Chapter 1:

Before the First Age:

The Moon and the Sun had repeated their cycle twelve times since being created. Every time the Moon would hide, the Sun would ride its mighty chariot from East to West, baring the vast world gifted to the Ainur by Eru. Everyday the Moon would shy its way across the vast expanse of the sky, casting the world in a silvery light.

Manwe, the highest and the holiest of the Valar sat on Taniquetil, the highest mountain in Middle-Earth. Varda sat with him, gazing into the future of the world beyond the seas. There they both saw a mighty man, high and powerful, walking among the Elves of Middle-Earth. They heard him speak words filled with power, teaching the Elves magic of might.

"Who is that Man, my lord?" asked Varda.

"I do not know, my lady," said Manwe, in reply. "He came form shadow and possess might to equal the Maia. He came from worlds beyond and further than thought. He is powerful, we will keep a watch on him."

2002, Midnight, Britain, Hogwarts:

The very sorcerer that the Valar of Valinor saw in Middle-Earth's future was sitting in a stone room at the moment. Drawing a series of coordinated runes around him, he began to chant in a harsh and guttural language.

Continuing, the man took hold of a silver dagger placed beside him and slit his wrists. Speaking a harsh word in the same language, he then slit his throat. Speaking the same harsh word, he took hold of the dagger in both hands, and stabbed himself in the heart. Yelling aloud a series of harsh words, he passed out.

One day later, he woke up. Shakily getting up, he groaned loudly at his cramped muscles. Staggering out of the room, he picked up a potion bottle lying on a wood bench. Uncorking it, he drank greedily, immediately feeling better.

Walking into another room, he turned on the shower and waited for the ice-cold water to wash down his bloody back.

Scrubbing furiously to get the blood off his skin, he managed to produce a light pink skin as he stepped out, and dried himself off with a fluffy towel.

Donning a simple white bathrobe, he walked out of the room and into a stone corridor. Normally, students would be milling around, but now, after the Wizard War, no student was left to greet him.

Walking silently along the stone corridor, he took a right turn and walked up a staircase. At the end of the corridor was a stone gargoyle. Striding towards the stone statue, he paused in front of it. Starring into the eyes of the statue, he shook his head. Whispering the password, he walked up the revolving staircase. Opening the thick oak door, he was greeted by a silent room, except for the snoring of the portraits and the tinkling of silver instruments. Walking in he woke the portraits.

"Greeting, Harry," said Dumbledore from his portrait beside the desk. "I take it the ritual was successful?"

Shooting Dumbledore a smirk, he took a seat behind the desk.

"Yes, the ritual was a success," replied Harry. Smiling ruefully, he continued. "I am now immortal. I achieved in a decade what Tom couldn't in a century."

Dumbledore gave a sad smile. "You also paid more dearly for it, my boy."

Snarling, he replied, "I am not your boy, Albus. I wasn't since I became Lord Potter-Black and discovered your manipulations."

The twinkling in Dumbledore's eyes dimmed and he fell silent.

"Potter, tell me," said an oily voice from behind him: Severus Snape. "Do you still plan to continue with this, plan, of yours?"

"Yes, Severus. I do plan on continuing it," replied Harry, without turning around. "I have everything ready. My vaults at the bank are now empty and my family treasures lie in those four trunks."

"Your family treasures, Potter?" asked Snape snidely.

"Enough, Severus," said Dumbledore, rising up. "We both agreed to let him keep our family treasures. They will aid him in his plan and we have no use for them anymore."

Remaining silent, Severus just shot Harry a dark glare.

"In a day, Hogwarts will be empty of living beings once more and I will be off in an unknown world, ready to take my place in the new world," said Harry. "In a day, this new world will feel the wrath of a true sorcerer!"

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