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Why, hello there. :D I'm sure many of you are like "Who are you?" I'm me. :D (pelted with rotton fruit) D:

Anyway, this bout of madness is what, I, Auron's Fan, would think to happen if Riku and Sora were to, well, visit Notre Dame. Well, dang. Look at the title. What did you think it was, angst?!

This story is being written for a livejournal community, 7rainbowprompts, and I've wanted to write this for such a long time...so...

The Bells of Notre Dame

Chapter 1 - New World

Beta - rainbowserenity

I hope you enjoy!

It had been just another boring day on Destiny Islands according to Sora as he laid on the beach. His eyes were closed, but he didn't need to have them opened. He was happy with the peace, knowing that Riku and Kairi weren't all that far away when suddenly…


Sora jumped up, Keyblade appearing in his hand out of habit and ready to dismantle any Heartless that dare ruin his rest. Unfortunately, all he saw was…

"Donald?" He blinked, rubbing his eyes to make sure this wasn't an illusion. The duck narrowed his eyes before giving Sora another whack with his staff.

"Of course it is! Who else would it be?" Sora shrugged before noticing Goofy standing behind the duck. He grinned and leaned over to give his other friend a hug.

"Why, hyuck, how've you been, Sora?" Goofy cheerfully asked, patting the teen on the back. Donald's eyes narrowed further and a few moments later, he'd electrocuted both Goofy and Sora.

Both blinked at the duck, who was already waddling to the play island. "Find Kairi and Riku. They need to see this too."

"Wait…" Kairi began, running a hand through her hair. The redhead had been shopping with Wakka and Selphie when Sora had informed her of what was going on. After a look at his electrocuted clothing, she'd quickly followed. "So, King Mickey needs Riku and Sora…?" The girl's eyes narrowed and she stared straight into Donald's eyes. "And not me?"

"Ahyuck, well, the King told us that those two would fit the part," Goofy started before a small voice spoke. All that were accounted for stared down in disbelief as Jiminy began to talk.

"King Mickey said that those two would be able to fit into the new world easier. Sorry, Miss Kairi," he said, tipping his hat at the girl. "Nothing to do with your fighting skills, but even Donald and Goofy aren't allowed to go."

Goofy gave a nod and Donald finally looked up from glaring at Riku. The two had been doing so since they set eyes on each other. "What? The king said that –"

Goofy shook his head. "Nope! The king said that they'd had to find their way on their own, Donald. Remember?" The dog creature suddenly winced as Donald whapped him upside the head.

"So anyway…" Riku commented, glancing at the paper in front of him. "Where is King Mickey sending us…?" Sora pried the paper out of Riku's hands and scanned through the letter, bypassing the king's cheerful, but rushed apology about how he had to bestow this task on them.

"…Notre Dame?" Sora read in bemusement. Riku and Kairi exchanged glances, and Donald tapped his foot impatiently, hoping to leave soon. "I don't know about you guys, but I know my parents won't let me just go."

"He's right…" Kairi responded, slumping in her chair, slightly depressed that the King didn't want her to travel at all. Riku plucked the paper out of Sora's hands, and skimmed it.

" 'I, King Mickey,' " Riku read, catching the attention of the two teens. " 'Am giving the two keybearers, Riku and Sora, permission to travel the worlds once again in my absence. Accompanied by my court knight, Goofy, and my court magician, Donald Duck, they shall head for Radiant Garden by Gummi ship, in order to reach the destination of Notre Dame in a month.'" Riku glanced up, a slight smile. "He's basically letting us out of school, and informing out parents we'll be alright. Although, Kairi, you're not mentioned…"

The girl narrowed her eyes at the paper, before turning to Goofy. "And if anyone asks, I am included; the king simply forgot to mention me, right?" The knight blinked, before nodded enthusiastically. Satisfied with his answer, Kairi looked back to Riku with a look that read "see?"

Sora nodded, before standing, hands on his waist in a goofy heroic stance. "Alrighty then! We'll speak to our parents –guardians," he added, glancing over to Kairi. "who are more than likely to kill us for leaving them again, and then, we shall head off to Hollow Bastion!"

"Radiant Garden," Riku corrected, as the teens and the two animals filed out of Sora's living room. The brunet scowled, but followed them anyway.

It hadn't taken too long to prepare. After a seemingly long time deciding, their parents (and guardians) agreed that they should be able to scrounge the worlds. The note from the King was definitely a large factor, however. Donald and Goofy then took the three of them to Radiant Garden (once known as Hollow Bastion); Kairi was to be put under the care of Leon, Aerith, Yuffie, and Cid while Riku and Sora prepared for their trip. Luckily Cid was still able to make gummi ships, so once they explained the mission, he'd begun making one immediately.

"Why did the king say we couldn't bring Kairi again?" Riku questioned, absentmindedly summoning his Keyblade before sending it off again with a slight frown. Summoning his weapon recently had become slightly difficult, seeing as how he hadn't done so for a while.

Sora mused for a moment before answering. "Well, the king believes that if there's three of us, it'll cause too much of a commotion." Which he didn't really understand, but maybe that was the way the world worked. But the fact that Donald nor Goofy weren't allowed to come made him slightly nervous. "And…I think he doesn't want one of us traveling with her alone."

