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Gundam Wing

Mission: Obliviate

Chapter 1

"YOU'LL PAY FOR THAT, MAXWELL!!!!" a familiar Wufei Chang's voice roared at 9:30 in the morning. He and the Shinigami, Duo Maxwell, ran inside the hangar, Duo running from the PO'd shirtless Asian. He cackled, "Learn to loosen up, Wuffy, c'mon!"

The other Gundam pilots peered out from making adjustments on their Gundam to see what all the fuss was about. Wufei then threw a wrench that hit Duo in the shoulder. He stopped, and he rubbed the now aching spot, "Itai...that hurt, Wu."

"You deserved it." Wufei stomped back outside in the snow.

Quatre Raberba Winner, with his slightly messy blonde hair and sky blue eyes, sighed, "What did you do this time, Duo?"

They heard Wufei bark from outside, "He thought it was funny to put a stupid perverted doll in my bathroom!!!"

Quatre doubled over in laughed, and Trowa Barton, with his unibang of brown and emerald green eyes, grinned slightly, "Dare I ask what exactly happened?"

Duo wove his arms around, "Dude, you should've seen it! His face..." then, he held up a camera mischeiviously, "...priceless. You gotta see it."

Then, Duo told them...

Duo was unlocking the window to Wufei's empty bathroom, grinning to himself. He finally got it opened, and stepped inside quietly. He opened a box and set a floppy inflatable doll in the shower. He plugged in a plug, and air began to blow up the female made doll.

While it was blowing up, Duo hooked up a tiny wire into a button. Then, he saw the doll was finished inflating. He turned it off, and sealed the hole. Then, he heard footsteps approaching. He threw the shower curtains across the shower.

He jumped back outside, leaving the window open. The door opened, and Wufei stepped inside. He was puzzled at why his shower curtains were shut. He slid them aside, and Duo pressed the button, taking a picture of his face at the same time.

The blonde headed doll said in a girly voice, "Hey, there, hot stuff."


Trowa shook his head, "Duo, it's a wonder how you became a pilot." and he disappeared in Heavyarms' cockpit once more.

"Hey, not cool!" Duo pouted.

Heero Yuy, with his messy brown hair and icy blue eyes, glared at Duo once and said, "Baka," and he went back to his work.

Duo's amethyest eyes went to Quatre, who shrugged, and jumped down from Sandrock. The heir of the Winnder foundation inquired, "Are you already finished with Deathscythe, Duo?"

"Yeah, I'm done. You guys work slow." the God of Death informed in a matter-of-factly way.

Heero retorted, "At least our Gundams won't fall apart in space with the way you work with yours! It'll probably crumble with how fast you worked on it!"

"I beg to differ, Yuy! I do my work wonderously."

Trowa chuckled quietly, "I'll never understand Americans."


Her feet trudged her along, wounded, bloodied, exhausted. She gave a short cry of pain when she moved a tree branch, only to have it rebound and hit her on the back. She was surrounded by a forest, her blood staining the pure white snow, and could see a clearing ahead of her. Then, the sun was in her eyes shortly when a piece of metal reflected it. She instantly covered her eyes with a hand, and looked more closely at the metal.

It was strange the shape of a foot. But it was still quite a ways off.

Better get going, though... she told herself. I still need to find him...


The pilots were taking a break from their Gundams, and were extremely bored. Duo leaned back in his chair, balencing on his two legs, "So..." he looked around, hoping someone would start a conversation.

No one did.

So, he continued, "We totally need a little holiday, don't 'cha think?"

Heero, Trowa, and Wufei stared at him like, 'what was that?' Quatre repeated, ""

"Yeah. I mean, these guys hardly even talk as it is, unless we're talking about plans. And we're all just stressed, ya know?" Duo explained.

Quatre looked at the three nineteen-year-olds, and looked back at Duo, "I see what you mean, but you know if we go, something's bound to happen."

Wufei snickered as Heero left the room, "Life's not a whole vacation, Maxwell."

