Dancing With The Predator

Day One . . .

Destination: Hollywood, California - - - Earth

Mission: Boogy!

Winning: A big trophy!

Losing: Well... lose the dreadlocks or paying with dance partners head

Name: Jiloe

Dance Partner: Cheryl Bautista Burke

Dance Move: Tango/Freestyle/Disco/Whatever!

Now at California . . . .

News Woman Anna Stiner:

"I here outside the gym where the stars practice their dance routine with their dance partners. Today we have a new star, from the films Predator, Predator 2, AVP and AVP 2 comes a new star! He calls himself Jiloe and here he is!"

A black Hummer pulled up to the building, crowds gather around. The door opens and out comes Jiloe. His flicked his dreadlocks at the paparazzi, his burnt skin and dark blue strips looked like the ocean. He cape was blue and red, dragged behind him like a robe of a king. He waved at the crowd and made his way to the building but turned around quickly and gave off a small roar which made the crowd cheer!

"There he is folks, the newest star! Jiloe a Predator from space!!!"

Inside the building . . .

Jiloe hung his cape on the coat rack, he walked out into the dance floor and stretched with the other stars. Danny Glover, Gov. Arnold, Maggie Grace, and the last but not least Simon Pegg from the hit movies Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz!!

Their dance partners arrive . . .

"Okay lemme guess." Cheryl points at Jiloe. "You're my dance partner Jiloe, correct."

Jiloe walked over to her and held her hand.

"Tis an honor Cheryl. I am Jiloe."

She pulled her hand back and places her hands on her hips and walked around him.

"Ok Joe, lets see. Strong arm and legs, good balance..."

"A great hunter and!"

Jiloe begins to disco as if the music was playing.

"A disco master!!"

Everyone looks at Jiloe and busts out laughing! Simon Pegg walked over to Jiloe and with his British accent he told it as it is.

"Come now, let's see if you can be this!"

Simon breaks down and does some rap moves. Jiloe claps his hand to a beat as Simon kept going. Everyone gathered around and join the clapping.

"Go Simon go Simon!!"

Simon jumped to his feet, and points at Jiloe.

"Beat that!"

Jiloe does the moves like in the movie Hitch, elbows above his waist snapping his fingers swaying side to side.

"Go Joe!"

Jiloe then does some freestyle moves!

The door opens and walks in the reporter Anna Stiner. . .

"Oh my, their dancing already!"

"Anna, should we film?"

"No, let's watch. Looks really funny seeing a Predator dance let alone disco!"

MEMO: hoped ya like it! yes i love the movies Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, Sonsasu cant stand me talking about it all the time!! review please!