So I did this in The One He Pushed Away and I really liked the idea so I felt like doing it again…

This fic was a tough one for me to write at times as I was constantly afraid that I would make it come off as too soap-operaish, so to hear/read the comments from those that reviewied meant so much to me, it gave me an idea of wheat was right and what wasn't with the fic, a thing that was so vital and necessary to me when writing the story.

So with that I thank all of those that reviewed, I really cannot even begin to explain how much it meant to me.

o LunaBella 006

o apotterlover

o Petroleumjellydotone

o jp'slover4life

o GossipGirl17

o stardog252

o DegrassiDreamer

I would also like to make a special shout out to those that reviewed for every chapter, giving me consistent feedback and just being readers whose commentary I could always look forward to.

o Vartan-LoVer

o An Aspiring Author

o Erratic Amethyst

o headoverheels4HP

Andthen there is the amazing SweetSouthernGal, my beta, thank you so much, I'm am an insecure mess when it comes to my writing so having you there to critique it and give me advice and what was right and wrong helped me more than you could possibly imagine. Thank you.

Ok, done with the sentimental stuff, thank you for all your support and hope to see you reviewing for some of my future projects!