Rated: K+

Category: humour

Summary: Echizen and Tezuka fall into Fuji's trap yet again, they've been doing it so often that it's fast becoming custom.

Pairings: FujixTezuka and a little bit of FujixTezukaxEchizen

Characters: Echizen, Fuji and Tezuka and the rest of the Seigaku team just a little.

Disclaimer: I do not own PoT nor any of it's Characters

Fuji Syusuke was, as always, in search of some form of amusement. Since math class consisted of things he already knew, Fuji found the time allotted perfect for concocting an evil plan of his own amusement. Of course Fuji would never admit to his being evil just like how Inui would never admit that his juice was actually hazardous to health. However, Fuji was determined to find amusement for himself.

"Saa Echizen, since we're all here and late, let's sleep together." Fuji said, walking into the clubhouse after clean up.

"Fuji-senpai, if my dad found out, he would kill me." Echizen, as always, couldn't tell if Fuji was joking or not, but Fuji's expression betrayed no sign of mirth.

"Do you have any interest in pillow fights?"

"What do you do after the fight?"

"You throw it back and forth of course!" Fuji said as if it was so obvious.

"Echizen, you're late." Tezuka interrupted Echizen's reply.

"Sorry buchou, I had library duty."

Tezuka looked from Fuji to Echizen and back again, "Finish changing, Ryuuzaki-sensei wants a word with you."

"Fuji is so scary and buchou is so stoic, so it's natural everyone gets scared in their presence." Echizen muttered. "Mada mada dane."

Fuji glanced at Echizen, hurt, "What are you saying, Echizen?"

"I'm sorry for scaring you." Tezuka glared at Echizen with a look that could shatter glass. "It seems as though my presence is bothersome."

"Buchou!" Echizen quickly retaliated, "I'm not saying you're bothersome!"

Fuji suddenly ran up to Tezuka to throw his arms around him. "Tezuka, Tezuka! Echizen is so mean! I can't do anything about my being scary, even though I want to stay the way I am!" Fuji's shoulders were shaking, as if in tears.

"Fuji…" Tezuka looked surprised but quickly returned to his stoic face, "Echizen, fifty laps for making your senpai cry."

All Echizen could do was stand there in cold sweat as Fuji turned to glance at Echizen with an expression of pure (faked) hurtfulness. Tezuka began tentatively patting Fuji's head.

"What are you guys SAYING?" Echizen almost shouted as he took off running.

The rest of the regulars walked into the clubhouse to find out what the commotion was about, after all, it was their own clubhouse that was falling in ruins.

"…I have a familiar sense of déjà vu." Kawamura commented.

"This scene happened last week." Inui said, for once not having the need to check into his notebook.

"It's quickly becoming custom now…" Oishi rubbed his temple.

"Ochibi is always played the same way, nya, he doesn't even learn!" Kikumaru gazed in sympathy at Echizen.

I don't learn, I know that, … not since the first time I met Fuji Syusuke… Echizen thought as he sent a glare in the direction of Fuji and Tezuka. Fuji still in Tezuka's arms and Tezuka looking at loss for action or words.

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