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Chapter 2:

Roger just stared into the eyes of his best friend. Well, it wasn't as if Roger was just cut out from Mark's life, they spoke every week. Roger had meet Mark's daughters and pretty much knew everything about his new life, but he didn't share any of it with the rest of the gang as per request of Mark. Mark knew all about their lives too, but how did he not know that Mark was moving into the city this week?

After what felt like an hour of just standing there, but was only thirty seconds, Mimi spoke hoping that she could keep her husband and his best friend from killing each other.

" So Mark, is Lily your child?" Mimi asked truly wondering if Mark really had a family of his own.

" Yes, Lily is my daughter." Mark said although he was sure that they had already established that Lily was Mark's daughter. I mean just take a look at her. Who else's daughter could she be?

" Do you have any other children?" Angel asked

" Yes. I have a twenty one year old daughter named , Maggie, who is a student at NYU." Mark said thinking of his adopted daughter and one of the mother figures in Lily life.

The entire group except Roger and Mark did the calculation, in order for Maggie to be twenty one, Mark had to have had her at 19. And at 19, Mark was helping Roger through withdrawal and was also dating Maureen.

" Mark, how is it possible for you to have a twenty one year old daughter? I mean I have known you since you were 20, and you never said anything of having a child at the time." Mimi said

" Maggie is the daughter of my wife, Sarah, when I married Sarah, I adopted her eight year old daughter." Mark said clarifying things for everyone

" Oh, so how old is Lily?" asked Angel

" She's 11."

" When is her birthday?" Mimi asked

" Guys, why don't you ask Lily these questions herself. So she can get to know you?" Mark said

' Um. My birthday is June 23rd. " Lily answered as all eyes turned to her.

" What do you do for fun?" asked Collins, who wanted to know what the daughter of Mark Cohen was as reserved as her father.

" Well, I am making a film right now, with my dad's help. Um I really like to read, so I do that when I have the time. But I'm a gymnast, so that takes up most of my time. Between practices and meets and conditioning, I hardly do anything else. But it's really fun, and I love it, so its worth it." Lily said.

Roger head shot up as soon as he heard the word " But I'm a gymnast." He gave Mark a glare meaning that they would talk about that later. Roger by no means was letting this little girl's life get ruined by a sport.

" Lily, would you show us some gymnastics?" Mimi asked excitedly. She loved gymnastics and wanted to see what Lily could do. At one point, Mimi and Angel would watch every gymnastics meet that was on television. And when the men's meets were on they would hope to find a gymnast that they both could settle down with. Angel and Mimi used to have these odd fanaticizes of marrying people like Bart Connor and Tim Dagget. To the day the still watch men's gymnastics and always threaten to leave Collins and Roger for gymnasts, but this time gymnasts such as Blaine Wilson and the Hamm twins.

" Um can I dad?" Lily asked with uncertainty

" Sure. Why don't we go to your room where the mini beam is set up, and you can do some things on beam for everyone." Mark said.

The gang left Mark's living room and went into Lily's bedroom which was filled with all sorts of medals and trophies. On the floor in front of the bed was a balance beam that was no more than a foot off the ground. Perfect for practicing new skills outside the gym.

" Should I do my routine?"

" Yes."

The routine was only 70 seconds long, but it was beautiful. Huge leaps and jumps with tumbling so difficult it was amazing that it could come out of such a little body. The finish was huge a round off back handspring back layout full ( back layout full: a back layout ( a back flip, with one's leg and body completely straight) with a twist. Meaning that as the gymnast is performing the layout she is also twisting so that she will go all the way around and land facing the direction she started in. I will try to get a video of the gymnastics so everyone can have an idea of what is going on).

" Wow." was all that could come out of anyone's mouth after watching Lily.

" Lily. That was great." Mimi finally was able to say.

Lily blushed crimson as her father would.

" Lily is the Jr. National Balance Beam and Uneven Bars Champions. She also tied for the Jr. All Around Title. She was the youngest competitor too!" Mark said beaming with pride, as any father or coach would be. Mark was both, so he felt more pride in Lily's accomplishments than he did in his own.

" Congratulations, Lily. So what does it feel like to be the on the Jr. National Team?" Roger said understanding all what Mark said and what it means.

" I always wanted to be on the team, because I always would hear my dad, and Aunt Cindy's stories about National Team camps and overseas meets, and I always wanted that. This year I was finally old enough and skilled enough to get it. I'm so excited, I can wait till my first international assignment." Lily said looking like her father when he was excited.

" Yep. I remember when your dad would come back from those camps. All he would want to do is go into the gym and practice all the new things he learned. And I would come and watch him and your Aunt Cindy practice, and sometimes they would try to teach me, but I was never any good. I couldn't even do a cartwheel!"

" Yeah, I remember that! Cindy used to yell at you for not knowing how to point your toes!" Mark said.

" Yep. And you would never defend me." Roger said

Collins looked at his watch and noticed that it was time for him to go to work, he had to help a senior with her thesis.

" Well, all I have get going. Bye all. Hey why don't we all meet at the life later to celebrate Lily's win and Mark's return." Collins said

" Sure"


" Um. Okay Lily doesn't have practice till ten tomorrow morning."

" Let's invited Mo and Jo."

Just as everyone walked out, Roger pulled Mark aside and whispered in his ear " We have to talk."

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