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Chapter 13


"Wait a second...Quatre, did you hear him?"

"I think so. Duo? Duo, can you hear me?"


"Well, at least he didn't go into a coma...Duo, are you okay?"

"What the hell hit me...? I?"

Trowa and Quatre hovered over Duo, who was the first to awaken. Trowa told him, "You're back at the house."

"Back on Earth...?" Duo opened his eyes slightly, his eyes adjusting to the light.


"How long have I been out?"

"About two to three days."

"Two to three- wait a second!" Duo flew up in bed, but a painful twinge in his upper right arm and right ribcage forced him back down onto his back, "What happened to Satsuki!"

"She's fine, but..."

"But what!"


"Dammit, Quatre! Answer me!"

Trowa answered for pilot 04, "She hasn't even shown signs of waking up. You, on the other hand, almost continuassly(sp?) moved. She's hardly moved at all. Her pulse is fine, her breathing is fine, but she must've taken a hard blow from that Gundam."

Duo grit his teeth and mumbled under his breath, "Why does everything keep happening to her...?"

As if hearing him, Quatre said, "You know,'s almost like everything is happening to the female pilots, but faster than how it happened to us."

"What's that mean?"

"The scientists are having to rebuild Yukiko's Gundam - it exploded."

"...That's just a little freaky..."

Heero came in the doorway, and said, "So, you're finally up."

"Give a man a little credit, here," Duo tried sitting up a second time, and managed to, still in the same clothes as that fateful day, and his feet were hanging off the side as he sat up.

"Anyway," he looked at Quatre, "Satsuki's moved a little."

"How so?" Quatre inquired as he left with Heero, leaving Trowa and Duo.





"...I'm hungry."

"For the love of- Duo..."

They heard from the room next to them, Quatre's voice. "Heero, you call this 'a little?'"



"Guys, I'm fine. Just a little food, and I'll be up and running around like- OW! What the hell's your problem, Heero!"

"Exactly. You're in no condition to get up yet. Pipe down and rest some more."

"Easy for you to say..."

"Well, I'm going to go back in the kitchen before Wufei sets it on fire."

Footsteps subsided.

Duo looked up at Trowa and demanded, "Help me a I can go see her."

Trowa sighed, commented, "You two are subborn," and supported Duo with said shinigami's left arm, being careful to avoid as much contact with his ribs as possible. They walked to the room next to Trowa's. (Who volunteered his room, even though Duo and Satsuki share a room) Satsuki was laying up in bed, glaring up at Heero, who was glaring down at her. Duo observed, "I think this room's a couple degrees lower than in your room, Trowa...what do you think?"

"I'm not getting involved."

"Party pooper."

"Duo, are you okay?" Satsuki looked at him with concerned eyes.

"I'm fine, what about you?" he asked as he sat down gently on the bed.

"Don't even worry about me-OW!" Heero poked her shoulder, and she growled, "Dammit, Heero, you better be lucky I can't stand, but when I do, I will walk all up and down your ass!"

"As if," Heero slightly grinned.


A few days passed, and just as promised, when Satsuki was able to walk again, Heero kept his distance, for every time he got near her, a bruise(or more) would randomly pop up on him somewhere. Eventually, something was bugging the Goddess of Death, and she eventually asked Duo when she was on a walk with him.

"Duo, I've had it. I've heard two different versions of how Relena was killed. One; she was assassinated, and two; she sunk on a yacht. Which is it?"

"What? No, no, you're mixed up. It's one version, but twice in one night. Relena WAS on the yacht, and when it sank on top of her, Noin managed to grab her from underwater, and bring her up. I said WE were too late, but not NOIN. Now, she wasn't giving a speech, though, I think that's how you heard it?"


"No, she wasn't. Noin was walking her back to the Kingdom, but when a few people gathered around, she answered all their questions, and eventually got tangled up in so many, that she was just answering them to everyone. From on top of a roof, though, an assassinator shot her, in the stomach, and Noin had rushed her to the hospital. It just so happened we were hanging out with Milliardo-"

"He's alive?"


"My bad. Keep going."

"Thank you. Since we were with him, Noin hesitantly told him of what'd happened. We all went to Earth to see her, and ever since she died, Milliardo's disappeared off the face of the galaxy. But, we know he's out there...somewhere."

Satsuki couldn't say anything. What could she say? It's not like she can just say, 'hey, don't worry about it, he'll show up again someday!' Yeah, right. So, she decided not to say anything. She looked around, the area still completely covered in snow. She looked in the woods just in time to see two white foxes sprint away.

Maybe...just maybe...she should...

No. Why should she? She just got back, after all. The others were also counting on her. She shivered, "Hey, wanna head back in?"


The siblings walked inside and fixed up some hot chocolate (loaded with marshmallows, of course), and sat by the heater, looking out the window at the falling snow. Duo, out of complete boredom, clicked on the TV just in time.

"...and now, coming from this new news in Space, we go to our live reporter, Tetsuya Onigumi. Tetsuya?"

