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For some reason, Raphael found he couldn't sleep knowing that his little brother was sick. They lived in a sewer and it was drafty, but none of them hadn't really gotten badly sick before, they had grown accustomed to the lair's conditions. Sure, when they were younger they were more exposed, especially since they were small and more prone to catching viruses, but as tots none of them never really had a flu.

Common colds were natural, but each of them usually got over it within a few days due to their father's tender loving care. But, now it seemed so unreal to have something like this strike at their family and to have it come from an outside source - the rats that encountered back at the old warehouse station.

He lifted himself from his hammock and headed out into the hall, rubbing the back of his neck from sleeping wrong. Stifling a yawn, Raphael was about to head down to the kitchen to make some coffee when he stopped by his brother's room. Usually, he'd hear Michelangelo muttering some nonsense or shuffling in his blankets, but not this time. The room was silent, a very uncommon thing.

"Mikey?" he called softly, lightly rapping on the ajared door. When not receiving any answer, Raphael pushed the door wider and let himself in. He promptly stumbled over something and remembering what a disaster Michelangelo's room was in, he switched on the lamp shade as to not arouse his brother if he was asleep. "Bro, you still sleepin'?

Michelangelo suddenly moved the blanket away from his head and squinted at Raphael with half closed eyes. "Raph..." he mumbled, his voice was hoarse and he winced, rubbing his throat.

Raphael cringed at the harsh sound of his brother's vocals and sat down beside the bed ridden turtle. He reached out and touched Michelangelo's forehead, but quickly withdrew it. "Damnit, you're burnin' up."

"Hmm?" came the response. His brother was barely conscious at the moment.

"We gotta get this blanket off ya, bro." Raphael instructed, disentangling the sheets that were wound around his little brother. A glimpse of red caught his eye and Raphael pulled back the covers to discover small blotchy red bumps on the palms of his brother's hands. He took both hangs to get a closer look. "What the fuck, bro?" he said more to himself than Michelangelo.

This definitely was no flu.

Raphael left his brother and briskly walked out of the room, only to run into Leonardo. "How's Mike, doing?"

"Not so well, I'm goin' to get Don." he told his older brother.

Leonardo immediately disappeared into Michelangelo's room as Raphael continued down the hall. He burst into Donatello's room, who was sitting at his desk, flipping through a book. He looked up, upon seeing his red clad brother. "Can't sleep either, can - "

"There's somethin' wrong with Mikey." Raphael stated in all seriousness, completely cutting of his sentence.

Donatello could sense the alarm in Raphael's voice and quickly followed him to Michelangelo's room. When he arrived, Leonardo was already kneeled by the bedside, trying soothe their whimpering brother.

Donatello smiled softly, looking over his sick brother who was lying in bed once his eyes adjusted to the bright light.

"Oh shell," the passive turtle muttered at the sight. "What is going on?"

He kneeled at the bedside, pushing Leonardo over and slowly started to look Michelangelo from head to toe. The small bites that he received from the rats were now worse even with all the antibiotics. The red spots that Raphael had pointed out were spreading onto Michelangelo's wrist and they also seemed to appear at the soles of his feet. Donatello could feel the heat radiating off his brother and the delirious state he was in.

"What do we do?" Raphael prodded impatiently.

"We need to lower his temperature immediately." Donatello stated. "Raph, I need a washcloth and a bowl of cold water. Leo, draw a warm bath we're gonna submerge Mikey in it."

"On it." Raphael said and rushed out of the room without another word.

Donatello sighed, staring at his brother. "Calm down, bro. We're all here for you." he whispered, gently stroking Michelangelo's forehead. "Just stay strong, we can't afford to have you give up... we're going to get LH back to help."


"Don't talk too much, Mikey." Donatello instructed immediately, despite the fact he was relieved to hear his voice. "You'll strain your voice."

Michelangelo nodded in response, trying to stay strong. He hoped none of this was dangerously serious, but by the look on Donatello's face, it was bad.

