Feelings of all Sorts

Chapter 4:

Phantom of the What?

Arthurs Note: I got the title idea from listening to "Phantom of the Opera" So the title doesn't belong to be…the characters don't belong to me. I just merely came up with the idea. Here's another chapter of FOAS! (Feelings of all sorts)


~Koori Hime~

Something happened alright; a figure had appeared behind Vincent and had growled loudly that it made him jump. Guilt-Na-Zan looked up at the stranger and his eyes were slowly turning silver. "Who are you?!" the masked figure smirked, his pearly white fangs glistening in the sun. "I am...Allen…I am the Phantom of the skies" Vincent and Guilt-Na-Zan looked at each other in confusion. "Phantom of…what," Vincent asked. Allen fell over and twitched then he popped back up in rage. His eyes had flames in them. "YOU NEVER HEARD OF ME?!" "Can't say that I have…sorry?" Allen sighed. "The Phantom of the Skies, well, haunts the skies, looking for lost souls or anybody that's looking for heaven." Vincent nodded. "I see…but why are you here?" He sighed, "Every couple of decades I can come see the people that I wish to see. "Why Us?" Vincent asked. "So many questions" Allen murmured. All the while, when Vincent and Allen were talking, Guilt-Na-Zan was observing the stranger "He seems…familiar" he shook his head and growled. "What is your purpose here?" Allen grinned. "I wanted to come down and here I landed…You must be the great Guilt-Na-Zan…we've heard of you" Vincent shrugged. "There's…more of you?" Allen nodded, he was getting giddy. "I have to be careful…Master wants them alive…but I can't give off that I'm a traitor or something when we just meet….Master has plans for the bat…But what shall I do with the damn vampire? They appear as if they're lovers…Dammit…screw you master…for giving me a difficult assignment…But they look happy the way they are…why do we have to come and interrupt them?" Allen thought. "of course! There's a lot of us…you can't see us unless we want to be seen…" Allen was 5'6, with shoulder length blonde hair, his eyes were a piercing blue and he had on regular clothing. Which consisted of: A ripped shirt, and baggy pants, he had converses on and a lot of rings and chains. His ears were pierced and he had black wings. Which were tucked behind me neatly. He also had cute little doggy ears. "You're a half-breed aren't you?" Guilt-Na-Zan suddenly spoke up. His tone wasn't happy anymore. He was tired of getting interrupted. It was starting to piss him off. Vincent…poor Vincent just wanted his lord and him to have something, but they couldn't. Something felt off about this Allen person, he just couldn't put his finger on it. But little did he know, him and his lord are about to be separated, once again.