"Yes, Yoko. I'm standing here in our shuttle, giving you a live look at this strange structure that appeared out of nowhere. It was the famous battleship known as Libra in the year After Colony 195 that the heroic Gundam pilots fought against to save our World Nation. It's been at least-"

"Son of a- Heero! Trowa! Quatre! Wufei! Come look at this!" Duo called. Satsuki stared at the television with utter bewilderment.

Heero stumbled in first, "What the hell is your problem?"

"Look at this! It's Libra!"

When they were all in, Quatre pointed out, "But they blew Libra up once Peacemillion got itself unattached!"

Trowa cursed under his breath before saying, "Appearantly not."

"No doubt," Heero stated the obvious, "Naoko and the others know about it. I'm sure they can handle it. Although..." he paused and crossed his arms, "...that is strange, that Libra survived."

"Strange! That has to have a pilot somehow!" Wufei gestured at the screen. "Doesn't it look revived in a way?"

They nodded. Wufei had a point. Some parts of Libra that they knew were damaged in the explosions from before were repared. Quatre shook his head, "IF there IS someone on board, they won't have the firepower to destroy it! Besides, we've been on there before!"

Duo's voice trailed off once he started talking, "Well, us five did it without hardly any help of Wuffie here. So, technically four."

"Yeah, but..."

They listened to the rest of the reporter's story, and Libra had appearantly, been heading around the colonies, being near one for a solid 24 hours before floating to the next one. Trowa's eyes narrowed, "I'd say that they're up to no good if they're floating that close, that long."

"Sounds like it...wanna check it out?" Satsuki grinned devilishly.

Heero repeated, "I'm sure the others can handle it."

Duo looked at pilot 01, stunned, "What?" his voice quieted, " them?"

"Shut up, Duo."

"Come ON, man! It's boring here on Earth when it's already full of pacifists. Don't get me wrong - that's good. But...not for us soldiers."

"I agree, but"

"PLEASE!" the Maxwells fell to their knees, "WE'RE GOING TO DIE OF BOREDOM IF THIS KEEPS UP!"

Wufei slapped his face, muttered the usual word: 'Americans', before leaving the room, not caring what the decision was. Quatre sweatdropped, " guys?"

They did the same thing to Quatre. "PLEASE! WE CAN'T KEEP THIS UP ANY LONGER!"

Trowa took action. He hit them both hard over the side of the head, and snapped, "Cut that out."

"But it's true..." Satsuki whimpered, rubbing her head.

Heero sighed heavily as he left the room. He walked out to their hangar, where their Gundams were stored. He looked up at each one before coming to his own old Wing Gundam. It'd gotten restored after Une went and practically commited suicide inside. Although, he still piloted Zero. He went up to Zero's cockpit, and he sat inside, wanting a break. The lights came on all on their own, and Heero muttered, "What do you think, Zero?"

The lights flashed inside.

"I know it could be a threat...but what about the other four already in Space?"

The eyes glowed brighter.



"Thank you SO much, Heero!" Duo's eyes shined, "This is like an early birthday present! You should know what happens when you put people dedicated to Space on Earth too long."

"To tell the truth, I've been wanting to go back for a while," Heero quietly muttered.

"Ha! Thought so," Satsuki grinned in triumph.

"Let's not forget," Trowa said, "that since they rebuilt Libra, I imagine the weapons were added back to it."

"Yeah, yeah. Nothing like a little danger," the Maxwells waved it off, completely ignoring him.

"You two are like little children getting their first puppy," Wufei retorted.

Satsuki eyed him before they jumped into their suits, just to annoy him, and said, "Puppy? I wanna puppy. Go get me one, Wu."

He slapped his forehead and jumped inside Nataku, closing the cockpit door as fast as possible.

"Not nice!" Satsuki glared at the closed cockpit door.

"Besides..." Heero chimed in, "We still have to upgrade our suits for case something DOES happen."

"Yeah, so we should try and hurry to do that," Trowa nodded in approval.

"By ourselves?" Quatre cocked an eyebrow, "That's fine, but we don't have the materials..."

Trowa and Duo cracked a small grin and pulled out their cell phones.


"Thanks for coming, Howard."

"No problem. You off to see about Libra again?"

"That's the plan."

"And so you need your Gundams upgraded."

"You guessed it."

"Give us about a day and a half. We should have it done by then."

"Appreciate it."

Duo and Trowa walked away from their Gundams and let Howard's team take over. Quatre commented, "I didn't know Howard was still up to this stuff."

"C'mon, it's HOWARD," Duo smirked, "How can he NOT?"


Satsuki leaned back in a chair in the kitchen, "So he's the guy that helped you guys during Space and Earth's war?"

"Yeah. Every time Libra's forces came after us, he and his guys repaired our Gundams time and again," Wufei said, cautiously opening Nataku's cockpit.

"So, we'll be ready to go once they're finished?" Satsuki chirped.

"Yep! Shouldn't take too long..." Duo grinned.

A day later...


"Duo...he said a day AND A HALF." Trowa sighed.

Satsuki: A little sad...A DAY AND A HALF!


Wufei: Shut up.

Satsuki: Where's my puppy?

Wufei: Get away from me, onna!


Wufei: Rabid American!

(the two run, Wufei fleeing for his life)

Trowa:...That was...random.

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Trowa: Impatient?

Quatre: Tired.

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