Do you seriously think I could escape by doing that?"

"Maybe, maybe not."

"Dude, think about it. If you still had one hand chained to the wall, could you get away?"

"Maybe…Swear it!"

"Swear what?"

"That you won't try to escape."

"Um, what'll I swear on?"

"Cross your heart and hope to die."

"You're going to have to untie one of my arms. I can't reach my heart from here."

"Oh, OK. Hold on a sec." Dark Michelangelo reached up and unhooked the chain from Mikey's right arm.

Quick as a flash, Michelangelo grabbed his nunchuck from its sheath – the Dark Turtles had neglected to take it from him – and smacked his Dark Clone over the head with it. Then he broke the chain off of his other wrist, dropped to the floor, and ran. But almost immediately, Dark Leonardo landed in front of him, kicking him down to the ground and crossing his swords over Michelangelo's neck so that he could not move.

"Going somewhere?"

Mikey managed a weak grin. "Nope."


High among the rafters, Leonardo watched invisibly as the Dark Turtles re-secured his brother to the wall and left Dark Raphael as a guard. Leo grinned to himself. If Dark Raphael was anything like his own brother, Mikey should be free again in a matter of moments.

As soon as Dark Leonardo was out of earshot, Michelangelo resumed his attempts to get free.

"You know why he left you to watch me?"

No answer.

"He thinks he's too good to be bothered with guard duty. Do you really like being dissed like that?"

From Leonardo's vantage point, he could see and angry light in Dark Raphael's eyes. Michelangelo had hit a nerve.

"He thinks he's better than you," the orange-clad turtle continued his taunting.

Furious, the Dark Turtle spun around and slammed his fist into the wall only inches from Mikey's head.

"Shaddup! Any more talkin' an' it ain't goin' ta be the wall that's broke! Got it?"

Michelangelo nodded, his eyes big.

Up in the rafters, Leonardo stood up and activated his swords. This was getting too dangerous.

"I was wondering when you'd show up." Dark Leonardo landed on the rafter next to him. "Nice trick, turning invisible like that. Too bad it doesn't block the light of your swords."

"I didn't come to fight you." Leonardo stepped into a defensive pose.

His clone pulled out his own swords. "But I came up here to fight you."


At the sound of the clash of steel, both Michelangelo and Dark Raphael looked up. It looked like Dark Leonardo was fighting with the air, except for brief flashes of blue light.

Mikey immediately recognized it as the energy coming off of his brother's swords.

Darius, too, heard the sounds of the fight and came running out of his ship with his battle armor.

"What's going on here?"

Leonardo extinguished his blades, making himself completely invisible.

"Where are you?" Dark Leonardo screamed, swinging his swords around. "Face me, you coward!"

But Leonardo had already dropped silently down to the main floor.

"What are you doing, you piece of genetic refuse?" Darius bellowed up.

"He was here! He was in my grasp and he disappeared!"

Darius rubbed his temples with his forefingers. "Would it be possible to use a subject in your sentences, imbecile? Who was here?"

"Don't take that tone with me, Dun!" Dark Leonardo growled, dropping down in front of him.

"Leonardo was here, but the coward was invisible and disappeared in the middle of our battle!"

Darius glared at him. "I have been watching Leonardo very carefully on the video feed from my dear nephew's apartment. He hasn't left."

"But I'm telling you –" Darius held up his hand. "I don't want to hear another word from you. Go!"


While Darius and Dark Leonardo were distracted with their argument, Leonardo snuck past Dark Raphael and clamped an invisible hand over Michelangelo's mouth.

"Shh! I'm getting you out of here, bro."

Michelangelo nodded his head slightly to indicate that he understood.

Leonardo re-activated his swords and sliced right through the shackles on his brother's wrists. Michelangelo dropped down quietly and picked his nunchucks up off of the floor from where Dark Raphael had dropped them. Leonardo took hold of Michelangelo's arm and together they began sneaking behind Darius and the Dark Turtles.

Unfortunately, turtle luck was working true to form and Dark Raphael turned around and saw Mikey.