Giving a faint smile, Riku shook his head. "That's the king for you - worried about everyone and everything and still able to keep old traditions." Standing with a slight stretch, Riku mussed Sora's brown spikes before heading out the door with a wave. "Leon promised to practice with me. We haven't been fighting often with our Keyblades and I want to make sure I'm top notch."

Sora raced after the teen and put a hand on his shoulder. "Shouldn't we fight together, then? I mean, we are going to be fighting side by side, so shouldn't we at least know each other's fighting techniques?"

Riku chuckled slightly. "Sora…we've fought side by side since we were kids. We should learn how to fight others, right?" Running a hand through his spiky hair, Sora mumbled an agreement and Riku smiled. "Good. I'll see you later."

It had been three weeks since that conversation, but the two boys had been so busy that they rarely saw each other. Sora had been training with Kairi, only to learn that the girl fought in almost the same way he did when he received the Keyblade – wildly and without a plan. As he explained to her the different techniques, Sora sometimes could hear Riku and Leon (and if Riku was really unlucky, Cloud would join in) clashing sword versus Keyblade and the staggered cry of someone receiving a wound.

Sora didn't want to seem jealous, but the fact that Riku had gotten all that special training… kind of made him mad. He shook his head and, alongside Donald and Goofy, continued to help Kairi train. They all needed the practice, and if heartless started invading Radiant Garden again, they would need all the help they could get.

Sora wasn't jealous, nope, especially not on the day that they were leaving. Leon had given the silver-haired teen a pat on the back; his way of saying that he'd enjoyed the sparring matches. Riku had nodded in response before climbing aboard the gummi ship. Sora almost scowled, but kept his facial expressions intact when Kairi gave him a goodbye hug and a light kiss on the cheek, telling him to write everything about the new world. Oh, and threatening him that if he didn't, he would be missing two very important pieces of him. Sora nodded (mostly out of nervousness. How could someone like Kairi even think about that?) before giving both Donald and Goofy goodbye hugs as well.

Aerith was waving from a few feet away, a slight smile on her face; Yuffie was inssessantly babbling that the two had better tell them everything once they returned; and Cid was Cid, chewing on a toothpick, and warning them that if they messed up his gummi ship…

Sora and Riku had nodded. Boarding the gummi ship, Sora quickly headed for the controls (having used them for almost a year and a half), and Riku gave the rest of the people a wave out of the window.

After Sora had started up the ship, he waved to Kairi, Donald, Goofy, anyone he could see, before jabbing his thumb on the lift off button, and sending the gummi out into gummi space.

"So…" Riku spoke, breaking the silence that had settled upon them ever since they set off. "How much longer?"

Sora kept his attention on the windshield of the ship, plugging in the coordinates that King Mickey had given them. Riku sighed slightly before standing up and covering Sora's eyes with his hands. Sora glared at the offending hand before shoving Riku away. "Stop. I have to plug these in exactly or I'll mess up the landing."

"Are you mad that you had to train Kairi instead of fighting alongside me against Leon and Cloud?" Riku offered, prodding the brunet with a spare magic book Donald must've left in the ship while inspecting it. "I mean, you seemed to be having fun helping her with Goofy and that thing."

Sora narrowed his eyes even further. "Donald. His name is Donald." Riku shrugged before standing.

"Well…I'll have you know…" Riku sighed and rubbed his neck slightly, sounding nervous. Sora paid no attention and continued punching in the numbers. This passed for a few moments before Riku snatched the paper out of Sora's hands, much to the brunet's displeasure.

"Riku! Do you want us to die? I need to make sure we can land!" Sora exclaimed, reaching for the paper. Riku kept it deftly out of his reach before Sora sighed and sat back down on the chair. "Fine. I guess we'll float in gummi space until you come to your senses…"

"I was jealous."

Sora blinked, and turned in his chair to face the silver-haired teen, who was currently looking down to the floor. "I never liked Donald, you know that. Kairi, Goofy, and Donald occupied your time while I was stuck with Leon and Cloud. And I don't care what you say, those two are not fun to hang out with, unless you don't mind getting beaten within an inch of your life." Riku sighed and sat back down in his seat before surrendering the coordinate seat with a frown.

Taking the sheet and placing it on the dashboard, Sora turned again to face Riku. "Really?"

The other teen looked up, a smile spreading on his face. "Promise." Riku leaned toward Sora, resting his head on his hands with a smile.

Then Sora remembered that the instruction sheet had said that you had to continuously type in the coordinates. After that, the ship turned to pandemonium.

Riku jumped at the obnoxiously loud alarm as the ship began to shake. Sora's eyes widened as he frantically tried to key in the numbers, but apparently the computer had frozen. Well, no matter. At least the ship had been gently floating near a world, one with a large cathedral, apparently. Sora relaxed and sat in his seat to tell Riku that he could manually land the ship when he noticed Riku wasn't in his seat.

"Riku…?" Sora exclaimed, jumping from his seat and looking around. With no one at the main controls, the ship began to shake and Sora fought to keep his balance. "Riku?!" After a quick search, he came to the only conclusion his mind could even wrap around: Riku must've fallen out onto the world, like when Donald, Goofy and he had crashed into the Deep Jungle. Biting his lip, he attempted to run back to the control panel, to see if he could forcibly gain control of the ship, but as he ran, the ship lurched again, and Sora felt himself tumbling into Gummi Space.

His last coherent thought was, "Riku…"

Then everything went black.