"I know it's not, Mr. Chang. Then, could we at least move back into civilization? It's not like anyone's about to find this place." the Shinigami whined.

Then, they heard Heero shout about something. Instinctively, they grabbed their guns and ran off to find Heero. They found him right outside the hangar that held their Gundams. He was holding a girl on his back, half-conscious. She had long brown hair, dirtied and stained with a little blood. She had half-open light purple eyes, and had some fresh wounds on her legs, arms, and her shirt was partially ripped on her back. She looked up wearily from Heero's back, everything a little blurry. She caught Duo's startled eye. Then, her body relaxed. She had found him. She closed her eyes, and let her body have the rest it deserved.

Quatre found his voice first, "Is she alright?"

"She's just unconscious now. Her wounds look serious." Heero pointed out. "We should get her inside."

Wufei hissed, "Are you joking, Yuy? We don't know who she is!"

Duo remained silent.

Trowa noticed this, "Duo? Something wrong? You know her?"

"'s nothing, I don't know her." Duo shook his head.

They took the girl inside, and cleaned up her wounds, and set her in a bed. Heero went to take a quick shower to rinse off the blood he'd received from the girl. Duo, however, had gone back into his room, thinking to himself.

There's no way in hell that's her...she couldn't be alive...that can't be her...

The God of Death opened a small file cabinet he had, and took out a file. It had two pictures in it. One had a picture of the front of the church he grew up in. The other had a child Duo standing next to the tall Father Maxwell, and beside him was a little girl that resymboled the teen they'd just found. Father Maxwell's words echoed in his head:

"We took her off the streets the same day as you. She grew up in another branch of the church. Duo...there is a relationship between you two. A family bond. We checked it out. She is your little sister." can't be...I saw the accident...the car she was in blew up...

"Does she have to go?" The young Duo asked Father Maxwell.

"Yes. Her illness is getting worse. She needs to see the doctor." Father Maxwell assured, "She'll be alright. She'll be back soon."

He gave her to a preist, and sat her in the carseat beside him. She gave Duo a warm smile, and they drove off. Duo waved, watching the car blend into the crowd. Father Maxwell put a hand on his shoulder.

Then, a loud explosion filled his ears. Duo's amethyest eyes reflected flames.







Father Maxwell gripped his shoulder tightly, his eyes widening in horror. But, Duo broke free of his grasp, and ran towards the wreckage, tears flying out his eyes.

Duo could see himself calling out her name, but it was deaf to his ears. He couldn't see it, nor could he read his own lips. He couldn't remember anything after that. He cursed quietly, "Why do I have to remember this now?"

He stood, and walked in the room where they were keeping her momentarily. Her breathing had quieted, and had relaxed more. He brushed some hair out of her face gently. Staring at her, and remembering her eyes, Duo muttered, "...Satsuki. That was your name...Satsuki."


It was another two days before the girl woke. Ever since Duo remembered who she was, he hardly left her side, causing suspicion amongst his fellow pilots. Quatre approached him for the hundredth time, it seemed like, "Duo, are you don't know her?"

Duo gave in. He sighed, "Q-man, what I'm about to tell you, I don't want you to Tell Trowa, Wu, or Heero, okay?"

"Why not?" the blonde blinked.

"Just promise. Not yet...just not yet. They'll know eventually, though."

"Fine, I promise."

"This girl...Father Maxwell took her off the streets, too. We kinda grew up together...she's my little sister. No, not like a little sister." he added after seeing Quatre's eyes, "She is my sister."

Quatre's eyes widened more.


"Satsuki?..." Quatre looked at him, then back at her. "I thought you didn't have any family."

"Yeah, well...I forgot. I hardly ever got to talk to her for more than fifteen minutes."

"Duo..." Quatre was stricken speechless. Then, he smiled softly and told him, "Well, I guess I see why you don't want them to know right away."

"Thanks, Q-man." Duo nodded.

