Some people need years to be loved, other people are loved for the first sight. Harry was thinking about this as he watched to Sirius and Sheeba's wedding being celebrated by Albus Dumbledore at Hogwarts. In a deeper analysis, he has loved his godparents ever since he met them, and they had showed, in many different ways, that they loved him too. Now they were his true family, much different from the Dursleys, whom in years Harry could not feel more than some respect.

Sirius and Sheeba looked very different now; they were wearing elegant white robes; Sheeba wore also an eye-catching flower garland. Next to her, Hermione and Bianca, who were wearing beautiful bride's maids robes, were whispering to each other, and next to Sirius, Lupin executed his best man role very seriously arm in arm with Silvia Spring (they make a nice couple, thought Harry). Between Harry and Ron, Rubeus Hagrid shed tears desperately, blowing his nose using a handkerchief that resembled a table-cloth "Isn't it beautiful?" he sobbed, "Just thinking they've waited so much time…"

Ron rolled his eyes exasperatedly and Harry grinned.

The party had been really good. Ron asked Hermione to dance with him and Harry noticed they could not stop (Restless Feet Potion?), and, with some distance away, Severus Snape watched to everything solemnly grave.

In a moment, Harry saw Snape calling Sirius and telling him something; Sirius was staring at him gravely and nodding in agreement. Harry also watched as Sirius reluctantly stretched out his hand and Snape shook it, distending his face in something that resembled a smile. Sheeba, who showed up next to Harry this very moment, whispered at him, "Harry, this is the day when hell is freezing over…"


"Never mind… Harry, could you entertain Bianca for me? She doesn't know Hogwarts."

Harry turned on his heels and faced Bianca Fall's charming smile. He felt as a delightful warmness flowed through his body and show up on his face; he was sure he must had been red. Oh, why didn't I have some Restless Feet Potion?

He asked her to dance with him, even though he was a terrible dancer, and felt simply ruffled as Bianca stretched out her neck and whispered at him, "Someone told me you have a Firebolt… will you invite me to a ride?"

Harry gulped and opened wide his eyes, and bumped into Ron, who mouthed something like "Hey, come on…", over Hermione's back.

"Sure," Harry nodded, feeling his ears getting red.

Half an hour later, he and Bianca were flying around Hogwarts on his Firebolt and Harry felt her hands pleasantly holding him around his waist. That was much better than a good butterbeer bottle… wait! It was way better than seizing the Golden Snitch in front of Draco Malfoy… it was better than… anything else he had ever tasted. For a moment, it was like Voldemort and all the Death Eaters had not ever existed, as if he had not ever passed his childhood locked in a cupboard.

"Do you want some action?" he asked her.

"Sure," she said, holding his waist even tighter and then, Harry raced with all the swiftness he could and whirling his Firebolt, and then racing up, and then diving again… when they landed on the floor, Bianca Fall's hair were messy and her bride's maid's garland had simply disappeared. She put her hands on her face and said, "My face is cold, can you feel it?" she pulled one of Harry's hands and put it on her face, looking up and into his eyes. Harry hesitated for a moment before he pulled her tightly and kissed her, feeling the fresh night air in her lips. Certainly, it was better than Quidditch.

When Dumbledore announced Sirius and Sheeba were leaving and everybody at the Great Hall clapped, Harry ran after his godparents and embraced them. They walked towards Sirius's motorcycle, that was standing in front of Hogwarts; its engine was making a low noise, just like a happy dog.

"Where are you going?" asked Ron, who was lightly swinging, just like Hermione.

"Somewhere far away," said Sirius as he put on his helmet, "and I hope we don't come back so soon, we really need some great vacation."

"Yeah, we do, but we'll need to be back soon. Dumbledore's going to need us later on. Things are going to get really bad, many really, really serious things are going to happen and…" said Sheeba until Sirius cut her off.

"Could you please forget about it now? Ron, don't marry a clairvoyant, okay? This is really awful and can drive any man crazy…"

"Sirius, you aren't the best guy to give this kind of advice," said Harry with mock seriousness.

"Harry, take care, and please, don't get into trouble while we're on honeymoon, okay?"

"The same goes to you, Sirius," Sirius looked suspiciously at Sheeba, who was laughing behind him. She turned at Harry and whispered, "At least you've learned something: if you want to make a good impression to a girl, you have to show her what you're best at. See you soon, Harry!"

"See you soon!"

Sirius's motorcycle raced upwards and passes through the mountains as an arrow, fading away.

"I hope you've done at least Tuesday's homework," said a cordial voice behind Harry and Ron, "And Weasley, I still want to know what magazines were that ones you were talking about."

Well, there was still some time left until the end of this school year…


(To be continued in "The Sacred Fire")

A/N: Are you curious to know what happened with Harry's Confusion Ice? I may tell you later…