This is a story about when Jenny and Gibbs first met. It follows them to Marseille and then to Paris. I hope you like it. :-)
Note: This is a re-written version of the story, I decided to take out three chapters to make it make more sense and be more accurate. I hope you like the changes.


First Impressions

Chapter 1: First Day

Jennifer Shepard woke suddenly from the buzzing of her alarm clock, she turned over and looked at it, the time read: 06:30, this meant she had to get up, and fast. She had to be at her new job in half an hour. Today she was starting at NCIS, once it registered in her mind that she needed to hurry she scrambled out of bed and raced to the shower. She quickly undressed and stepped into the shower cubicle, then she turned the water on.

Once she finished her shower, she quickly dried herself and got dressed. She then did her make-up and tied her long red hair up in a pony-tail. She glanced over at the clock it now read: 06:50. "Damn." She cursed. She quickly grabbed her handbag and jacket. She ran down the stairs and over to her car, she only hoped she wouldn't be too late. "What a great first impression, late, on my first day." She said, driving down the street.

She was slightly nervous about starting at NCIS, she hadn't had any experience in law enforcement or investigating crimes, but she had always wanted to do something exciting, which this job would offer. She just hope she wouldn't be fired on her first day.

While she was driving all that occupied her mind was getting to the Navy Yard, she glanced at her watch a few dozen times along the way. Finally at 07:10 she arrived. She parked her car and hurried inside.


Special Agent Jethro Gibbs was waiting in the Director's office. Today was the day he was getting his new partner. The director hadn't told him his partner's name but he had told him she was new at investigating crimes. That thought didn't please Gibbs much, he had been an NCIS agent for a few years now, before he was a marine sniper, he knew how the game was played, he didn't understand why he was being given the newbie. He looked at his watch, 'Where is this new partner of mine anyway?' He could tell the Director was thinking the same thing.

Then, Gibbs and the Director heard a knock at the door. 'Finally' thought Gibbs.

"Come in." The Director said.

Jenny was the one who knocked, before she entered she fixed her hair as it had been messed up a bit from all the running she had just done. She took a moment to catch her breath then she entered the office.

When she entered she saw the Director (whom she had already spoken to), and another man, she didn't know who he was or why he was here, but she had bigger things to worry about, like making sure she didn't screw this meeting up, because after all, first impressions count.

Jenny walked up to the Director and held out her hand, he shook it and said, "Welcome Agent Shepard. What took you so long?"

"Sorry sir, I was running late. It won't happen again." Jenny replied.

"I know." He replied, "Agent Shepard, this is your partner. Special Agent Jethro Gibbs."

Jenny looked over at Gibbs, 'Wow he has beautiful eyes'. She thought, then she snapped out of it and said, "Please to meet you Special Agent Gibbs."

'Maybe she won't be so bad.' Gibbs thought, noticing how beautiful she was. He then replied, "Same to you. Agent Shepard is it?"

Jenny nodded and then said, "Or you can call me Jenny."

"Gibbs, here's your case file. I have to go to MTAC now, I'll leave you two to get acquainted. Welcome aboard Agent Shepard." The Director said.

"Thankyou sir." Jenny replied, once he left she turned her attention to Gibbs.

"So…" She said, attempting to start the conversation again. "Where do I put all my stuff?"

"Follow me Jen." He said.

"What happened to 'Agent Shepard?'" She asked.

Gibbs smiled as he showed his new partner her desk, "Your desk is here."

"Thankyou, Gibbs." She replied.

"Jethro." He corrected.

"Okay, thankyou Jethro." Jenny replied. 'This is going to be great.' Jenny thought.

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