Quatre sighed depressingly, "Trust me, Duo. She's gonna be a lot easier than 29 sisters..." and he buried his face in his hands.

Duo patted him out of sympathy, grinning slightly, "29 sisters...damn, your parents were busy."

Quatre laughed and punched Duo's arm playfully.

Then, they heard a quiet moan come from the identified Satsuki. The two snapped their heads to her, anxious for her awakening. Her purple eyes slowly opened, and they saw Duo's first. She inhaled and exhaled deeply, and smiled weakly, "...Duo. Duo, it's you, isn't it?"

She raised her right hand, and Duo clasped it, "It's me, Satsuki."

"I'm glad I finally found you. I've been looking forever."

"What were you looking for me for?"

"Well, after Father Maxwell died, I began looking for you. You're the only family I have left, ya know."

Duo's eyes twinkled when she said that.

"I still remember..." she went on, "The first day he told me you were my big brother." then, she at last saw Quatre behind Duo, "Who is he?"

"Ah, I forgot you were here since you weren't abusing me, Quat!" Duo moved back, letting Satsuki see Quatre more.

The blonde bowed his head, "Hello, Miss Satsuki. I'm Quatre Reberba Winner, a friend of Duo's. I'm pleased to meet you."

"Likewise." Satsuki smiled fully. Then, she looked at Duo, "Duo..."


She laughed sheepishly, "Where's the chow? I feel like I haven't eaten in a year."

Duo beamed, "Yeah, definitely my sister."

Quatre groaned, "Another Duo stomach. Great."

Duo and Quatre stood up to get her some food, only to see who other than Trowa. He cocked his head, "Well, 'no, it's nothing, I don't know her,' huh? But instead, she's your sister?"

"Well- how long were you there?" Duo flinched.

"Long enough to hear you tell Quatre everything." Trowa answered.

The two twitched with guilt.

Quatre pleaded, "Don't tell Heero and Wufei, Trowa. You know they'll be quick to throw her out, saying she's dangerous."

Trowa shrugged, "I'm going to ask questions of my own. But, in the meantime, I'll play along. -Only because she's not ready for Heero and Wufei."

"Thanks, Trowa." Duo grinned, "Now, I'll get some food for everyone, and you two get to know her, alright? Sweet. Be right back." he disappeared.

Quatre helped Satsuki sit up, and Trowa introduced himself, "Hello. I'm Trowa Barton."

"Hi. Well, as you heard, I'm Satsuki Maxwell."

The three conversed for ten minutes, and Trowa frowned, "Where in the world is Duo?"

Then, a loud clatter was heard, followed by an American curse. "Argh, dammit!"

Quatre ran into the hall, and saw Duo barely balancing a tray full of food of all kinds. Quatre blinked, "D...Duo..." and he ran to help.

The two Gundam pilots brought in the food, Satsuki and Duo eating the most, the other two mooching off some of the food. When Satsuki was finished, she hung her feet off the edge of the bed, and looked at her brother, seriousness in her eyes, "Duo...she's here."

"She? Who's she?"


Quatre and Trowa raised an eyebrow, "What?"

Duo shrugged, "Wait...who?"

"Geez...umm...Kayla Winner."

Duo heard Trowa whisper something to Quatre, who protested slightly. Trowa inquired, "Who is she?"

"Relative." Satsuki answered simply.

Quatre asked, "No Barton or Yuy or Chang?"

"Well, there are, but I don't know what happened to them. Yutaka Chang is the one who did this to me."

"Why?" Duo demanded.

"We had an argument, that's all I need to say."

Then, they heard Heero comment from behind them, "Looks like you've all warmed up quite quickly." and Wufei came up behind him.

"Heero." Duo chuckled nervously, "Ol' buddy, ol' pal..."

"Spill the beans." Wufei ordered, "We know you're hiding this onna's identity."

Duo sighed and told the two to sit down. Quatre whispered in Trowa's ear, "Well, we know one thing: Duo can't keep a secret a secret for very long."

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