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Chapter 1

"Why Papa, you left before you chose a new wielder, the darkness is over taking the worlds again. The King and Uncle Riku are fighting again but the worlds can't be sealed." whiapered a girl as she hugged the Keyblade close, like a mother would a child.

Tears dripped onto the slender silver blade. The girl sobbed silently, not wanting anyone hearing or seeing her.

'I'm supposed to be strong' she thought as she stood.

Her strawberry brown hair stuck to her tear stained face. She took a staggering breath, her tear filled gentle blue eyes started to calm down. She placed the Keyblade on its stand, which hung on the wall in her room.

The girl whipped her cheek with the extra long white sleeve of her pajama top. She also wore a pair of blue pajama pants with the silver kingdom crown on the left leg on the ankle.

Then there was a knock on the door which startled her.

"Keyna are you ready for the ceremony" asked a male voice.

"I'm not going" some what snapped Keyna "I'm sick of people feeling sorry for me." she walked over to her queen sized bed which had white sheets with black trim and red cherry blossoms on the sheets.

Keyna sat down then fell back with a flop so that she was lying down. The door to her room opened and King Mickey walked in. Mickey sighed and walked over to the girl and sat next to her

"Please Keyna…for your parents." said Mickey as he looked at her. "And it's the…"

"Ten year anniversary, I know" stated Keyna as she sat up and hugged her knees to her chest. "I'll go, just give me 10 minuets."

The king nodded and headed towards the door then stopped and looked at the Keyblade, his eyes sadened.

"I'm surprised it hasn't chosen on its own yet" he said then left.

Keyna thought about the King's statement for a bit then stood. She walked towards her wardrobe and opened it and pulled out a dress. It had a black corset style top with off the shoulder white sleeves that were gloves too. Two black tuxedo style "tails" on the back of the corset and a dark gray skirt that was past her ankles.

Keyna put the dress on and she also put on a pair of black ballerina shoes that had ribbon weaving around her legs up to her knees, her father's crown necklace. She ran a brush through her hair, then smoothed it with her hands. Keyna took a deep breath and touched the right side of her neck and traced the weaving birthmark from her reviled shoulder, then the heart that ended under her jaw bone.


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