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Greetings! Kuruk here!

This is my new story; a Gray fic. It's in the 1st person (trying something new...) as Gray is writing about this. It takes place five years before FoMT and MFoMT ever starts, so keep that in mind... it has romace, comedy, and tradgedy...

Anyway, here's the short prologue.

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She was always someone special; whether I noticed it or not…

Even now I can still remember her smiling face, her smile that made me so happy and chased my problems away.

I was in love once; a long time ago, it seems. At the time, I didn't know what the heck it was that I was feeling… okay, I did know, but I didn't want it to be true… at first.

But as the days went by I found myself loving the feeling I got when I looked at her, loved her as she told me about her day, I even loved her when she got mad and wouldn't talk to me for hours.

But that isn't the beginning of the story; it's the middle of it.

Here in Mineral Town, people can tell I have a history. No one really asks about it though; on occasion Cliff and Mary have asked me to elaborate, but I don't like telling it on a whim; my story… our story, deserves me to tell it properly.

And that's why I took Mary up on her offer to use her typewriter and I'm writing this now.

As I write this, I close my eyes, letting time tick in reverse. The years pass me by, and suddenly, I'm seventeen years old again.

I open my eyes and look at myself in the mirror…

A pair of dull, uncaring blue eyes stares back out at me; his head is covered with unruly dark carrot-colored hair, his build was good, even then. Not like a professional body builder, but definitely good, if you know what I meant.

I blink and I say my name, as if reminding myself who I am. "Gray," I say simply, opting not to say my last name.

This is a story of love and faith, of joy and sorrow, of life's little lessons. When I look back as I'm doing now, I can still feel what I felt, hear what I heard, remember every word I spoke… even though it was five years ago.

Sometimes I laugh; laugh when I see her face and remember our meetings, and cry, cry when I remember the sorrows that came with a joy.

If you read this, you might do the same; cry and laugh, I mean.

Just be prepared to take it.

Here begins my story. The story of a boy named Gray and the girl that changed his life forever.


Short, I know...

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