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When it was announced, it was an average day at Hogwarts. Students were talking amongst themselves on their was down to Breakfast, not a worry in the world beyond Snape and his greasy hair. A pair of Hufflepuffs gossiped among themselves about who was dating who and some scandal in their common room involving Filch and Ms. Norris.

When all of the teachers and students had settled down at their tables and started on some toast and a bit of eggs, Dumbledore got to his feet and called attention to himself with a camp and a shout of "Attention! Attention, please!" The hall quieted quickly and waited for him to continue.

"I'm afraid I have some very grave news. Last night, a law was passed by the Minister of Magic in an… attempt to repopulate the wizarding world. Within a month, everyone in the 6th year or above must be married or face the consequences. If you are not, you will be handed over to the Dementors. Please hurry as I would not like to see that happen to any of you.

"On a related note, I'd like to announce my engagement to Professor McGonagall."

Somewhere in the silent hall, there was a gasp of "Dumbbes and McGoogles?"

Then, Dumbeldore sat, a small, grave smile on his face as he faced the sea of aghast and shocked students. Harry, from his seat at the Gryffindor table noticed that his hand was wrapped around McGonagall's and was resting on top of the wooden table.

Tearing his eyes away from the head table, Harry glanced at the people around him. They all wore the same dumbfounded expression.

"Crap…" Harry heard Fred and George whisper together while still staring wide-eyed at McGonagall and Dumbledore.

"Won-Won? We'll get married, won't we?" Lavender said loudly and sweetly from across the table. It sounded more rhetorical than anything else.

"Huh?" Ron started and turned away from the head table. "Oh, uh, sure thing. I mean, we've all got to marry someone, haven't we?"

Though Lavender was clearly upset at his attitude, she nodded with a smile and cozied up to him. Harry could already see upwards to five people holding hands happily or exchanging rings that they happened to have on their person, all with relief clear on their faces. Harry exchanged a glance with Hermione awkwardly.

"Wow. This is heavy stuff…" He muttered running a hand through his hair.

"Mhmm." Hermione appeared deep in thought, not really paying attention to Harry or the newly formed couples around her. Ginny was down the table from then and she was clearly agreeing to marry Dean Thomas. Harry felt his face grow hot and he quickly looked away and down at the untouched eggs on his plate. So he couldn't marry Ginny now. Of course, he hadn't been hopeful that she would've; it have just been a fleeting idea. It would've been nice to really be part of the Weasley family but it had been nothing more than a fond fantasy.

Glancing around the room again, Harry noticed that at this rate, there wasn't going to be anyone left to marry. Even Hagird, scribbling a note on his napkin, an owl at his shoulder, seemed to have some admires on the staff. Using the gift of Ligitimes that Hermione had tutored him in over the summer, Harrry pried into Hargid's open mind and saw that he was thinking his letter in his head.


Wonderin' if ya maybe wanted to marry me, ya know for the whole new law thing. Sorry I couldn't ask ya in person.

Love, Haggy."


Back in the common room, it was clear that there wasn't many, if any, Gryffindor candidates left. Hermione, still available he assumed, was sitting by herself, nose an inch from her parchment and quill flying so fast that ink was in danger of hitting her nose. Harry approached her curiously. Homework wasn't to be assigned to 6th and 7th years all month in order to give them time to find a husband or wife so she couldn't possibly have work to do.

"Hey!" He said once he reached the table and sat. "What are you doing?"

"I managed to create a new spell that can match individuals based on history, compatibility and what they value most in others. This way, it'll be easier for people who are having trouble getting paired up." Hermione never looked up from her scribblings as she spoke but, as Harry looked closer, he could tell that she looked different.

"You look….different." Harry said awkwardly.

"Oh, yeah." Hermione raised her head from her noted and Harry nearly had a heart attack. She was stunning. Somehow, she had tamed her hair down so that it was merely pleasantly curly and it looked rather like there was product in it. Her eyes seemed bigger, more Bambii like. Harry could tell it was because she had layer on eyeliner, eye shadow and mascara almost expertly. She had a tint of lightly colored lip gloss and, somehow, she had managed to take the standard uniform and ass… sex appeal. Maybe it was because Harry hadn't seen her in this light before but he highly doubted it.

"Ginny and Lavender made me up in the heads' tower I asked them too of course. You see, it's just easier to get married…" Hermione trailed off, clearly unsure of what to say.

Harry nodded here. He understood perfectly of course. "So… could you maybe add me into your collection… spell?"

Being muggleborn, Hermione understood his reference and laughed, "Yeah, sure thing. I just need to you fill out this questionnaire and in 5 seconds flat I can give you a list of candidates with percentages to compatibility and stuff. "

"Wicked," Harry said, taking the clip board and parchment Hermione offered and looking down at the first question.

#1: Name the last grade you received in each of the courses listed.





History of Magic:

Hurriedly and rather embarrassed, Harry scribbled down O's in each of the blanks. Ever since he had defeated Voldemort in his 5th year, he had had a lot more free time to concentrate in grades and with Hermione's help, he really had turned into quite the brilliant student.

From there, the questions ranged from things like "What is your favorite colour?" to "What are three traits you admire in other people?" .

Once he had finished Hermione's elaborate questionnaire, he handed it back to her and waited for his results.

"Alright, this really shouldn't take much time. Just keep in mind that I only have about 10 of the student population to pull from so you might not get spot on matches the first time."

Hermione then launched into an elaborate spell involving taping the sheet in strange patterns and mutter foreign words under her breath. It was hard for Harry to believe that Hermione had created this spell on her own but then again, she wasn't the cleverest witch her age for nothing.

Once she had finished, she handed Harry and piece of parchment wordlessly. The off white paper had several names on it and looked like it had just come out of a computer printer. The top line read "Lovegood, Luna. Ravenclaw. Year 6. 89 compatibility."

Harry could've been more thrilled if Ginny's name had been on the top line. True, he was The Boy Who Lived, true he was moderately good looking and true, he was rather clever but he had been worried about finding a wife (wow it felt odd thinking that) none the less. He wanted someone who understood him and saw more than just "The Boy Who Lived" and the man who had defeated the Dark Lord. He wasn't willing to settle for some Romilda Vane wanna-be. He was confidant that Luna could be perfect for him. Now just to see if she said yes to his proposal.


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