Reunited with the Past

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I sighed and leaned back in the comfortable black leather of the desk chair. The state-of-the-art laptop in front of me loomed forebodingly. Amusing, really, that as a vampire something like a laptop could make me so nervous. Of course, that wasn't strictly true. It wasn't the laptop itself that was causing my anxiety. The laptop was just the symbol for it. Edward's unmistakable scent wafted through the door as he opened it. Jasper must have sensed my emotions. Edward's sigh was quiet- human ears wouldn't have caught it, but I wasn't human, now was I?

"Bella, Bella, Bella. Why do you do this to yourself?" His hand was on my shoulder, comforting me in a way that Jasper never can. I gave him the ghost of a smile. His presence emboldened me, and with one of the faster-than-human-eyes-can-catch movements that had so disconcerted me before, I flipped open the machine and pressed the power button. As it hummed to life, I pondered my answer to his question. It wasn't the first time he had asked it, but I never had an answer. Staying in contact with Charlie and Renee was painful. But it was more painful not to do so. I could never tell Edward that, though. He still disliked any talk of me missing my human life. He was always afraid that just maybe I had made the wrong choice. No matter how many times I assured him that it wasn't so, he went on believing and fearing. I knew the truth. If he hadn't changed me, eventually I would have found a way. My human life was something that I was forgetting, and while it was heartbreaking, there was no question in my mind which choice was the right one. Eventually, though, I would have to see Charlie and Renee die, as I never would. Actually, I wouldn't even get to see them. What would they think to find that I looked no older than the late eighteen I was when Edward changed me? As far as they knew, I was at college, happily studying with my new husband. For the last eight months, I had kept them unaware of my new… state of being. The only way they had contact with me was through e-mail. The only way I had contact with my human life.

I felt Edward shift behind me, a slight movement of the air, and refocused on the screen. It was asking for my password. I didn't look up at Edward as I typed the requested word and was granted access to my account. I double clicked on the e-mail program, and as I waited for it to load I tipped my head back, allowing my husband to kiss me.

"Because I want to remember them as clearly as I can before they're gone."

Even all the way out in Alaska, far from most towns, the internet was faster than what mine had been when I still lived with Charlie. There was only one new e-mail, from Charlie.

Dear Bella,

I have unhappy news. I wouldn't burden you with it if I didn't have to. It seems I'm sick. The doctors talk, but it always seems like they are speaking a different language.

I smiled slightly at Charlie's attempt at a joke. I knew how hopeless he was with the abnormally large words that the doctors threw around, but there was something… odd about the way he wrote, almost too careful, as if he had thought long and hard about what to write. That wasn't like Charlie. Most of his e-mails were asking about how college was going, and with Edwards' help, I always managed to give him believable answers. Edward was looking carefully at me, having already finished reading the electronic letter. His face was betraying none of his emotions, even to me, who had memorized those features. I felt a weak sort of panic rise up. Why would he be looking at me like that?

Bella, they say I have some form of brain cancer. They used words like "inoperable" and "nothing we can do". Bella, please, can you come home? I need you. I haven't seen you in almost a year, and if I'm going to die- and I am going to die, according to the doctors- I want to see you.

Please, Bella


Oh. That's why he was looking at me like that.

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