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Tiro na i ninniach vanui
- Look at the beautiful rainbow

- Farewell

Noro go hûl, bado go Eru
- Run with the wind, go with God

Goheno nin – Forgive me


It had been a slightly dreary day in the Shire. The rain had passed though, just in time for Pippin to be laid to rest. Merry stood right up next to the small coffin and simply stared down at it. He wasn't quite sure what to say. He knew he had to say his last good-bye to his friend and cousin. He placed his hand on top of the coffin and sighed. "Bye, Pip...I'll see you again some day. I love you." He swallowed as his eyes filled with tears. He turned away and took his seat again near Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli.

Aragorn looked down at the hobbit before rising from his seat. He too approached the coffin. He looked down at it, given that he was much taller. He felt that he hadn't known Pippin long enough to give a proper good-bye, but he decided to give it his best. "You were a brave and noble hobbit, Pippin," he started. "I will remember our adventures, and I will tell everyone of your bravery. "Namárië, my friend."

Aragorn returned to his seat and peered over at Legolas while Gimli went up to give his final tribute to Pippin. Legolas looked distraught, of course, and Aragorn was slightly worried about him. He placed his hand on Legolas's shoulder, causing the elf to look over at him. He wasn't sure what to say to comfort the elf, so he simply looked at him. He was relieved when Legolas gave him a small smile.

Once Gimli returned to his seat, it was Legolas's turn to stand. He approached the small coffin and looked at it for several moments before saying anything. "Pippin, my good friend. We had many rough journeys, and I hope you can forgive me for failing you. I too will tell tales of your bravery to all my people. "Namárië, Pippin. Noro go hûl, bado go Eru, Goheno nin." He returned to his seat by Aragorn.

The remainder of the funeral did not take long. Afterwards, mostly everyone went their separate ways to mourn for Pippin, while others stayed together. Gimli had gone off with Merry to try and comfort the hobbit. Aragron took to walking around the Shire to explore. He soon came upon Legolas, sitting on a hilltop and looking out over the side. "Mellon-nin, what is wrong?"

Legolas looked up at him and then back to the sky. "Tiro na i ninniach vanui, Estel. It is beautiful."

Aragorn sat down next to the elf and looked at the rainbow as well. "It is over now, Legolas," he said calmly, not looking at his friend. "He is at peace, he cannot hurt anymore. You must find a way to move on."

Legolas frowned and looked over at Aragron. "I know, mellon-nin, but I find it difficult to forgive myself for this. Had I only tried harder to protect him-"

"Legolas, you were injured and unable to even move," Aragorn interrupted him. "There was no possible way you would have been able to protect him." He reached over and placed his hand on the elf's shoulder. "Merry does not blame you, nobody blames you. You must forgive yourself."

Legolas sat for a few moments before finally nodding. "I will try, Aragorn, but it will take some time."

Aragorn gave him a small smiled and then hugged him. "I will be by your side, mellon-nin, as long as you need me."

"Thank you, Estel," Legolas said over his shoulder, hugging his friend back.

"Now, let us go and find supper," Aragorn said lightly, helping the elf to his feet.

Legolas smiled a real smile for the first time in a while. "Ok." The two friends walked down the hill together, secretly knowing that it was going to be ok.


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