"The tub's filling." Leonardo announced, coming back into the room. "Should we lift him?"


Donatello, slowly and cautiously pulled Michelangelo to a sitting position. The youngest brother moved without complaining as Leonardo tucked his arms under his knees and neck, scooping him up bridal style. The youngest made a sound when his brother spun around too quickly, his stomach lurching as he leaned forward and emptied the contents of his stomach on the floor.

"Mikey!" Donatello and Leonardo shouted.

Leonardo nearly dropped his brother, his face showing slight disgust of the occurrence. "We'll clean that up later." he said promptly as Michelangelo wiped his mouth with the back of his hand.

He carried Michelangelo into the bathroom and with Donatello's help settled him into the lukewarm water of the tub. The youngest breathed a sigh of relief as he submerged into the water and sunk lower into the liquid as far as he could, his body slowly relaxing. He barely noticed his eyes closing until he was shaken.

"Stay awake, Mikey." Donatello instructed. "We can't have you going under while you're asleep, alright?"

Michelangelo nodded numbly, suppressing a yawn as he tried to stay awake.

Master Splinter stepped inside the bathroom, looking older beyond his age. Raphael stood quietly beside their father.

"I woke Master Splinter so he can know what's goin' on." Raphael told them. He turned to Donatello. "The cloth and the bowl of water is in his room. Not sure if ya wanted it now."

"No, that's good." Donatello replied, "We're gonna use it on his head after his fever goes down a little."

"How is he fairing, Donatello." Master Splinter asked, replacing Leonardo's spot by the tub and laying his paw against Michelangelo's forehead.

"I'm not sure, but we have to leave him in here for at least a half hour in order for temperature to stabilize." Donatello replied, keeping an eye on his brother.

Master Splinter nodded, "How has become like this so suddenly?"

"I was gonna ask ya tha same thing. " Raphael quipped.

Donatello shrugged, "I know it isn't the flu, but the only thing that I believe may have caused this is his rat bites." he reached over and touched the small bite on the base of Michelangelo's back, who flinched. "This is not normal healing and we've been taking care of it with the basic products. The rashes is another thing, but Mikey isn't be allergic to rats since... you know, we live with one and he got bitten by one in the sewer a few years back. Everything we tested came out normal... so I'm stumped."

"We should ask for Leatherhead's help again." Leonardo suggested, "We need any type of medical assistance we can get."

"I agree, " Master Splinter replied. "You and Raphael shall go in the morning. If he wishes, he may stay with us."

"What about April?" Raphael asked, "Don't she know 'bout this stuff too?"

"She may, but she wasn't really a doctor." Donatello pointed out.

"She worked in a lab with Baxter Stockman." Raphael said.

"We'll ask April in the morning, guys. After all, she's are only access upside in case we need more products." Leonardo said.

Between the arguing and the talking, Michelangelo had been staring off at a spider on the wall. It was slowly crawling along the stone, stopping every second before it would start moving again. He had reached forwards to kill it, but it suddenly disappeared, leaving him baffled as to how it could have vanished. His eyebrows furrowed in confusion and achingly turned his head towards his family who were discussing scenarios and developments of his sudden fever.

The one thing he hate was being talked about without knowing what was being said. He opened his mouth to say something when the lair's security system started to wail loudly.

Donatello sprung from where he was positioned and ran past the others out of the bathroom towards his lab. The numerous surveillance televisions were still on as he checked over which one had triggered the alarm. As he typed quickly into the computer, his eyes caught a shadow passing by camera number fourteen. For a moment, he could have sworn he saw a glimpse of badly wrapped bandages and a trail of rats.

"What's up?" Leonardo asked urgently, coming inside.

"I'm not sure, but I think we have company..."

"What makes you say that?"

At that moment the lights power went off and the lair was sunk into darkness as a malicious laugh filled the stiff air.

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