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Well, I just saw I, Monster for the first time. I think I must've missed that episode or something. Anyway, I thought a lot more could've happened afterwards. So. I came up with this idea b/c a friend of mine got bite by a rat and well...STOP! Almost gave everything away right there...don't want that. lol...so you'll have to wait!

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Another shudder came over Michelangelo as he sat in the back of the battle shell, thinking over the events that just occured. His eyes gazed out the squared small windows in the back door, the abdoned warehouse becoming increasingly smaller as they sped away. He could have sworn, however, as he squinted his eyes, that a figure in the distance stood tall over a building, it's eyes following their small truck as it disappeared into the dirt road.

He sat back slowly, crossing his arms over his chest and let his eyes fall from the window, which found an interest in Casey's navy blue sneakers instead. Slowly swaying and bouncing as the truck ran over bumps in the road, Michelangelo felt an itch at the base of his neck. Absently, he scratched at it, relieving the prickle that pulsed through. Soon after, however, he felt another pang of an itch near his ankles, but this was more of a burning, stinging sensation and Michelangelo found himself clawing at it vigorously.

"Yo Mike, yah iight, man?" Casey asked as he took the duffel bag from around his back and set it aside by his legs.

"No, dude! I'm itching everywhere!" Michelangelo exclaimed in a whiney voice as he switched back to claw at the side of his neck. He could feel a slight flow of warm liquid run over his fingers as he did this. Striking this as odd, Michelangelo pulled back his hand and looked over. His eyes went wide, "I-I'm..bleeding!"

Casey furrowed his brow at this and shot a glance at the others. Donatello was driving, his eyes glued to the road and Leonardo rode passenger. Raphael was kneeled between the two seats, bickering with both brothers over the radio station of choice.

He rolled his eyes. 'Brothers' he thought.

"Let's see what yah got there, Mike." Casey said, moving over tosit next to his friend, who was whimpering with fright of the situation. He let out an exasperated sigh, pushing Michelangelo's hand away and bent over to get a better look at it. Reeling his head away almost instantly at the sight he managed to grasp, Casey moved towards the others.

"I ain't listenin' to no classical music, Don!" Raphael was saying.

Casey cleared his throat slightly. "Uh, Guys - "

"Raph, for the last time - sit back!" Leonardo replied in an aggarvated voice. "We're almost there, I can see the garage from here."

"Uh, guys, there's something wrong wit - " Casey was cut off.

"So, what's a few seconds?" Raphael objected, reaching forward to switch the radio dial.

"Raph, I'm trying to drive!" Donatello complained loudly, swatting his older brother's hand away. "Do you want me to crash?"

"Look, We're already here." Leonardo said as the garage came into full view.

"Guys!" Casey exclaimed, becoming impatient with their sibling bickering.

"What is it, Case?" Raphael asked, with raised eye ridges. "If yah forgot somethin' back there, we ain't goin' back to get it for yah."

Casey dismissed him. "Somethin' wrong wit, Mike. He got some bites, from the rats, I think, and they're bleedin'." the words came out in a rush.

Donatello, who had been pulling into the garage, slammed the brakes, causing the truck to lurch forward. From the back, Michelangelo, let out a groan of protest as his head banged against the door.

"Oww, you need to work on your braking skills, Don." his voice was laced with pain.

Raphael grunted, "He sounds all right to me."

"Raph..." Leonardo said warningly as Donatello unstrapped himself from the seat.

The purple banded turtle stepped past Raphael and disappeard into the back of the truck to examine over his little brother. Michelangelo was scratching at his ankles, his teeth clenched as he emitted a low hissing sound.

"Mikey, stop scratching, " Donatello instructed, cradling his brother's foot in his hands and inspecting it. "Ouch, bro. Those rats got a mean chunk of flesh from you."

At this comment, Raphael and Leonardo came over to inspect the damage. Casey let out a low whistle.

"Glad it ain't me." was Raphael's reply.

"I love you too, bro." Michelangelo replied, sticking out his tounge. It disappered quikly back into his mouth as he let out a hiss at the slight touch against the bites on his ankles. He pulled his back from Donatello's grasp. "That hurt!"

Leonardo placed his hand on Michelangelo's shoulder, giving it a slight squeeze.

"It's swollen and a bit infected." Donatello said. You're gonna have to lay off your right foot until the swelling goes down. I'll get it cleaned up in the lair."

Michelangelo grimaced as a tingle overcame the back of his neck, "I gotta another one... " he turned around, showing his neck to his brother.

"I'm gonna have to check you out, Mikey." Donatello said, frowning. "I think you might need a rabies shot, too."

"I'm so looking forward to that." Michelangelo remarked, sarcastically.

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