"HEY! How'd you get loose?"

To make matters worse, the cloaking program began to overheat Leonardo's gauntlet and he flickered in to view. Dark Leonardo glanced at Darius with a smug grin.

"But…but how?" Cody's uncle spluttered.

"Wouldn't you like to know!" Michelangelo taunted, spinning his nunchucks.

"It looks like we have twice the leverage now," Dark Donatello walked in with Dark Michelangelo, who was grinning like a madturtle. Leo and Mikey were surrounded.

"Um, got a plan, Fearless Leader?" Michelangelo asked nervously as Dun's battle suit leveled its laser blasters at them.

"Just one. Remember that big, red button Cody told you not to push on your gauntlet because something nasty would happen? Push it now!"

"But Donnie said –"

"Trust me, Mike!"

The Dark Clones tightened their circle around the turtles. The two Leonardos locked swords, but Dark Raphael grabbed Leo from behind and began squeezing. Michelangelo leaped over Dark Donatello's head and landed on his clone's shoulders. Dark Michelangelo crashed backwards into Darius' battle armor.

"Any…time…now!" Leonardo grunted.

After a moment's hesitation, Michelangelo gritted his teeth, aimed the gauntlet at Dark Leonardo, who was running at him, and pushed the big, red button. Plumes of smoke came pouring out, filling the entire room with thick, billowing smoke.

Dark Raphael foolishly dropped Leonardo in order to rub the smoke from his eyes. His vision cleared only to see a green foot slamming into his face.

Dark red bolts began to blast through the smoke as Darius wildly but blindly began shooting. Leonardo and Michelangelo both dropped below the smoke screen. Their eyes met for a moment and Leonardo pointed anxiously towards the door. They crawled quickly towards it.

"Almost there…Just a few more feet…" Leonardo thought to himself.

Suddenly, a pair of blue turtle feet landed squarely in front of him. Dark Leonardo spun his swords around, clearing the air slightly. Leonardo and Michelangelo stood up to face the Clone.

"You aren't getting away this time!"

The two brothers glanced at each other.

"You wanna bet?"

Simultaneously, they both leapt past Dark Leonardo and ran towards the door. They burst through it and ran to Leonardo's waiting hover bike. They took off as Dark Leonardo chased after them. However, the hover bike quickly out-distanced him and he was left in the dust, shaking his swords after them.


With much whirring and humming, the hover bike landed in Cody's hanger. The others were all standing there, waiting. (Mikey had called them on his gauntlet during the ride home.) Michelangelo leaped off and ran to them while Leonardo followed behind.

"Mikey!" Raphael exclaimed, grabbing his little brother and rubbing his head. "You scared us there, bro!"

"How did the "Easter Bunny" program work out for you, Leo?" Donatello inquired.

"It still has a few bugs," the blue-clad turtle pushed a button on his gauntlet to demonstrate. The gauntlet responded with a disparaging whimper of a beep. "But it is way cool."

"Well done, my son," Master Splinter commended Leonardo.

"Thank you, Master." Leonardo bowed with his hands at namaste.

Turning to Cody, Leonardo asked, "So what were those papers that your uncle wanted you to sign?"

Cody wrinkled his nose in disgust. "The package came a few minutes after you left. It was a bunch of legal documents that would have signed all of O'Neil Tech's assets and inventory over to him."

"Looks like good old Uncle Darius is still up to his old tricks," Leonardo commented. "We're going to have to be extra careful from now on about everything, guys. You can bet that this was only the beginning."

"Shouldn't we go give those Clones a heapin' helpin' of smack down?" Raphael asked eagerly, whipping out both of his sai.

Leonardo shook his head. "If you were them and we had just discovered your hiding place, what would you do?"

"Um, get the shell out of there?" Michelangelo ventured. Splinter nodded.

"Surly, they would be of the same mind. However, we can be certain that they will return."

"They always do," Donatello interrupted in agreement.

"And when they return," Leonardo added, "we must be ready for them."

The End…?