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The grounds of the Hogwarts castle were dressed as they never had been before, more pristine and more perfect than they ever had been before. The house elves had been working tirelessly to insure that everything was just right for the weddings.

Rows and rows of white chairs stood on the sloping lawns facing the glassy lake, white carpeted aisles systematically placed with in sea of seats, all leading towards small alters, one for every couple who had signed their name on the lists that had been circulated.

The sun was rising over this scene, creating an air of romance and glamour. Classes had been canceled for the day in honor of event and all across the castle there was a definitive air of excitement and a slight amount of panic; everyone was buzzing.

In Gryffindor tower, Ron and Harry had taken the absence of classes to sleep in as late as they could, missing the majestic scene of the sun rising over the grounds. When they did wake at last, it was nearly lunch time.

"Hey mate, check this out." Harry had said, standing by the window, the water jug in hand. "The grounds are all ready and everything. Blimey, that's a ton of seats they've got down there. Do you think that that many people are going to be showing up? Ron?"

Ron was still in a state of grogginess as Harry was talking, sprawled across his bed, making no move to look out across the lawn. As way of a response he simply grunted and turned over, much to Harry's frustration.

"Mate, best get used to the idea of you and Lavender." Harry sighed, leaving the window to sit on his own four poster bed, facing Ron.

"You've no idea, Harry. You really don't. You've got it easy with Luna and everything. She's not Lavender." He paused for a moment before his face lit up, an idea clearly coming to him. "Do you think the ministry's making widowers get hitched as well?" He looked bright at this prospect.

"Ron." Harry said, eye brows raised. Ron's face feel. "Yeah, yeah, I know. Don't say anything else."

Just then, echoing footsteps coming up the stone staircase turned their attention from one another and towards the door which opened to reveal Dean, Seamus side by side, Neville standing a few paces behind them.

"'Ello." Ron said, sitting up in his bed as they entered. There was a kind of odd tension between Dean and Ron as they surveyed each other, each knowing that in a few short hours they would be brother-in-laws, Ginny planning on marrying Dean.

"Hey." Seamus said with a smile, breaking the moment. For a second, Harry struggled to remember who Seamus' bride was to be before it hit him. Parvati Patel. He couldn't help but grin a little at the thought.

Nevil, for his part, was to marry the Hufflepuff Hannah Abbot (A/N: This is cannon, I know and it just seems so perfect to me. xD). Having slightly turned out of the conversation while thinking about the weddings that were drawing ever nearer, he noticed that Ron was dressing to get Lunch before it was over and the others were starting to prepare (read: doing nothing) for the ceremony that would be at 4:30.

Harry quickly started to dress himself and presently went down to eat Lunch with Ron, the idea that this was his last meal as an unmarred meal hitting him on the staircase.


Hermione woke up in her head girl's bed rather early the next morning, the events of the night before hitting her rather strongly though not adversely. She only worried what Harry and Ron would have to say on the subject.

She dressed quickly and made her way down to breakfast, hearing in the lush common room Draco's soft snores coming down, making her laugh. It was something she was going to have to get used to.


After breakfast and a bit of studying, Hermione gathered the new dress robes her mother had gotten her from the robe shop over the summer and headed up towards the girl's room in the tower to get ready with her friends as she had promised.

"Oh, Hermione!" Ginny cooed, seeing Hermione all dressed and ready for the wedding. Hermione herself had to admit that she looked stunning, the dress she had never worn before clinging to her in all of the right places, her hair tame and looking nice.

The others were looking pretty as well, though Hermione, normally the less attractive of the group fair surpassed the others.

The wedding was one of the biggest affairs Hogwarts castle had seen in a long time. The seats were filled with family and friends of the 50 or so couples now standing scattered in front of the seats by their own alters, one wizard standing even in front of them, doing the process all at once. Harry and Luna were standing towards the middle of the group and, when he looked out past Luna he could see Ron looking sour by Lavender's side, Hermione radiant and beautiful and in love by Draco's. She had explained to Ron and him about their mutual love over Lunch and, while he still wasn't sure how he felt about Draco, he was glad for her. He could also see Ginny's vivid red head, remembering the times when they thought they would be in love forever, happy that things had ended up with, each of them with the person that they loved. Harry felt at peace.

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