Dancing With The Predator

Day Four . . .

Jiloe got out of bed and quickly got dressed, he hurried out onto the roof of his hotel and jumped. As he leapt building to building he hoped he wasn't late. It was the day they must dance! He jumped down in front of the building and rushed in running right into Simon. He flew across the room like a hacky-sack.

"What the hell!"


Simon got up off the ground and looked at Jiloe, Jiloe looked at him and snickers.


"What are you wearing?"

"... it's not what you think... it's part of the dance...it's um... 60tys style."

Simon was wearing Hippy clothes, and he wore a wig, Jiloe pulled at the hair and Simon yelped.

"Real hair?"

"Duh! What, I'm not going to glue fake hair on!"

Nick Frost walked over eating a pretzel.

"Nah, that's fake hair. I glued it on him last night."

"It was you that put this Hippy make up on me as well?!"

"Duh, we need ideas for our new movie so I put make up on ya to see what ya looked like. It's funny really."


Jiloe never understand human's completely but he knew that this was funny. Human's are funny creatures, he chuckled and looked around.

"Is she here?"

"Cheryl, no. She left your clothes in the changing room. Special order I guess."

Jiloe walked into the changing room and looked at the clothes. He couldn't believe how tight the clothes were. He came out, his arms were like glued to his sides, he wobbled a bit in the clothes.

"I think they're a bit to tight."

"Nonsense. Those were made just for you."

Jiloe looked at Cheryl, she was standing there in her own dress. Slim and full of bright colors, her hair pulled back and braided.

"How do I look Joe?"

She spun around and it made Jiloe want to toss her in the air and do the dance routine form Dirty Dancing. By the time Jiloe walked over to Cheryl it was time to get in the limos and drive to the stage. After a few minutes drive they reached the show, camera flashes, cheering of fans, confetti and the occasional autograph. Jiloe felt like a king... more like a prince and Cheryl was his queen.

"Come on Joe, stop showing off."

As they entered more people greeted them along with TV new stations. ABC, CBS and many others. Most of them swarmed over Cheryl and Jiloe.

"What's it like training with a Predator? Mainly dancing with one?"

Cheryl looks up at Jiloe and smiles.

"He's different from my other dance partners in the past, this guy actually has skill!"

Jiloe flexes his muscles, more camera flashes go off in waves, constant waves. Soon the show started and it was time for Cheryl and Jiloe to go on.

"This is it, don't mess up! If you do I guess you go home with no dreadlocks!"

"Don't worry, we've been practicing for a long time. I'm sure well stay in the show.

"Next up is Cheryl and Jiloe, dancing Tango."

Cheryl and Jiloe walk out on stage and take their postions as soon as the music started Jiloe and Cheryl danced. After a good long minute it was time to finish the dance by tossing Cheryl into the air, Jiloe suggested that they do it.

"And here comes the final move! Jiloe tosses his dance partner into the air and... um... she's gone."

Everyone fell silent, Cheryl didn't come back down. Jiloe looked around then up as a peice of Cheryl's dress came down.

"Um.. Should we keep rolling?"

"She can't stay up there forever."


Jiloe looks up again as Cheryl came down landing in his arms wearing a different dress. Jiloe spins her around and puts her down while she side danced and Jiloe the same, they drew in close and did the cheek to cheek gig. Soon they spilt and bow to the cameras.

Everyone stared clapping like crazy, so crazy the seats they sat in fell down and the judges covering their ears.

Jiloe looked at Cheryl as she walked over to him.

"Where did you go?"

"I had to change clothes."

After five minutes of waiting the judges were impressed and said that they will continue in the show, now who was going to be eliminated?

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