As Severus Snape boarded the Hogwarts Express for another year of schooling, he heaved a great sigh and adjusted his rucksack. He felt rather worn; he quickly walked along the corridors of the train, trying to find an empty spot.

At long last, he finally found a deserted seat towards the back. He opened the door and slowly shut it after he had entered. He placed his bag on the spot next to him and sat down quietly.

He was quite glad to finally be leaving home, for the arguments with his parents were becoming rather tiring. Blood red welts lay across his arms, which he had covered with his many robes to avoid them being seen. He was already tortured enough by that git Potter and his cronies. Severus pulled out a small piece of parchment from his pocket and began to read.


I'm sad to say that I won't be able to ride the Hogwarts Express with you this year; however, I'll see you first thing when you arrive at school. I have missed you this summer, hope all is well!


Lily Evans

Severus felt a few butterflies fly in his stomach, and a small smile fell upon his lips before remembering the incident that had occurred the year previously. He had called his very best friend, the love of his life, a Mudblood.

The words on the bit of parchment were faded; for he kept it folded inside his pocket and read it quiet often. He had so suddenly missed the days that he and Lily would talk for hours, despite him being a Slytherin, and she a Gryffindor. They often sat underneath a great tree on the grounds of Hogwarts, and spoke of classes, friendship, and life in general.

His daydream came to an abrupt halt when he heard the door to his compartment swing open. Severus looked up, his greasy black hair falling in his face, to see James, Sirius, Remus, and Peter standing there, all wearing mischievous grins on their faces. He gave a small snort and leaned over and saw that behind Remus, stood his love, Lily Evans. His eyes shot wide and he turned his head quickly and stood, facing James.

"Hello there, Snivelly, thought we'd pay you a nice visit," James said with a rude smirk spread on his face.

"How nice of you Potter," Severus spat, taking one step forward to him and reaching for his wand in his side pocket, "But I'd rather pay a visit to some Blast Ended Skrewts."

James gave a laugh and nudged Sirius, "Can you believe him? Thinking he's funny." Potter stepped up in Severus' face, giving him a jab in shoulder with his finger.

Severus stepped back a bit, his insides fuming with anger.

"Can we just go?" A quiet voice asked.

Severus turned his head slightly to see that Lily had spoken. When his eyes met hers, he looked away rather quickly.

James turned to look at her, and smiled, "Just a moment, Lily, I think we need to teach Snivellus here a lesson on how to respect his superiors."

Severus pulled out his wand, but before he could say anything, he was dangling in mid air by his feet.

The four boys cackled with laughter, each of them nudging each other and howling.

"Look at that, Snivelly has marks on his arms! Getting a bit angry at yourself, have you?" Sirius taunted as James continued to laugh rather obnoxiously.

"Shows him right, messing with Evans," James scowled, and he waved his wand and Severus flopped around in mid-air.

"LET ME DOWN!" Severus screeched, and as he threw out his arm to try and grab at his enemy, but failed desperately.

"As you wish," James said with a grin on his face. With another flick of his wand, Severus fell with a rather loud thump onto the floor, his robes covering his head.

"Can we go now?" Lily asked, rather nervously, her eyes keeping away from the mess of a boy that was scrambling to his feet.

"Of course," James said proudly, walking towards her, with a bit of a strut. "I think Snivelly has learned his lesson… For now."

Severus looked over as he picked up his wand to see James grabbing Lily's hand and walking off loudly. His heart sank as he watched them walk away. A fume of anger dwelled deep inside the pit of his stomach and he slammed the compartment door shut.

He sank down into the corner of the seat and pulled up his sleeves. The marks, they had seen the marks and taunted him about it, and he wondered if Lily had seen also. He shoved down his sleeves and looked out the window, expecting that they would be arriving soon.

As the train came to a slow stop, Severus stood slowly and opened the door to see the rest of the students flooding out. It was finally time to begin another year at Hogwarts.

Not much later, they had arrived at the castle. His surroundings in the Great Hall were the same as ever. Hundreds of new students filed in as he took his place at the Slytherin table. He gave a quick glance to the Gryffindor table and saw Lily giggling as James tried tickling her. Severus looked away, and instead glanced at the many First Year students who were walking nervously to the front of the hall, on their way to be sorted into their houses.

After the sorting and the feast was over with, Severus made his way down to the dungeons into the Slytherin Common room, inside he met Lucius Malfoy, who was sitting on one of the sofas with his girlfriend, Narcissa.

"Ello, Snape," Lucius said with a small smirk forming on his lips as Severus took a seat across from him.

Severus nodded, "Good evening, you and Narcissa well again, I'm assuming?"

"Of course," Lucius said proudly, stretching an arm around her neck as she leaned her head against his chest gently. "Much business these days though, it has been interrupting my usual schedule."

"Much business?" Severus inquired, setting down his newly bought school books on the spot next to him, "Such as?"

Lucius smirked once more, a small laugh passing his lips and released him from Narcissa and leaned in slowly, "Lord Voldemort has rose once again, and of course, being the type of wizard that I am, I have decided to follow, of course. I would have expected you to do the same."

"I…" Snape started, but he stopped, "Have you gotten the mark?"

Lucius only smirked, placing a hand on his forearm, "In time, Snape, in time, but not until I am of age. So, I've noticed you and that mudblood are no longer friends, I'm very surprised. Never thought you'd have the guts to teach her the lesson she deserved."

Severus clenched his fist and his knuckles whitened, but he simply nodded before gathering his things and standing, "Well I suppose I'm going to head off to bed, even though it's a bit early."

He quickly left the common room and went into the boys dormitory. Once in his pajamas and tucked safely into his bed, he took one last look at the letter Lily had sent him the year previously, and fell asleep.