Summary: Vincent is starting to feel things toward his lord. What's a bat to do? And what will Guilt-na-Zan do when he finds out?

Feeling's of all sort

Chapter One:

Guilt-na-Zan finds out

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters in Vampire Doll. TT

It was a beautiful morning in the mansion. As a bat hung, upside down. Just then, the godfather clock starting chiming. The bat woke up and fell off of his perch. He stumbled up. Mumbling. When he got to his masters room he was in for a big surprise….

"M-my lord!!!" Vincent stuttered. Guilt-na-Zan was already awake and he just finished putting on his clothes. He was not in girl form. What happened?

"Good Morning Vincent." Guilt-na-Zan said to his friend. He turned around to see Vincent looking at him weird. He then turned around and wondered what was up.

"You've been acting strange Vincent. What's wrong?" Guilt-na-Zan asked the embarrassed bat. When he didn't get an answer, he turned around to find Vincent on the ground. He rushed over (o.O) to see what was wrong…

"Vincent! VINCENT!" Guilt-Na-Zan yelled at him. Vincent had tears in his eyes. He couldn't hold in much longer, not with his lord asking him what was wrong. Oh, well; he better get it over with anyway. Vincent reached up, just as Guilt-Na-Zan's eyes widened. Vincent kissed him. Soft on the mouth. He didn't wait for an answer as he got up and ran. But Guilt-Na-Zan is faster, he quickly snatched Vincent's wrist.

"Is that what's been bothering you all this time Vincent?" He whispered. Vincent didn't answer. Guilt-Na-Zan wanted answers. He glared at him. That made Vincent answer.

"Y-yes my l-lord." Vincent sobbed. "I didn't mean to. I'm so sor-" He got cut off my his lord kissing him back, hard. Vincent's eyes widened. But, he didn't kiss back. After that was done; Guilt-Na-Zan stared at him. With a weird look in his face.

"M-my lord. What happened? Why aren't you in your girl form?" Vincent asked, frowning. Guilt-Na-Zan was about to answer when Kyoji came out suddenly.

"I made a new perfume. That makes it last longer." He simply said. He had the video camera out, so, he caught the whole thing. Vincent sweatdropped and Guilt-Na-Zan started ranting. Kyoji ignored it. And walked out of the room….

"Well……….." Vincent said. He looked at his lord. And looked out the window….He just hoped that everything would be ok….